Bloxburg: A Comprehensive Gamepass Tier List

Are you confused about which gamepass you should get first?

Check out our Bloxburg gamepass tier list to see which gamepasses are hot and cold right now!

Bloxburg gamepass tier list

While Bloxburg can be enjoyed for only 25 Robux, there are certain perks and benefits that you can only get from gamepasses – from more freedom and customization in building to longer-lasting moods and higher earnings.

These gamepasses don’t come for free and need to be bought with real money, aka Blockbux.

So, to make sure that you get the most out of every penny, we have curated this Bloxburg gamepass tier list.

In this article, you will learn about the best and worthy gamepasses, and those that you can skip buying.

Creating Our Bloxburg Gamepass Tier List

This tier list is based on the review of actual players and their experiences.

We ranked all of the gamepasses in Bloxburg by judging how much value for money they have, how beneficial they are in the long run, and how often or heavily they will be used by most players.

We decided to leave out Unlocked Stereo since it isn’t available anymore. With that said, let’s get right to the tier list.

Top-Tier Bloxburg Gamepasses

These are the best gamepasses in the game regarding their overall value. If we could recommend a gamepass for you to purchase, it would be from this tier:

Advanced Placement

Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Advanced Placement
Credits: PeetahBread

If there’s only one gamepass you can afford to buy, then it should be the Advanced Placement gamepass.

This gamepass gives you endless freedom when it comes to building, whether you’re a newbie builder or an architectural master.

For only 200 Robux, Advanced Placement allows you to place objects without collision checks. This means you can freely place anything anywhere you like.

Once you purchase this gamepass, you won’t be able to build without it.  This is the gamepass that will fully unlock your Bloxburg experience.

Excellent Employee

Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Excellent Employee

The Excellent Employee gamepass gives you around twice the money for the same amount of work and lets you level up or get promoted at work faster.

This means less time in grinding for your builds and a quicker path to being a Bloxburg millionaire.

This gamepass has a mid-range price. But all it takes is 300 Robux to completely transform your working life and earn lots of money for as long as you play.

Instead of buying game money with real bucks, invest 300 Robux and get manifold rewards.

Multiple Floors

Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Multiple Floors

The Multiple Floors gamepass can be purchased for 300 Robux and comes with the benefit of allowing players to build up to 5 levels.

Pricey, but considering that you can add 5 more floors to your builds, it’s one of the most beneficial gamepasses in the long run as you get more adept as a builder.

This is a purchase that lets you enjoy the game further and opens the door to unimaginable amounts of new builds.

Mid-Tier Bloxburg Gamepasses

These gamepasses are okay. They can be beneficial purchases but aren’t really necessary.

But if you have the budget and enough Robux, then definitely go for them as they will up your gameplay experience:

Marvelous Mood

Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Marvelous Mood

Marvelous mood keeps your mood higher for longer. This means that your mood will decrease much slower (around half) when working and basically doing anything in Bloxburg.

It also allows you to toggle negative mood effects like flies when you’re stinky and sluggish.

This gamepass saves you time from restoring moods and low mood effects with fewer trips to the house or mood station.

For only 180 Robux, you can get these perks and have more time to do things you love in the game.


Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Basements
Credits: Bramp

The Basements gamepass lets you build a level lower than the ground. It can be purchased for only 100 Robux, and it is the cheapest gamepass in the game.

If you’re into traps and underground builds, this can be a nice buy.

The reason it is not in the top tier is because Multiple Floors is just so much better, and more players would find it more beneficial and utilize it more.

But if you want a basement, this is a solid purchase.


Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Premium

Premium is a gamepass with many perks.

It lowers your bills in half, lets you donate up to 50,000 cash, gives you a premium nametag, gives you double daily rewards, and lets you choose your own plot instead of spawning randomly.

These are considerable benefits, but the gamepass is 400 Robux.

If you’re willing to spend that much for these extra advantages, Premium is a nice but expensive purchase. So, think carefully about how much you need these benefits and how active you are in the game.

Low-Tier Bloxburg Gamepasses

These gamepasses might need improvements or lower pricing. They aren’t the most useful, and typical players would find them impractical to buy.

They aren’t terrible, but you should really think twice before buying them:

Transform Plus

Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Transform Plus
Credits: truereeses

The Transform Plus gamepass is like Advanced Placement. It lets you take different objects, shapes, and items and transform, resize, and move them at will.

It removes and loosens the restrictions when it comes to transforming objects.

It’s a nice gamepass to have, but 600 Robux for it is just way too expensive compared to other gamepasses.

Besides, only the most intricate and detailed builders would need this one.

Large Plot

Bloxburg gamepass tier list - Large Plot

The Large Plot gamepass will give you a larger plot to work with with a 50×50 grid.

This gamepass lets you build enormous and extravagant properties. It also gives you the option to keep your previous build or house since you have more space for a new project.

It is priced at 250 Robux, which is mid-range. But most players are better off spending that on top-tier gamepasses.

The normal plot is already 30×30 squares and is sufficient for most builds most of the time. 

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To Sum It All Up

So, have you decided which gamepass to purchase? 

Advanced Placement is by far the best and must-get gamepass. Prioritize purchasing the top-tier gamepasses first, and if you save up more Robux, you can optionally for for the mid-range.

For the low-tier gamepasses, unless you need them in your gameplay, we recommend sticking to the better ones.

But in the end, it all comes down to your needs and personal favorites. What do you think of this tier list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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