10 Proven Techniques to Make Money Fast in Bloxburg

Want to be a Bloxburg millionaire? Learn how to make money fast in Bloxburg now!

Bloxburg is a virtual city where you can build your dream home and live out your desired lifestyle. However, achieving your dreams in this game can be paved with challenges as they require money to come to fruition.

how to make money fast in Bloxburg

If you’re looking for ways to amass wealth as quickly as possible in Bloxburg, then we got you covered.

In this article, we’ll share the 10 surefire ways to make money fast in Bloxburg. 

From the best job choice and lucrative businesses to clever tips and tricks to maximize your in-game income.

If you’re ready to elevate your digital fortune and have a fat virtual wallet, let’s get right into it!

10 Ways How to Make Money Fast in Bloxburg

These are the best tips on how you can accumulate lots of cash in Welcome to Bloxburg:

1. Pizza Delivery

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Pizza Delivery

Being a Bloxburg millionaire won’t happen overnight unless you’re willing to spend a lot of real money. It would take long hours and grinding to achieve financial success.

Needless to say, you will have to work if you want to earn a lot of cash.

There are numerous jobs in Bloxburg, but the one that gives you the most money for your hard work is the Pizza Delivery Job at Pizza Planet. This job will give you around 220k for an hour of working.

Not only does Pizza Delivery pay well, but it’s also a pretty simple and easy task. It’s a repetitive job that doesn’t require your full attention or effort.

So if you’re going to spend time working, you might as well make the most out of it.

The second highest paying job in Bloxburg is Fast Food Worker at Bloxy Burgers.

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2. Keep Your Moods Up

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Keep Your Moods Up

If you’ve been playing Bloxburg for a while now, then you might already know that moods affect your income. If not, you’ll be surprised how big of an impact this has on how much money you make.

Your moods (Fun, Hunger, Hygiene, and Energy) go down over time and as your mood lowers, the amount of money you earn for every task you do while working also decreases. 

That’s why it’s vital to check your mood levels from time to time and make sure they are still green. Once they’re low or less than 50%, then you need to refill them by going home.

If you are doing the Pizza Delivery job, then you can set up a mood station near Pizza Planet. It’s a small space with essentials like food, a bed, a shower, and a TV that you can easily access and recharge your mood while you are on your delivery shift.

3. Excellent Employee

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Excellent Employee

One of the most practical ways to boost your income in Bloxburg is by purchasing game passes. These one-time purchases will give you insane perks that can help you earn more virtual currency in a shorter period of time.

The Excellent Employee game pass doubles the amount of money you earn in doing the same job and the same amount of work. It also allows you to level up faster and get promoted at your job.

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4. Log in Daily

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Log in Daily

Bloxburg has a reward system for consistent players who log in every day.  The longer your login streak, the higher the reward.

You can earn up to $1000 by simply logging in without any work.

Not to mention that you also get free Blockbux as early as Day 5. If you manage to log in for 365 days straight, you will earn an uncommon award and B$2,000.

5. Use Robux

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Use Robux

Of course, there’s always the pay-to-win option of using real-life money to get cash and Bloxkbux fast.

Though it’s not exactly pay to win since you can’t beat others in this game. It’s really more of a shortcut that allows you to build and roleplay without spending time working and earning money.

You can also use Blockbux to refill your moods instantly to save time. If you have money to spend on Roblox, this is a viable option for you, and it’s not cheating.

6. Play With a Friend

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Play With a Friend

Though this doesn’t give you any money directly, it definitely helps you in making more.

Playing with a friend will give you much-needed company so you can enjoy playing the game and working for longer periods.

Talking to a friend while working or having contests to see who can make more money in a certain amount of time will give you the drive and motivation to earn more cash.

This mood boost is free and makes gameplay more enjoyable.

7. Distract Yourself

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Distract Yourself

If you don’t have friends who play Bloxburg, you can still get a much-needed mood boost by doing things you enjoy while working.

This can be watching a movie, listening to your favorite songs or podcasts, or reading GameGrinds articles.

This will keep you distracted from the fact that you are working and helps keep the grind enjoyable.

Instead of excruciatingly counting every minute you spend working, distract yourself, and you won’t even notice how much time has passed and you have your big bucks.

8. Premium and Marvelous Mood

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Premium and Marvelous Mood

The Excellent Employee game pass is the go-to game pass for earning more money. But if you want to maximize your income, there are two more game passes that you should consider buying as well.

These are Premium and Marvelous Mood.

Premium comes with a ton of benefits, and one of them is having halved bills. This means that you get 50% off on your weekly payment for utilities.

If you have a big and expensive house, you’re probably paying thousands of dollars weekly. Premium will cut that cost in half.

Marvelous Mood, on the other hand, makes your moods last longer. This means your Hunger Mood, Hygiene Mood, Energy Mood, and Fun Mood will go down slower, allowing you to work longer before having to recharge.

9. Turn Auto-Pay Bills Off

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Turn Auto-Pay Bills Off

As mentioned earlier, you need to pay bills in Bloxburg, or your utilities will get cut off. You can’t turn on the lights, you can’t watch TV, and you can’t take a shower. Then, you won’t be able to get your mood back up.

To avoid that, there’s an option to pay bills automatically. At first glance, it seems a time-saving choice since you won’t have to go to your mailbox to pay up.

But how much do you actually use these utilities? If you want to save money, turn off Auto Pay Bills in Settings and only pay up when needed.

This will save you a lot of cash especially if you have a high maintenance house.

10. Start a Business

how to make money fast in Bloxburg - Start a Business
Credits: Alaska Violet

Last but not least, you can become a Bloxburg entrepreneur. If you don’t want to be a part of the rat race for money and hate jobs, you can start your own business.

You can start a cafe or restaurant and sell your products to other players on the server.

You can also start a gardening business by planting crops in your plot.

These are very lucrative ways to augment your income, and if you combine them with working, it will make earning money more fun and enjoyable.

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Now you know how to make money fast in Bloxburg.

With these tips, patience, and smart work, you can make your first million in Bloxburg in no time.

If you’re not into spending any real money, don’t worry, you can still follow these suggestions to be rich fast.

If you want to up your Bloxburg gaming experience, from builds to pro tips and tricks, we’ve got you covered.

So make sure you bookmark and take a look at our Roblox section.

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