How to Get Electric in Blox Fruits (Electric V1) – A Complete First Sea Guide

Are you interested in learning the powerful Electric Claw? But before you get there, you need to know how to get Electric in Blox Fruits, the easy way!

Blox Fruits is a Roblox game made by Gamer Robot Inc. The game features a world inspired by the popular manga/anime series One Piece, with more emphasis on mysterious consumable items called Blox Fruits.

how to get electric v1 blox fruits

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Players can travel the Blox Fruits world in search of things that can make their character stronger, such as obtaining powerful weapons and learning destructive fighting styles, like the Electric Fighting Style.

Electric is a beginner-friendly fighting style that can be used for grinding, especially for mobs that doesn’t use mid-air attacks.

More About Electric Fighting Style in Roblox Blox Fruits

Electric fighting style in Blox Fruits

Introduced in Update 2, Electric is one the earliest V1 fighting styles in Blox Fruits. It mainly uses the power of electricity to deal damage in melee combat.

Another key feature of this fighting style is that it improves the cosmetics of your character by equipping their hands with electricity.

However, just like how Luffy repelled the attacks of Enel in One Piece, players who use the Rubber Fruit are immune to all of Electric’s abilities.

Electric Fighting Style in Blox Fruits: Moveset

Stomp [Z]

electric fighting style skills - stomp z

The user gathers electric energy by jumping and upon landing, slams the ground which produces an electric explosion. This ability can also be utilized for dodging projectiles.

Electrical Tackle [X]

electric fighting style skills - electrical tackle x

A dash ability that allows the user to deal medium damage while ending up in a safer position from enemy counterattacks. Apart from combat, this ability can be used for dashing mid-air. 

Electrical Floor [C]

electric fighting style skills - electrical floor c

The user grabs the ground and releases a high voltage of electricity which stuns the enemies in an area.

The long stun duration of this damaging move is enough to initiate more combos or switch to another combat ability like a Blox Fruit or sword.

Check out all of Electric’s Abilities in motion here on Squiggly Star’s YouTube Channel:

How to Get Electric in Blox Fruits (First Sea)

For those who want to acquire the Electric fighting style, it can be learned from an NPC named the Mad Scientist for a cost of $500,000.

how to get electric in blox fruits - mad scientist NPC

You can find this NPC in one of the two rocks behind the base level of Skylands in the First Sea.

how to get electric in blox fruits - skylands mad scientist

If you haven’t had enough game cash, you can farm some by completing more quests, beating raid bosses, and opening chests.

how to get electric in blox fruits - where to get electric

Once you got half a million bellis, you’re good to go and you may now use all of Electric Fighting Style’s abilities.

Is Electric Good in Blox Fruits for Grinding?

Yes, you can rely on all the abilities of the Electric Fighting Style if you’re grinding for levels in the Frist Sea.

electric fighting style blov fruits - grinding
Credits: 3SB Games (YouTube)

Electric’s Z and C abilities have decent AOE damage and its X keeps your character away from harm.

Where to Learn Electric Claw in Blox Fruits?

You can learn Electric Claw (Electric V2) by talking to the Previous Hero at the Floating Turtle Island in Third Sea. This rabbit-like NPC is located below the Colosseum Arches near the Pineapple homes.

But before claiming the knowledge of Electric Claw, you must first reach 400 mastery on Electric, complete the quest from the Previous Hero NPC, and pay him $3,000,000 and 5,000 fragments.

If you already know the Electric fighting style, switching to Electric Claw is a worthy upgrade. Here is a more detailed guide on how to get Electric Claw in Blox Fruits.

Recent Updates and Changes to Electric Fighting Style

As of Update 20 and the Ghost Event, the Electric Fighting Style has been reworked once, which was recorded on Update 17.3.

As a way to compensate for its low damage, we highly recommend pairing Electric with strong First Sea Blox Fruits like Flame Fruit and Ice Fruit.

Our team will look closely at future Blox Fruits updates so we can add more information to this section.

Wrapping Up

Electric is a great fighting style for players who want to “shock” their opponents using damaging moves like Electrical Tackle and Electrical Floor.

Apart from Blox Fruits, you can also consider doing Electric combos with weapons, especially swords. As this fighting style allows its user to be highly mobile, it fits well with other combat abilities that deal massive amounts of damage.

And while it’s quite expensive, learning such a fighting style will surely aid you in your quest to become the master of the seas in this game where only the strongest survive.

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