15 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods in 2023: Scale Your Minecraft Experience

Take a look at the most epic Minecraft dragon mods!

Minecraft, being the ultimate sandbox game, never failed to let its gamers enjoy endless exciting ideas. From building on land, water, and now – we will hit the air.

If the game can let a bird soar high, why not take it to another level and summon the magnificent flying lizards into the sky?

Who wouldn’t want a majestic and powerful dragon to be your game buddy?

There is always the infamous Ender Dragon, but if you want to add more of these scaly creatures into your game, worry not because we find ways!

There are plenty of mods for dragons that you can utilize in Minecraft. However, you can’t just add anything with scales and a tail.

Minecraft Dragon Mods

15 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

Because dragons are the most awesome creatures, we give you these 15 Minecraft dragon mods that we consider the best!

Ready for the best hits? Here goes greatness!

1. Dragon Travel

We cannot deny that once in our lifetime, we dream of riding a dragon and soaring high!

This mod didn’t disappoint because, with Dragon Travel, users are allowed to summon dragons and use them as their ride during travels.

Dragon Travel serves as the fast travel system in Minecraft. It can set prices for travelers as well as use signs for the tameable dragons to follow so they fly straight to the destination.

While this mod does not allow you to personally control the dragon, you can still get the chance to ride one whenever you want to.

If you are not satisfied with riding a dragon that’s not yours, worry not, for you can also raise your own dragon by obtaining special eggs on your way to your destination.

Check out the tutorial from Easy Roast to properly install this dragon mod pack.

2. Dragon World RPG

Dragon World RPG

This Minecraft dragon mod took a different approach by making the game similar to reality.

The changes in the games follow the player’s environment in real-life.

It works with a real-time zone, which means that if you play the game during the daytime, the game will also give you a daytime experience.

In Dragon World RPG, humans and dragons coexist. You can raise your own dragons and tame them.

However, not all dragons are human-friendly. Thus, you can slay such mythical creatures that are a threat to your survival.

3. Realm of Dragons

The fulfillment of your Dragonborn fantasy is here! This mod gives you 10 new types of dragons you can try taming, including a Nether Dragon that perfectly fits the world of Minecraft.

Be the best dragon tamer and try taming all 10 dragons with their own special abilities.

You can also raise your own dragons and fly with them anytime you want. Users were even given armor both for themselves and for their dragons.

Check out the JKeyGames tutorial for effective installation and gameplay.

4. Ice and Fire: Dragons

This mod is probably one of the best that you can get when talking about Minecraft dragon mods.

For this mod, three dragons are introduced, namely; lightning, ice, and fire-type dragons. These three are classic dragons we grow up knowing, and now you got the chance to finally have them in your game.

Ice and fire-type dragons spawn depending on the biome temperature, while the lightning dragon can be found in the Savanna, Jungle, and Badlands biomes.

In this mod, not all dragons that you encounter can be tamed.

Dragons here are known to have five stages. Stage 1, 2, and 3 dragons can be seen soaring on the surface, while the most dangerous ones are usually in their own dragon caves.

One way to tame dragons of this stage is by getting their dragon egg and hatching it. Stage 4 and 5 dragons, however, need to be defeated if you want to tame one.

Discover more about this game with yorkmouseModz‘s Ice and Fire Full Modshowcase.

5. Dragon Tech Mod

Dragon Tech Mod

This Minecraft Dragon mod is packed with new items, such as dragon-themed tools, new ores, and armor.

What’s more amazing is that you can have all this leveled-up experience right after defeating the Ender Dragon, also known as the boss dragon.

This mod also comes with new adventures as a Dracony Virus started to infect a new biome, and it is your job to end this perilous phenomenon.

6. World of Dragons

This mod combines the Ice and Fire mod and the Mine and Slash mod to create an entirely different dragon mod experience. 

It also requires skilled gameplay to unlock some of the features of the game.

World of Dragons mod allows you to craft your own weapons and armor in the game by defeating and looting numerous dragons.

If the mod becomes tough to beat, call a friend and defeat this hardest mod in Minecraft together.

For beginners, check out this tutorial by Grok DuckFarmer.

7. Wyrmroost

Is one dragon not enough? Feel free to install the Wyrmroost and use different dragons for different adventures.

This mod allows you to tame different types of dragons that serve different purposes.

