Bloxburg Elf Hunt 2023: All Bloxburg Elves Locations in Order

Are you participating in the upcoming Elf Hunt? Here are all the Bloxburg Elves locations in order for 2023!

December is here, and so is Bloxburg’s Christmas update. This is definitely the most wonderful time of the year for players since the game will be offering a ton of new additions and events.

Bloxburg Elves Locations in Order

One of them is the Bloxburg Elf Hunt, which gives players a chance to win free in-game cash and Blockbux.

But finding these little leprechauns can be tricky if you don’t know where to look.

If you’re looking for the Bloxburg Elves locations in order, this article is all you need.

We’ll be going through where you can find every single elf in order, what rewards you can win, and everything you need to know about the Elf Hunt event.

What Is the Elf Hunt Event in Bloxburg?

What Is the Elf Hunt Event in Bloxburg?

The Elf Hunt event is a month-long event in Bloxburg that was first introduced in 2020. After this, it became a yearly event and is looked forward to by players.

During the event, players need to look for 16 elves that are hiding in different places all throughout Bloxburg.

Once you find the elf, you have to feed it, and it will reward you with money or Blockbux in return. The elves spawn in the same spots for everyone and require the same treat.

A new elf appears every day, and if you find and feed it on the same day, you will get $2500.

But if you are late and manage to find the elf on another day, you will only get $1000. 

Elf Hunt 2022 Recap

There are some similarities with the Elf Hunt each year. That’s why we should take a look at previous data to gain an advantage for the 2023 Elf Hunt.

Here’s a quick recap of last year’s Elf Hunt and all the Bloxburg elves’ locations in order:

DateElf NumberLocationRequired Treat
December 09, 2022Elf #1Observatory’s parking lotSingle Holiday Cookie
December 10, 2022Elf #2Edge of the cliff behind the ObservatorySingle Holiday Cookie
December 11, 2022Elf #3Behind the tree behind the orange tent in the CampsiteSingle Holiday Cookie
December 12, 2022Elf #4Bottom right corner inside Bloxy BurgersSingle Regular Cookie
December 13, 2022Elf #5Bloxy Acres tunnel to the leftSingle Holiday Cookie
December 14, 2022Elf #6On top of Mike’s MotorsSingle Holiday Cookie
December 15, 2022Elf #7On top of the Tunnel to the ObservatorySingle Holiday Cookie
December 16, 2022Elf #8Along the edge of the map on Bloxy AcresSingle Gingerbread Cookie
December 17, 2022Elf #9Third corner of the river near the Riverside Estates river tunnel and the townSingle Regular Cookie
December 18, 2022Elf #10In the oceanSingle Holiday Cookie
December 19, 2022Elf #11BFF Supermarket in the stocker room between the crates at the cornerSingle cup of milk
December 20, 2022Elf #12Leaves of a tree off the Highway, between Riverside Estates and the Sledding Hut on the mountainCandy Cane Cookie (from Iced Holiday Cookies)
December 21, 2022Elf #13The Bloxburg Cave to the right on a rockSingle pear (avoid starting a shift or stay on a vehicle)
December 22, 2022Elf #14Pizza Planet, underneath the conveyor belt by the crates in the Pizza Baker stationPeppermint Hot Chocolate (from Sledding Hut)
December 23, 2022Elf #15On the roof of the ObservatoryGingerbread House (obtained in Build Mode or through the recipe)
December 24, 2022Elf #16At Santa Photo-OpFancy Rectangular Present (obtained in Build Mode or through the Gift Wrapping Station)

What to Expect This Year

Starting last year, all of the elves require a treat before you can get your reward. This year, we can expect them to be as hungry as ever.

So make sure you get your Cooking Skill to Level 5 if you want to get rewards from every single elf.

All Bloxburg Elves Locations in Order 2023

Elf #1:

Location: Near Advent Calendar/ Town Hall
Required Treat: Holiday Cookies

RobloxScreenShot20231211 162836907

The first elf spawned right in front of the City Hall on top of one of the trees. It is pretty high up there, but you can reach it by hopping onto one of the presents and jumping through the trees till you reach the elf.

RobloxScreenShot20231211 163414682

Make sure you bring a Holiday cookie with you and give it to the elf when you find it.

RobloxScreenShot20231211 163640762

Elf #2:

Location: Campsite
Required Treat: Roasted Marshmallow

RobloxScreenShot20231214 121151461

The second elf can be found on the Campsite right beside the campfire. The good thing is you don’t have to bring any treats because the required food is already on the campfire.

All you have to do is interact with the campfire and give the roasted marshmallow to our tiny little friend.

Elf #3:

Location: Ferris Wheel
Required Treat: Regular Cookies

RobloxScreenShot20231214 122156496

The third elf is one of the mischievous elves that can be identified through their red, angry color. This elf can be found in a pretty tricky location in the middle of the Ferris wheel near the fishing port.

