Saber Simulator Codes (October 2023) – Free Pets, Charms, and Crowns

Are you looking for a new saber duel type of game in Roblox? If you haven’t heard of Saber Simulator yet, then today’s the best time to learn about it!

Unleash your inner Star Wars in you and show everyone your supreme saber skills! Use our updated Saber Simulator codes to get you started right. 

saber simulator codes

There are plenty of saber-type duel games in Roblox, but no one has done it better than Saber Simulator.

If you’re looking for a refreshing PVP battle that has amazing game mechanics, then this game is what you’re looking for! Learn more about it down below.

Check these amazing Roblox game codes out, too!

What is Saber Simulator?

Saber Simulator in Roblox is a PVP saber duel game with amazing game mechanics. The game is simple: swing your saber to get stronger.

With each swing, you’ll earn money to buy sabers and more. Use coins, crowns, strength, and game event currencies to boost your characters even more.

What makes the game stand out is the fun combat mechanics and its familiar game modes like King of The Hill and Capture The Flag. Players can also own pets and collect eggs! Want to get a jump start in the game? Be sure to use Saber Simulator codes.

Key Features

  • Participate in the ongoing Halloween event
  • New Saber available in  the shop
  • Collect candy corn scattered around the map
  • Fight the pumpkin boss and earn some goods
  • More features are coming soon!

Simply put, if you’re looking for a great lightsaber duel game that gives you the classic Star Wars vibes, then hop on to the game and master your saber skills!

Saber Simulator Codes List

Now that you know where to redeem the codes, it’s now time to talk about bringing in the goodies!

We highly encourage using all these codes before the weekend ends as we have a feeling a new set of codes will be given pretty soon. Stay tuned!

For now, take advantage of these Saber Simulator codes for free!

Active Codes

These codes are redeemable and working:

  • Update100 – Redeem to get  Pet Charms
  • PetBoost – Redeem to get 20 Void Charms
  • VoidGG – Redeem to get 20 Void Charms
  • weekend – Redeem to get 20,000 Crowns
  • oioi – Redeem to get Free Crowns
  • cookie – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • cookieclix – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • defild – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • gravy – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • henrydev – Redeem to get 1,000 Strength
  • JS – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • melihkardes – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • mirrorrs – Redeem to get 10,000 Strength
  • mmistaken – Redeem to get 999 Strength
  • raven – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • razor – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • release – Redeem to get 150 Coins
  • robzi – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • subtoaustin – Redeem to get 500 Coins
  • telanthric – Redeem to get 500 Coins & 50 Crowns
  • Yippee – Redeem to get 5,000 Crowns

Disclaimer: Do take note that some of these codes might be deactivated soon due to an upcoming patch.

Pro-Tip: Want more codes? Get it straight from the source! Follow HenryTheDev on Twitter to stay up-to-date with new Saber Simulator codes and updates.

Expired Codes

These codes are no longer working:

  • 2020
  • 100m
  • 5000Followers
  • Airstudio
  • boss
  • calixo
  • erick
  • grim
  • Legend
  • prez
  • Saber
  • Slayer
  • straw
  • Vehnix

Pro-Tip: Be sure to check these expired codes from time to time as game developers tend to re-activate these Saber Simulator Codes when there’s a special occasion happening or coming up (Holiday Season coming soon)

roblox saber simulator

How to redeem Saber Simulator Codes?

Activating Saber Simulator codes is very easy compared to the other games we have featured.

Launch the game, click on the Twitter icon on the lower-right part of the screen, and you’re done! If you’re looking for a more detailed guide, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1: Head over to Roblox and launch Saber Simulator

Step 2: Once in-game, look for the Twitter icon on the lower-right part of the window

redeem saber simulator codes

Step 3: Enter the code and hit redeem

enter saber simulator codes

Step 4: Wait for the confirmation to pop up. That’s it! You’re done!

accepted saber simulator codes


Congratulations! Your character should have enough coins, crowns, and strength to boost your character, thanks to these Saber simulator codes at your disposal!

We’ve got enough to get ourselves set up for epic battles.

Which code did you enjoy the most? How many coins and crowns were you able to accumulate?

Share your haul with us in the comments section down below! If you’re looking for more Roblox game codes, then be sure to bookmark us and stay tuned for a lot of upcoming game codes now that the winter season is fast approaching!

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