You can tame a dragon that will help you in farming, another dragon for transport, one for combat, and more.

Excited already? This mod has more! You can also train your dragon to breathe fire.

With all that being said, this mod is  an excellent choice if you dream of being the king of dragons.

You can check out textConjure‘s Wyrmroost mod showcase for more details.

8. Dawn of Fire

This mod contains the classic fire-breathing dragons that we imagine most when talking about it.

However, despite the name, this mod also offers other types of dragons. You can encounter not only fire dragons but also ice-breathing, lightning dragons, and many more.

The mod also offers new biomes and mechanisms relating to health scaling, damage, and difficulty. This mod not only allows you to tame dragons but also build strategic plans for your survival.

Try exploring LeePlz‘s channel for an effective start.

9. Ride ThaDragon

This mod allows users to capture and tame their own Ender dragon and use it as their own travel buddy.

As one of the most straightforward Minecraft mods, the users are given a load of commands that allows them to customize their game.

They can use commands to control their dragon’s speed and direction. Users can also spawn wild dragons, summon dragons and even buy one.

Explore this mod with a.ka. Danither as he flies his dragon using a plug-in on his server.

10. Dragon Mounts: Legacy

Starting from dragon eggs, this mod allows its user to nurse their own dragon and raise them to be the toughest dragons in their world.

With this mod, you can now survey the whole map while riding your tamed dragon. Because you are the one who raised them, these dragons’ loyalty to you is surely guaranteed.

There is no need for you to fight for your life so you can tame one, making this mod an excellent choice for users who just want to raise and ride their gigantic flying lizards.

Check out this full showcase by Noxus and see how cool this mod can be.

11. Progressive Bosses

If your goal is to slay as many dragon bosses as possible, then this mod is yours to have.

Progressive Bosses allows its users to battle with Ender Dragons during encounters.

Defeating Ender Dragons and Wither may be a difficult task, but once you figure out strategies to expose their weakness, these dragons will be your easiest targets.

Try this easy tutorial by Insano on how to play this mod on max difficulty.

12. Savage Ender Dragon

Savage Ender Dragon included new battle mechanics, which takes the mod into a different experience.

Unlike the classic Ender Dragon fights, this mod increased the difficulty of winning. If you are into more challenging dragon fights, this mod is surely something you must install.

Players can even navigate the mod’s configuration to check out the level of difficulty each fight offers.

To explore the world of Savage Ender Dragon, take a look at Cookie King‘s mod showcase.

13. Forbidden and Arcanus

Are you a fan of magic and fantasy games? If yes, then try this mod and fight against the gods with your dragons.

What’s cool about this game is that you can explore a different world and get a chance to tame a breed of dragon called the Drakos.

Because this mod is not just all about dragons, you have the chance to venture into different experiences alongside your Drakos.

yorkmouseModz full showcase shows how awesome this mod can be, so be sure to check it out!

14. Dragon Survival

If your dream is not just to tame dragons but to be the dragon itself, check out this mod!

Dragon Survival is a mod that allows its users to gain the abilities of a dragon. Users can transform themselves into the legendary creature by collecting dragon scales.

Once collected enough scales, use the Dragon Transformation Scroll and enjoy the life of being a dragon.

There are several dragon types that you can choose to transform into, including your preferred color and size.

Now, you are allowed to breathe fire and take flight. Take a look and earn some tips from PandAce+ with his Dragon Survival mod showcase.

15. Less Tech More Dragons

A perfect choice for the not-so-techy PC user who aims to include dragons in their world.

You can enjoy living simply with your dragons without worrying about the complicated machines and tools to navigate.

The mod is simple and can be played regardless of PC specs.

You can add dragons all you want without any trouble. So, you can just enjoy life with your dragons without being all techy!

Take a tour of the wonderful world of this mod with Cara plays.


Now we are all fired up! With these 15 amazing Minecraft dragon mods, we hope that you’ll find one that will perfectly suit your tastes.

But one thing we know for sure is that no matter what mod you choose, your dragons will give you the legendary experience you once dreamed of!

So get your dragon mounts or unsheathe your sword, and get ready for a piping hot epic adventure with dragons!

For more futuristic mods and tips to level up your Minecraft experience, check out our website’s Minecraft Section and be as dope as the dragons you wish to tame the most!

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