If you give it the wrong treat, this elf will turn you into a baby. So make sure you bring the regular cookies and not the holiday ones.

Elf #4:

Location: Tree Near Campsite
Required Treat: Holiday Cookies

RobloxScreenShot20231214 123125216

Remember the location of the second elf? All you have to do is check the trees that are nearest to the wall behind the campsite, and you’ll find the fourth elf, which is another mischievous one. All you have to do is give it Holiday cookies, and you can earn its reward.

Elf #5:

Location: Beach
Required Treat: A Glass of Water

RobloxScreenShot20231219 094408812

The fifth elf can be found on the beach area. Go to the Ferris Wheel, turn left, and head down the path you see. Get out of your vehicle and walk through the narrow snow area on your right beside the water and you’ll find the elf lying down.

RobloxScreenShot20231219 094435377

Elf #6:

Location: Parking Garage
Required Treat: Festive Fudge

RobloxScreenShot20231219 095249530

The Parking Garage is located behind Mike’s Motors and Pizza Planet, so it’s quite easy to find. Go to the second floor and you’ll find the sixth Elf on the left corner. It’s a mischievous elf that requires one slice of Festive Fudge.

RobloxScreenShot20231219 095314208

Elf #7:

Location: Bloxburger Bathroom
Required Treat: Burger

RobloxScreenShot20231219 095757814

Go to Bloxburger and order one regular burger. Go to the back and go inside the toilet to find another red elf sitting on the corner. Give it one Blox Burger to get your reward.

Elf #8:

Location: Observatory
Required Treat: Snowman Cake Pop

RobloxScreenShot20231219 101314343

The eighth elf can be found inside the observatory. Before you go there, make some cake pops and keep on taking portions until you get the Snowman cake pop. Then, head over to the observatory.

RobloxScreenShot20231219 101328243

Elf #9:

Location: Sledding Booth
Required Treat: Entire Pot of Rice Pudding

The 9th elf is behind the counter inside the Sledding Booth. Go to the riverside of town and go up the hill. Make sure you bring an entire pot of Rice Pudding and not just a portion. The elf can be found right behind the counter.

Elf #10:

Location: Bloxburg Gym
Required Treat: Super Smoothie

RobloxScreenShot20231220 083707766

The 10th Elf can be found at the Bloxburg Gym. Before going there, take a Super Smoothie from your fridge on Quick Meals and use a blender to prepare it. Then, take your vehicle and go to the Bloxburg Gym.

RobloxScreenShot20231220 083741914

The elf is located in the Yoga area behind these little decorations. Don’t confuse the Super Smoothie with the Fruit Smoothie or the elf won’t accept it.

Elf #11:

Location: Advent Calendar Christmas Tree
Required Treat: Holiday Tree Brownies

RobloxScreenShot20231226 115500250

The 11th Elf can be found near the Advent Calendar on top of the giant Christmas Tree. It requires a portion of Holiday Tree Brownies.

Elf #12:

Location: Observatory Roof
Required Treat: Mince Pie

RobloxScreenShot20231226 122217341 1

Go to Lovely Lumber and walk up the cliffside path to the top of the mountain where you can find handgliders. Handglide down to the right of the mountain and jump down to the observatory’s roof.

Go down the balcony below you and you’ll find the 12th elf sitting there.

RobloxScreenShot20231226 122305977 1

Elf #13:

Location: Furniture Store
Required Treat: Gingerbread Hot Chocolate

RobloxScreenShot20231226 123236833 1

Go to the main part of the city and go inside the Furniture Store located right beside Pizza Planet. The elf can be found on a white bookshelf and requires a Gingerbread Hot Chocolate. This treat can be obtained in the Sledding Booth.

Elf #14:

Location: Riverside Bridge
Required Treat: Fish Sticks

RobloxScreenShot20231226 170512675

The 14th Elf can be found under the Riverside Bridge. Drive to the bridge and go under it with a portion of Fish Sticks in hand. Then, go underwater and look for the elf. It shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Elf #15:

Location: Santa’s Photo Booth
Required Treat: Reindeer Pancakes

RobloxScreenShot20231226 171203093

The last Elf can be found in the same location every year, which is Santa’s Photo Booth. The elf is sitting on top of the sack of presents. It requires a portion of Reindeer Pancakes.

When Does Bloxburg Elf Hunt Start in 2023?

RobloxScreenShot20231211 092926005

The Elf Hunt Event started on December 10, 2023. As soon as players log in to the game, they will have the option to go to the event. Once you accept, you will be taken to the Bloxburg Town Hall, where the Elder Elf will be waiting for you beside the Advent Calendar.

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It’s amazing how a game that’s already almost a decade still gets this much attention and a huge volume of awesome updates and events.

So make sure you enjoy the 2023 Elf Hunt and find all of our tiny friends.

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