How To Craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft – The Best Mining Tool

Do you want to learn how to craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft? You’ll get everything you need to know in this short read.

A Diamond Pickaxe is very valuable in Minecraft because it is one of the most durable and efficient mining tools in the game. It has the highest durability of all pickaxes, meaning it will last longer before breaking, and it is also the fastest tool for mining certain blocks, such as diamond ore and obsidian.

It is also essential for a player whose goal is to progress through the game’s story because some blocks and ores require a diamond pickaxe to be mined. For example, Obsidian is used to create portals to the Nether dimension, but it can only be mined using a diamond pickaxe or a better tool.

That’s why it’s definitely essential that you learn how to craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft, and this is the best place to go and do it.

How to Craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft

How To Craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft

With recent updates, the Diamond Pickaxe is no longer the most durable pickaxe in the game. But it is still one of the best, and you should definitely create one for comfortable survival. Here are the steps on how to craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft.

1. Gather the necessary materials – Three Diamonds

First and foremost, you would need three Diamonds to craft your Diamond Pickaxe. Make sure you have an Iron Pickaxe or better since Diamonds are hard to mine. Start by digging to at least layer 15, as this is where Diamonds can be found.

Always bring torches because it will be a pretty dark job without one. A Diamond ore can be identified by its dark gray block with tiny white flecks. One ore will produce one Diamond when mined.

mining diamond

Repeat the process until you have three diamonds, and you’re good to go. Next is two sticks which are basically everywhere, so it shouldn’t be too hard.

2. Start Crafting

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Now that you have all the materials you need, it’s time to open the crafting table by pressing “E”(depending on which platform you are playing on).

Then place the diamonds in the top row of the crafting grid, with one diamond in the first box, one in the second, and one in the third.

Then, place two sticks directly under the middle diamond, and you will see that your crafting grid will already resemble the shape of a pickaxe. Once the materials are arranged correctly in the crafting grid, the diamond pickaxe will appear in the result box.

Simply click and drag the diamond pickaxe to your inventory, and you are ready to use it.

3. Enchant your Diamond Pickaxe

A Diamond Pickaxe is already quite powerful by itself. But add in the right enchantments, and you will have a better and more efficient tool. This step is optional, and to do this you would need an Enchanting Table.


The best enchantments for a Diamond Pickaxe are:

  1. Efficiency: This enchantment increases the speed at which the pickaxe mines blocks, making it faster to gather resources. It can be enchanted on a pickaxe up to level V.
  2. Unbreaking: This enchantment increases the durability of the pickaxe, making it last longer before breaking. It can be enchanted on a pickaxe up to level III.
  3. Fortune: This enchantment increases the chances of getting more resources when mining certain blocks, such as diamonds, coal, and Redstone. It can be enchanted on a pickaxe up to level III.
  4. Mending: This enchantment repairs the pickaxe using experience orbs, which eliminates the need to repair the pickaxe manually. It can be enchanted on a pickaxe only once.

These are all optional, but I will definitely make sure that you mine the fastest in Minecraft.


Congratulations, you now know how to craft a Diamond Pickaxe in Minecraft. By following these steps, you can have a durable, powerful, and efficient mining tool that will aid in your comfortable survival.

With this pickaxe, you will have access to the most valuable resources in the game and other powerful and useful tools as well.

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