Tower of Hell Codes (October 2023) – Vault Codes and Free Membership

Get the much-needed vault codes and a free membership from our Tower of Hell codes! Tower of Hell is as intriguing as it sounds, and it’s a pretty popular Roblox game with over 18.7B+ visits, ten million+ favorites, and over 30 thousand active players.

This game is created by uwuPyxl and ObrenTune and pits players in a high tower filled with surprises.

tower of hell codes

Players must race against each other and a ticking clock to reach the tower’s top. For every player that reaches the top, the timer’s speed is doubled, and your life is shortened.

There are multiple levels you need to beat before reaching the top. To get there, you’ll be required to enter a code in certain vaults.

Some players scamper around for the codes in desperation to make it. But this is where our Tower of Hell Codes come in handy.

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Tower of Hell Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are redeemable and working:

  • DERHAUSAUFGABE: New stage code
  • 1st vault code: 69420
  • 2nd vault code: 5164627
  • /freemember: 36 hours of Free membership, but only available from 06/13 to 06/14

Expired Codes

  • No codes have been expired at the moment.

What is included in the Free Membership?

  • Access to all Mutators and Gears with coins
  • 500 daily coins
  • Two Exclusive Crowns
  • Exclusive Member title

Once it expires, you can purchase the membership yourself.

Tower of Hell Codes for the Vaults

tower of hell codes for vault

There are two vaults that players have to open if they want to make it to the top of the tower. In order to unlock these vaults, they have to enter the following codes:

Vault Code 1 for Tower of Hell: 69420

Vault Code 2 for Tower of Hell: 5164627

Step 1:

On the floor of the Tower of Hell, where the vault is located, users must approach it first. Then they must enter 69420 as the vault code in order to gain access.

Step 2:

Next, the player would have to go to the second vault and enter the code 5164627.

Step 3:

Collect the Gold Foil, as it will be very crucial in your climb later.

Make sure you don’t type the code incorrectly, or you won’t be able to progress through the tower of Hell.

How to use Tower of Hell Redeem Codes?

To get the free membership or use any redeem code for Tower of hell, simply follow these steps:

  • Click on the second button at the top left corner to open the ‘Chat’ section.
  • Type in the code you want to redeem
  • Hit Enter
  • Enjoy your rewards

How to play Tower of Hell?

You can enjoy this thrilling climb with thousands of players by going to the Roblox website and looking for Tower of Hell in the game directory. Or you can simply go directly to Tower of Hell’s address.


That’s about everything you need to know about Tower of Hell codes. Our list is always updated, and new codes might come in at any time.

So, you’d better check it out frequently, be the first to use these codes, and gain exciting rewards.

In the meantime, you might want to take a look at other Roblox codes like Blox Fruits Codes, Ghost Simulator Codes, Bee Swarm Simulator Codes, and tons of other Roblox game codes. All you have to do is visit our site, and you’ll have endless Roblox freebies.

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