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Vehicle Simulator Codes (September 2022) – Get Free Money and Vehicles

Vehicle Simulator is a Roblox driving game where you use your cars to race, host car shows, roleplay, and even explore the world. There are a lot of cars to choose from, and these Vehicle Simulator Codes can give you free money so you can buy a variety of those vehicles. You can also use that money to modify your vehicle to your liking.

The game has a lot of features besides the usual racing and exploring the world. In Vehicle Simulator, there’s a lot of roleplay that you can do as you can play as a normal citizen and cruise with your friends, become a tow trucker and hook up junk cars, become a transit driver and earn extra cash by picking up and dropping off passengers, become a police officer and enforce the law, or become a SWAT operative.

If you have a thing for vehicles and roleplay, then this game is the perfect match for you, and with these Vehicle Simulator Codes that we’ve provided below, you’ll indeed have a much-needed head start.

Latest Vehicle Simulator Codes

As of the moment of checking, there are no working Vehicle simulator codes. We will update this list once new codes arrive.

How to Activate Vehicle Simulator Codes


To redeem Vehicle Simulator Codes, just open your phone and click the codes icon that can be found on the lower left of the screen. Copy and paste the code from our website into the text box that says “Enter Code Here” and press “Submit” to get your rewards.

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Vehicle Simulator Codes That Are Currently NOT Working

100mVisitsRedeem to get free $10,000
150millzRedeem to get free $50,001
1millfavsRedeem to get free $100,000
3YearsRedeem to get free $3,000
50m5fivesRedeem to get free $5,000
75mVisitsRedeem to get free $75,000
cincodemayoRedeem to get free Car Texture
FreeDroneRedeem to get free $60,000
I<3URedeem to get free Car Texture
MatrixRedeem to get free $50,000


Money is very important in this game as it can give you much control and freedom to do what you want. Fortunately, with these Vehicle Simulator Codes, you don’t have to go the extra mile to earn extra cash; you just need to copy and paste the codes we listed, and voila, you got some free money!

If you want to be fully updated with the game, you might want to follow RbxVS on Twitter; you can also send them pictures from the game, and they will happily share them too! They also post codes from time to time, so we really recommend following him, or you can bookmark this page if you want to get updates on time.

Have you discovered all the places in Vehicle Simulator? What stunts have you already pulled off? What’s your favorite part of the city? Share your thoughts below!


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