How to Level up Cooking Skill Fast in Bloxburg: Unlock Delicious Success

Prepare to eat some extraordinary meals with this filling guide on how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg.

There are a ton of roleplaying games on Roblox, but Bloxburg is in a league of its own. In this virtual city, you can build the home of your dreams and live out a lavish lifestyle.

how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg

But at the same time, you also have to take care of your avatar.

Your avatar can go stinky, be bored, tired, and, of course, hungry, which means that you need to buy food items and of course, cook.

Cooking delicious foods is one of the ten skills you can learn in Bloxburg.

As your cooking skill level increases, you gain access to more dishes and recipes that you can make to satisfy your avatar’s hunger.

In this article, you’ll learn how to level up your cooking skill fast in Bloxburg.

How to Level Up Cooking Skill in Bloxburg

Repetition makes perfect, so to level up your cooking skill in Bloxburg, you need to cook multiple times.

This means taking ingredients from your fridge, slicing or preparing them on a counter, cooking them, and your cooking skill will level up.

Alternatively, you can watch Bloxburg’s version of Chef Ramsay on the cooking channel on your TV to gain a level of expertise in the art of cooking foods in Bloxburg.

Things You Need in Cooking:

  • Fridge
  • Counter/Table
  • Stove/Oven

1. Open the Fridge

how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg - Open the Fridge

Cooking in Bloxburg starts with getting the ingredients from your fridge. Luckily, you don’t need to go and buy groceries as you already have access to every ingredient you need inside your refrigerator. 

So, go to the fridge and interact with it. Then, you’ll see a Take Ingredients option. Click on that. Don’t choose Quick Meal as it won’t give you any exp in cooking.

Then, a list of different dishes and recipes will pop up, and all you have to do is pick what you want to cook from the available ones.

You’ll notice that some of the dishes are still locked, but you’ll be able to cook them once you reach a certain cooking skill level.

Dishes are priced differently, so choose the one you want to make and hit on the Take button.

2. Prepare Your Ingredients on a Counter

how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg - Prepare Your Ingredients on a Counter

Once you have your ingredients, go to a countertop or table, interact with it, and an option to prep your ingredients should appear.

You might need to cut, slice, toss, or mix the ingredients depending on the type of dish you’re going to make.

Clicking on the picture/action will start the prepping process. Then, you’ll need to follow some prompts as your avatar is working on the ingredients.

It might be clicking on a part of the screen or pressing a button on your keyboard. Follow these prompts until your avatar is done with preparing the food.

3. Fire Up Your Stove

RobloxScreenShot20231114 185222618

Once the ingredients are ready, bring them to your stove or oven and start the cooking process. Different dishes take different amounts of time to finish cooking.

Once it’s done, take it out of the stove/oven and place it on your dining table to enjoy your scrumptious meal.

Every dish you cook will give you EXP that will level up your cooking skill.

Bloxburg: Tips and Tricks to Level up Cooking Skill Fast

Cook the Most Expensive Dishes

how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg

Leveling up your cooking skill unlocks more recipes for you to cook. Cooking the most pricey dish available at your level will provide you with the most EXP possible. 

We find the Chili from levels 1-3 the most rewarding dish to cook.

It gives you around 10% EXP for the first 3 levels and 7% starting level 6.

After that, you can choose the most expensive items on your fridge. Turkey is one of the best dishes for leveling up to higher levels.

Quantity Over Quality Equipment

how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg

When choosing your cooking equipment in Build Mode, there are numerous options to choose from, and they vary in price.

Unlike other mood-related stuff like beds and TVs that fill up your moods faster, the more expensive they are, cooking equipment still cooks food in the same amount of time no matter their price.

That’s why spending more on expensive and luxurious kitchen items wouldn’t give any added benefits besides design and aesthetics.

That’s why it’s better if you invest your money in buying more stoves and ovens instead. 

This will allow you to cook more dishes simultaneously and let you grind for cooking exp faster.


how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg

You can achieve more if you have a plan and you learn how to manage your time and workflow while cooking.

You can just cook blindly until you get tired or go with a more time-efficient method.

Cooking takes time, especially when you’re dish is already on the stove, oven, or grill.

That’s why you should make good use of this cooking time by making more dishes.

So, when your stoves and ovens are full, go back to the fridge and take a new set of ingredients. There are recipes like the vegetable salad that don’t require cooking to prepare.

This will make your cooking time more productive.

Start a Coffee Shop or Restaurant

how to level up cooking skill in Bloxburg
Credits: Alaska Violet

What better way to become a high-level cook than becoming a professional chef?

You can start your own business in Bloxburg by building a restaurant or coffee shop and selling your cooking to other players on the server or neighborhood.

Not only will you have fun while cooking way more often, but you’ll also earn a lot of money on the side. This will make leveling up your cooking skills super rewarding and enjoyable.

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Leveling up your cooking skills in Bloxburg will take a lot of dishes and recipes.

These pro tips and tricks, paired with some patience and effort and a fun playlist or movie to watch while grinding, and you’ll get that Cooking Trophy in no time.

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