How to Level up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg?

Are you wondering how to level up gardening skill in Bloxburg?

Here are some tips and tricks that will turn you into a Level 10 Gardener as quick as possible!

How to Level up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg

Gardening is one of the 10 learnable skills in the game Bloxburg. This skill allows you to plant and grow plants and decorations on your lawn.

You can water, fertilize, and sell your produce as you enjoy the calmness of gardening.

Leveling up your Gardening skill in Bloxburg will give you access to a wider variety of plants and items.

You can also obtain the Gardening Trophy upon reaching max level. That’s why players are eager to learn how to level up this skill.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the gardening process and teach you how to level up Gardening in Bloxburg fast.

How to Level Up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg Fast

You can plant whatever you want and pray for your Gardening level to increase, or you can follow these tested, proven, and surefire ways to level up your gardening in Bloxburg fast:

1. Plant, Plant, Plant

How to Level up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg - planting crops

Just like the cooking skill, leveling up your Gardening skill in Bloxburg requires you to plant a lot.

This doesn’t mean simply sowing your seeds and forgetting about them. You can only earn exp for your skill if you successfully harvest a plant or make it reach full maturity.

If you leave your plants unattended for too long, they will wither and die, and you’ll lose out on any exp gains.

So, plant a lot and take care of them so that your plants will reward you with the fruits of your labor.

2. Plant the Most Expensive Plants

How to Level up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg - planting expensive plants

Cheap plants are easy and quick to plant but they are less rewarding when it comes to increasing your skill level.

So, to make better use of your space and time, choose the highest-paying expensive plants.

On the other hand, more expensive planters and items do not contribute to faster exp accumulation.

Even a dirt pile would do well when you are just starting out on lower levels. So pick cheap planters that give you the most space and value for money.

Once you have planters, interact with them by pressing E on your keyboard, and a list of all available plants will appear. This varies depending on your gardening skill level, so choose the most expensive one available and plant it like you mean it.

These types of plants typically have longer growth times and cost more, but you’ll be making bigger profits in both exp and money in the end.

3. Tend to Your Garden After Logging In

How to Level up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg - taking care of plants regularly

You might be thinking of leaving the plants while they are growing and only coming back when they need watering.

However, plants can only grow when you are playing Bloxburg. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you are active in the game. 

So, to make maximum use of your time and ensure that your Gardening skill levels are up as fast as possible, prioritize it every time you log in to Bloxburg.

Upon logging in, instantly go to your garden and start planting or watering your plants.

After that, you can start restoring your moods, building your next project, and working for more money and more budget for your garden.

While you’re doing other stuff, your plants are also steadily growing and accumulating exp for your skill.

4. Use Fertilizer

How to Level up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg - using fertilizers

Expensive plants like trees take a long time to grow. Some even take hours before you can harvest them.

If you have enough Blockbux, you can interact with your plant to have the option to purchase Fertilizer.

This will allow you to instantly grow your plant and be able to harvest much quicker, but this option is only for those who are willing to spend real money on the game.

5. Consider Planting Cheaper Plants Like Short Grasses

How to Level up Gardening Skill in Bloxburg - planting cheaper plants

If you don’t want to spend real money on Blockbux or wait long for expensive plants to grow, you can opt for Short Grass. This is one of the cheapest plants and grows really fast. 

On average, it will take you 3 minutes to plant 20 of these. Buy the cheapest dirt pile and plant your Short Grass.

After a few minutes, it’s already fully grown and you can sell it for money and exp.

While this process can be a quick way to level up, it is very laborious and time-consuming. But if you’re willing to spend some grinding for your Gardening skill, this can be a great option.

How to Make Plants Grow Faster in Bloxburg?

Just use fertilizer. Plants need to be watered and taken care of once you plant them.

If you want to skip the tedious wait and labor, you can spend various amounts of Blockbux on fertilizer to help the plant grow faster.

The cost of fertilizer decreases as the plant matures. This will help reduce the plant’s overall growth time and allow them to reach full maturity much quicker.

What Is the Max Gardening Level in Bloxburg?

The Gardening skill in Bloxburg can be maxed out to Level 10.

Achieving this milestone will reward you with the Gardening Trophy which unlocks all the available garden plants and decorations in the game.

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Now you know how to level up gardening skill in Bloxburg, you can plant your way to new and beautiful flora and finally get that Gardening Trophy.

Not to mention that you’ll earn a ton of money and transform your plot in the process. So put on your gloves, prepare your tools, and get to gardening!

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