Is For Honor Crossplay in 2023?

Unsheathe your weapon and dominate the arena filled with historical warriors. Is For Honor crossplay?

For Honor is a medieval arena where legendary warriors of history gather for a competitive battle.

It features an intensive melee battle that takes you to ancient warfare, realistic graphics, and the redemption of ancient legionaries.

Battling with your friends valiantly in this hostile atmosphere is a glorious experience. Hence, many have been asking if For Honor has a crossplay feature.

To learn more about different crossplay games or the cross-platform feature, we made a special article titled What is cross-platform in gaming?

Having said that, let’s explore the world of For Honor.

is for honor crossplay

A Quick Introduction to For Honor

For Honor gameplay

For Honor is an awesome action-packed game that offers a third-person perspective of a chaotic and violent era.

It is a video game set in a medieval setting that pits three legendary warriors (Vikings, Samurai, and Knights) with different strengths and weaknesses against each other using various types of weapons.

Every battle involves two opposing teams confined in a duel until one side can slaughter or take their opponent’s commander.

Players control a warrior from one of the factions and can employ blocking and dodging maneuvers and strategies to win.

Additionally, this video game offers players a choice of seven online game modes:

  • Tribute – Take control of different offerings dispersed on the map
  • Dominion – Take control of 3 zones in a 4v4 objective-based game mode
  • Duel – Best of 5, 1v1
  • Brawl – Best of 5, 2v2
  • Skirmish – 4v4 team deathmatch against AI
  • Elimination – Best of 5, 4v4
  • Breach – Defend the castle or take down the Lord in a 4v4 action

Players can engage in combat with their opponents using their class-specific and historically-inspired melee weapons.

Apart from weapons, each hero is also unique in terms of ability and fighting style.

Players can get “Feats”, which provide additional perks by carrying out special moves, such as pulverizing numerous enemies in a row.

Do you have what it takes to reign supreme in this competitive game?

Playing For Honor With Friends

playing for honor with friends

The excitement increases when you play this game’s various game modes with friends. Defeat the enemies together and take control of the battlefield!

For Honor is available to play on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4 and 5
  • PC
  • Xbox One

For Honor has been around for quite some time. That’s why you might wonder, is For Honor crossplay?

Is For Honor Crossplay?

In 2023, For Honor is indeed crossplay compatible. This only means that you can play For Honor with friends even if they use different gaming consoles.

Many online gamers who were searching for ways to enjoy For Honor on their preferred platforms will surely be relieved by this news.

Finally, they can do it now without having any trouble!

Is For Honor Crossplay Between PC and PS4/PS5?

Yes, For Honor offers cross-platform play features for PS4/5 and PC. This key component allows everyone to play For Honor against one another on PC and PlayStation 4.

Is For Honor Crossplay Between PS4/PS5 and Xbox One?

Yes. For Honor is crossplay on PS4/5 and Xbox One.

Therefore, players on either platform will be able to compete against one another in multiplayer modes. This means that you won’t need to have the same game console to play together.

Is For Honor Crossplay Between Xbox One and PC?

Yes. For Honor has cross-platform play available between Xbox One and PC.

Therefore, you could continue playing For Honor with your buddies on PCs if you’re using an Xbox One and vice versa.

Is For Honor Crossplay Between Xbox One and PS4/PS5?

Yes, crossplay compatibility is available on For Honor for Xbox One and PS4/PS5 console players.

So even if you and your pals are playing For Honor on separate consoles, you can still play challenging games together.

Is For Honor Cross-Progression?

Although this game has a successful implementation of the crossplay feature, it doesn’t support cross-progression. 

You won’t be able to share your game progress and all related achievements across multiple platforms.

As a result, if you are playing For Honor on an Xbox and switch to a PC, you won’t be able to transfer all of your data in the game.

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For Honor has successfully gathered a massive player base of bold and brave warriors from all over the world since its release.

The availability of crossplay matchmaking has served as a bridge between gamers from different platforms, making the overall experience much more exciting and diverse.

What about your favorite game? Is it cross-platform yet?

Check out our cross-platform section to find out. Or comment down which title you want us to feature next.

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