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Ghost Simulator Codes (November 2022) – Free Hoverboards, Pets, and a Lot More

Ghost Simulator is a Roblox game where you vacuum up ghosts, complete quests, and unlock new biomes. If you are new to this game, then make sure to check out these Ghost Simulator Codes that you can use to get a bunch of goodies in the game.

There are a lot of things that you can do in Ghost Simulator such as unlocking pets to help you in your journey, defeating bosses that threaten the world, unlocking hoverboards, exploring biomes, and completing quests to earn rewards and other power-ups.

Latest Ghost Simulator Codes

For those players who are into ghost hunting, be sure to check out what Ghost Simulator has to offer. Learn more down below and check the updated list of Ghost Simulator Codes.

  • TREAT – 500 candy and bat pet
  • 2NDROUTE – one Crate Key
  • CORN – Corn Board McCoard
  • BB500K – Blox Boy 500
  • DOORKEY – one Crate Key (must be in Roblox Game group)
  • LASTDAY – Pastel Fae pet
  • FIREFLY – Firefly Pet
  • R1FT – Purple Pegasus Pet
  • SPAC3 – Dave Pet
  • KINDHEART – Hoverboard heart
  • PLAY – Cosmic Hand Pet

How to Activate Ghost Simulator Codes

Ghost Simulator Codes

To redeem Ghost Simulator Codes, just launch the game and click the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen. Copy the code from our website and paste it into the code text box then press ‘REDEEM’ to claim your free rewards.

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Ghost Simulator Codes That Are Currently NOT Working

  • INARUSH – Weekend event item.
  • BASKET – Bunny pet, 350 Easter eggs (must be in Game Group)
  • NIGHTPUPPY – Hedgehog pet (must be in Game Group)
  • TREEHUGGER – Koala pet
  • PUGSARECOOL – Pug Pet (must be registered in the Bloxbyte Games Group)
  • 1YEAR – One year bag with anniversary Pet and Hoverboard (must be registered in the Bloxbyte Games Group)
  • 2YEARS – Godly Pet (must be registered in the Bloxbyte Games Group)
  • EXCITE – Excite
  • BACONRA1D – Stack O’ Bacon
  • BOOSTED – Lucky Gem
  • SCARE – Possessed Pegasus
  • SURFD – Flake Surfer hoverboard
  • VDAY22 – Toaster pet
  • EASTMAS – Santa skin
  • CORN – Corn board
  • Garlic – Garlicula pet
  • CORN
  • L1STED
  • WEKNOW – Mushi Pet
  • TRAINER – One Crate Key
  • JET – Tri-Jet Hoverboard
  • SPIRAL – Trippy Pet
  • HEART – Giggles Pet
  • JOV3N – Dr. Dice Pet
  • JOURNAL – Victory Pet
  • PATTY – Lucky Boy Pet
  • CHANCE – One Crate Key
  • V1RTU4L – Grid Hoverboard
  • EGGHUNT – Spring Pegasus Pet
  • HOPHOP – One Crate Key
  • LEADER – Leader One Pet
  • BB100K (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Blox Bytes Hoverboard
  • LUCK – One Crate Key
  • ITSCOMING – Butterboy Pet
  • RELIEF (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Dr. Doctor Pet
  • HAPPY4TH – Firecracker Pet
  • VANITY – Vanity Hoverboard
  • CLASSIFIED – One Crate Key
  • JUNE – Flop Hoverboard
  • BIT – Bit Missile Hoverboard
  • SQUAD – Sports King Pet
  • Bubble – Gumball Pet
  • GUMGUM – One Basic Zoom Gum
  • SEA – Aqua Pegasus Skin
  • FISHIN (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Ten Atlantis Keys
  • BB250K (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Byte Pet
  • SHOCKER – Shocker Pet
  • BB500K (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Bloxy Boy 500 Pet
  • HAUNTED – 350 Candy and Creepy Kreepy Cat
  • SOUL – Ten Soul Keys
  • GOBBLE (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – 250 Golden Turkey Legs
  • EPILOGUE – Royal Kreepy Cat
  • JOLLY – 300 Snowflakes
  • 2020OVER (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Overshot 2021 and Fireflight 2021
  • 100M – Free Pet
  • WINTER – Free Starfly Pet
  • R3B1RTH (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Star Striped Pegasus Pet
  • TOYS – Lava Java Pet
  • SH0P – T-Duck Pet
  • m3ta (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Random Reward
  • SUMM3R – Snazzy Pegasus
  • BOSSRAID – Bloo Chonks
  • PUZZLE (must be in BloxByte Games Group) – Sorry Board
  • LIBERTY – Freedom
  • S1LLYBUNNY – One Crate Key
  • REMNANT – Sugardrop
  • UWURACER – Jinshi Hoverboard
  • 2NDARC – Fallen Spirit
  • 1STRANDO – 2 Boss Bait
  • BOOST – Hoverboard
  • SADGE – Sadge Pet
  • BACONRA1D – Stack O’ Bacon
  • BOOSTED – Boosted Lucky Gem
  • SCARE – Possessed Pegasus
  • EERIE – Pegasus Candy
  • TOX1N – Toxic Treats
  • LASTWEEK! – Arachna


Getting the best vacuums, backpacks, and pet crates are crucial if you want to speed up your progress in the game. Fortunately, these Ghost Simulator Codes can help you with that and can give you the best stuff possible without spending a single Robux.

If you want to be fully updated with everything Ghost Simulator, be sure to follow BloxByteGames on Twitter. Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page so you will also be fully updated with the new codes that you can use.

How far have you come in Ghost Simulator? How many pets have you already collected? Who’s the most challenging boss you’ve faced? Share them below in the comment section!


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