What Does Advanced Placing Do in Bloxburg? The Best Definitive Answer

Planning to get a new Gamepass? What does Advanced Placing do in Bloxburg?

Let’s find out.

What Does Advanced Placing Do in Bloxburg

Bloxburg is a building-focused Roblox game that lets you bring your dream home to life.

Whether you want a house to roleplay in with your friends and family or a fun project like replicating the White House or a gingerbread house, Bloxburg lets you unleash your creativity.

Once you purchase the game for a minimal amount of Robux, you can enjoy most of its gameplay features.

But if you want to be a real master builder and test the limits of this game, gamepasses are a must.

In this article, we’ll be focusing on the Advanced Placing game pass and what it does in Bloxburg.

After this, you will be able to decide whether this gamepass is for you and if it is worth the Robux you’ll spend.

What Does Advanced Placing Do in Bloxburg?

Advanced Placing (aka Advanced Placement) is a gamepass in Welcome to Bloxburg that lets you place items more freely and accurately in Build Mode. It can be purchased in The Roblox/Bloxburg store for 200 Robux. 

By default, Bloxburg has a feature in Build Mode called collision checking that stops you from putting items too close to each other.

Items can’t collide and can’t be attached to each other.

Advanced Placing removes this limitation and allows you to freely place objects.

This gamepass also comes with the Scale Tool that allows you to resize items. 

Things You Can Do with Advanced Placing

Advanced Placing is one of the most versatile and useful gamepasses in Bloxburg.

Here are some of the awesome stuff you can do and achieve by having this gamepass:

1. Create Unique Designs

What Does Advanced Placing Do in Bloxburg - Unique Designs

This is probably the best benefit of Advanced Placing.

This gamepass really allows you to create something unique and beautiful in Bloxburg that is normally unachievable without it.

For example, you can make your own unique household items. You pair a sink with a mirror and make them look like one item.

If you have limited space in your bathroom, you can have a two-in-one bathtub and shower.

You can stack and attach multiple items to create new designs. You can put wall decor even behind items.

What Does Advanced Placing Do in Bloxburg - plants

You can combine a table, potted plants, and fences to make a unique outdoor planter design.

You can create your own sunbathing or patio area with pillows and tables by using ottomans, sun chairs, and side tables.

What Does Advanced Placing Do in Bloxburg - patio area

The possibilities are endless with this gamepass and you have the freedom to create new stuff and truly customize your Bloxburg experience.

2. Resize Objects

The Advanced Placing gamepass comes with the Scale Tool which lets you change the size of objects.

You can use this to create giant presents, miniature houses, and more. This feature also lets you create entirely new objects.

What Does Advanced Placing Do in Bloxburg - resizing objects

For example, you can take a plain shape like a cube and use a square decal plus a decal code to create a cereal box. 

If you love this kind of stuff, you can check out our Bloxburg food decals.

How Do You Use Advanced Placing in Bloxburg?

How to use advanced playing in Bloxburg

To activate and use Advanced Placing in Bloxburg, you need to go to Build Mode.

On the Build Mode sidebar, you’ll see two squares overlapping. If the square is fully outlined, this means that collision is on, and you won’t be able to place objects at will.

If the square is dotted, this means that collision is off and you can take full advantage of Advanced Placing.

You can toggle this on and off by clicking on the two squares icon or pressing “K” on your keyboard.

You can also check if collision is on by taking a random item like a bed and trying to noclip or place it through a wall.

If it turns red and you can’t place it, then collision is turned on and you’re not utilizing Advanced Placing.

How Much Does Advanced Placing Cost in Bloxburg?

Advanced Placing

Advanced Placing can be bought for 200 Robux in Bloxburg. You can buy it on the Roblox Website or in-game through the Bloxburg Store.

For 200 Robux or less than 3 USD, you get multiple advanced features in Build Mode that will give you way more freedom in your builds.

It’s averagely priced compared to other gamepasses, but it is definitely worth your Robux and it should be one of the first gamepasses you should get.

Should You Get Advanced Placing in Bloxburg?

Advanced Placing is one of the best gamepasses in the game and we highly recommend you get it if you have enough Robux.

But before making your final decision, please answer these questions:

  • Are you a Beginner Builder? Have you grasped the basics of Build Mode? Are you familiar with the different items, functions, and features of a building?
    If you’re a new builder who just got into Bloxburg, we recommend you gain some experience and learn the ropes of Build Mode first before purchasing these advanced features.
  • Do You Enjoy Building A Lot? Are you a player who loves to create aesthetic and unique designs?
    If you love building and you’re dedicated to creating awesome projects, you will find this gamepass essential. The creativity, versatility, and freedom it offers are perfect for you.
  • Do You Find the Default Placing Features Limiting? Have you tried building without the gamepass first?
    Have you tested the limits of not having the gamepass? If you’ve experimented enough without it and find the experience limiting, you can purchase Advanced Placing.

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Now you know what Advanced Placing does in Bloxburg. For only 200 Robux, you get access to freedom, versatility, and multiple advanced building features.

You will unlock an entire new level of building and discover endless possibilities. So get the Advanced Placing gamepass and let your imagination and creativity loose.

If Bloxburg is one of your favorite games, and you know you’ll be spending more time with this game, we highly recommend you get it.

To learn more about other game passes and everything else related to Welcome to Bloxburg, go to our Roblox section.

If you have any questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section!

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