Bartilo Quest: A Complete Blox Fruits Walkthrough Guide

Upgrade your race to V2 and save the gladiators by completing the Bartilo quest in Roblox Blox Fruits!

Bartilo is one of the NPCs you can find once you enter the Café in the Kingdom of Rose. But unlike most NPCs in the area, you won’t get anything out of him unless you are level 850 and above.

Bartilo quest

In case you’re wondering about the purpose of this NPC, Bartilo provides the quests that will give you access to another quest, which in turn allows you to upgrade the perks you receive from your race.

For this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about the Bartilo quest, as well as share a step-by-step guide to complete his tasks.

Bartilo Quest Level Requirement

Upgrading your current race to v2 is more of a necessity than an option, as leveling up your character and mastery won’t be enough to survive the perils of the Second Sea.

For instance, Shark race players can fully enjoy becoming a Fishman despite eating a Blox Fruit since Shark V2 eliminates the damage of a fruit user once they come in contact with water.

Fortunately, the methods for achieving V2 for all races are the same, which starts by triggering the Colosseum Quest from Bartilo.

Bartilo Quest Level Requirement

Go to the café in the Kingdom of Rose and look for the NPC with the green hair. That guy is named Bartilo, and if your level is below 850, all he will say is “THE COLOSSEUM IS IN PERIL!” and you won’t be allowed to give any reply.

In other words, you need to grind your way to at least level 850 before you can upgrade your race to V2.

How to Do the Colosseum Quest in Blox Fruits?

Follow these steps to clear the Bartilo Quest in Roblox Blox Fruits:

Step 1: Defeat 50 Swan Pirates

swan pirates blox fruits

Once you finally get to level 850, Bartilo will ask you to beat 50 Swan Pirates.

While the number of NPCs you need to defeat might sound too much compared to other quests, this task should be a piece of cake for your current level.

swan pirates location blox fruits

The Swan Pirates are located in the eastern section of the Kingdom of Rose’s first area. A handful of them are scattered around the streets, but you can lure them all to a single area so you can damage them all at the same time.

The best Blox Fruits for this kind of grinding quest would be Magma and Buddha. Just spam your fruit’s abilities if you’re a magma user, or your fighting style/sword’s M1 in Buddha form if you’re a Buddha user.

After dispatching at least 50 Swan Pirates, go back to the café and Bartilo will reward you with $50,000.

Step 2: Defeat Jeremy

jeremy blox fruits

Bartilo will ask you for another task, which is to get rid of the boss Jeremy lurking at the top of the mountain on the eastern side of the Kingdom of Rose’s first area.

jeremy location blox fruits

The mountain is situated near the Swan Pirate’s location, and you’ll need to use your Air Jump ability to get there in no time.

Read more: Jeremy Blox Fruits Location

Jeremy is at level 850 and he uses the Spring fruit in combat. He is not that much of a threat if you’re at a higher level, but it is advisable to avoid trading blows with him.

jeremy blox fruits tips

The best way to defeat Jeremy is to run in circles as you use your M1 or abilities to hurt him. This will help you dodge most of his Spring abilities.

To further minimize the damage of Jeremy’s attacks, you can also activate your Aura and Instinct.

Just like the Swan Pirates, Buddha and Magma are the best fruits to use when fighting bosses like Jeremy.

If you’re lucky, Jeremy will drop the accessory Black Spiky Coat upon defeat, which increases your health (+200), energy (200%), and damage (+7.5%).

Go back to Bartilo and he will give you the last task to complete the Bartilo Quest.

Step 3: Rescue the Gladiators

colosseum quest blox fruits

Bartilo’s last request for you is to save the gladiators locked in the prison beneath the nearby Colosseum.

You should have no trouble locating the Colosseum as it is one of the enormous structures in the Kingdom of Rose, not far from the Mercenary NPCs.

But before going there, you need to memorize a series of symbols written on the table in Don Swan’s Mansion. We took a screenshot of these symbols to make things easier for you:

bartilo quest code

Go to the Colosseum and below one of its bridges you will see a room. Enter the room to find different symbols etched on its walls, as well as the imprisoned gladiators.

gladiators location blox fruits

Your task is to free these gladiators by unlocking the prison. To unlock the prison, you need to press all the symbols in the same order as the ones found in Don Swan’s Mansion.

solving gladiator puzzle blox fruits

If done correctly, the gladiators will rejoice and give you the accessory Warrior Helmet and a new title, “The Champion.”

free the gladiators blox fruits

Congratulations! You just completed the Bartilo Quest. You may now proceed to the quest of the Alchemist NPC in the Green Zone to finally enable your Race v2.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bartillo Quest

Where is Bartilo in Blox Fruits?

You can find Bartilo inside the Café, a large yellow building in the second area of the Kingdom of Rose.

What is the Code to Free the Gladiators in Blox Fruits?

Each symbol in the code actually signifies a specific character that most of us are familiar with. Here is the code to free the gladiators in Roblox Blox Fruits:

How to Free the Gladiators in Blox Fruits?

To free the gladiators, you need to press all the symbols around the room in the correct order (Y∞CSMFNB) to unlock their prison.

In Closing

Apart from providing the leeway to clear the main quest for achieving the next version of their races, the Bartilo quest also allows player access to the King Red Head NPC.

King Red Head enables all level 1500+ players to travel to the Third Sea, making the Bartillo Quest a very important quest for everyone who wants to make progress in the Second Sea.

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