How To Whisper In Minecraft [Complete Guide]

If you want those sneaky conversations, then you need to learn how to whisper in Minecraft. This article will teach you how.

Minecraft is easily one of the best single-player adventures known to gamers. Playing it by yourself will always hold a special place in your heart. But the multiplayer side of Minecraft offers a whole new world of fun and interaction.

Unlike playing alone, joining multiplayer games allow for more socialization. But what if you want to say something private without the entire server hearing what you want to say? That’s what whispers are for.

In this article, we’ll go over what a whisper is and how to whisper in Minecraft.

What is a Whisper in Minecraft?

What is a Whisper in Minecraft

A whisper in Minecraft is a private message sent to another player that only they can see. To send a whisper, you can use the /tell command followed by the name of the player you want to message and then your message.

For example, typing “/tell Steve Hey, how are you doing?” would send a private message to the player named Steve with the message “Hey, how are you doing?”.

Whispers are useful, especially when you want to talk to a certain player without others on the server being able to read your message. For example, when you want to relay your strategy to a teammate or play a prank on someone.

However, it is important to remember that whispers are not 100% secure, as anyone with access to the server logs may be able to see the messages sent.

Since it’s a very fun and convenient feature to use, a lot of players are wondering how to whisper in Minecraft, read on to find out how!

How to Whisper in Minecraft

How to Whisper in Minecraft

Whispering is a command and chat feature in Minecraft. Commands can change your entire world’s settings and features in an instant. In other words, commands can control entire Minecraft worlds and players.

To learn how to whisper in Minecraft, you must understand what a command is and how to use it. It’s pretty straightforward. You simply need to enter your commands or cheats in the Command Bar.

Commands for an individual player and a group of players always start with a forward-slash (/). This will not interact with multiplayer commands. Next, just type in the command you want to use and hit Enter.

To whisper in Minecraft, you need to use a specific command. Whispering methods and commands in Minecraft are different depending on what device you are playing in. 

How to Whisper in Minecraft PC

How to Whisper in Minecraft PC

Whispering in the PC version of Minecraft is pretty simple. The command for it is “/tell”.

If you want to whisper to a specific player only, type “/tell (Player Name) (Your Message).

You can choose who to whisper to depending on what you type next. Simply open your chat window and type in “/tell” to bring up the following game commands.

  • @a – all players (will send a private message to all players on the server)
  • @e – all entities (will send a private message to all entities on the server)
  • @p – closest player (will send a private message only to the nearest player on the server)
  • @r – random player (will send a private message to 1 random person on the server)
  • @s – yourself (will send a private message to yourself)

Your whisper will contain your username, followed by the tag “whispers to you” and the last part will be your message.

Example: [Your username] whispers to you: [your message]

How to Whisper in Minecraft Console

There are 2 commands for whispering in the console edition of Minecraft.

  • The first one is “/msg (Player Name) (Your Message)”.
  • The second, which is the shorter one and the one we recommend, is “/w (Player Name) (Your Message)“.

Using these two commands, you can whisper to any player in the console edition of Minecraft.

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Now you know how to whisper in Minecraft. It’s pretty simple to do, and it requires no resources to do so.

It’s one of the fun ways you can interact with other players in the game and make things more social and sneaky.

If you’re looking for more tutorials and guides like this one, then make sure you check out our Minecraft section.

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