Build Your Dream Bathing Area With These Bloxburg Pool Ideas!

Looking for Bloxburg pool ideas to level up your Bloxburg space? Check out our list of the best virtual pools!

Building a swimming pool can be a daunting task because of its price.

Bloxburg pool ideas

But in Bloxburg, you can earn all the money you need and forget about the permits, maintenance, and all that boring stuff to build your dream pool.

Swimming pools in Bloxburg not only enhance your home’s appeal but also function as a dopamine booster and a place for hygiene for players.

Here, you can break free from the physical limitations in the real world and build whatever your creativity allows.

In this article, we’ll show you the best Bloxburg pool ideas and give you useful tips for making your very own virtual swimming pool:

Roblox Bloxburg Pool Building Tips

1. Decide What Kind of Pool You Want

Bloxburg Pool Ideas - Inspiration

Before you waste your hard-earned money and time on any type of construction, start with a goal in mind.

Visualize what type of pool you are into. Consider its shape, size, or theme and the materials.

If you are starting with a unique or brand-new concept, you might as well do your research.

You can search for existing designs on websites for a spark of inspiration. Pinterest, YouTube, and GameGrinds are all endless sources of inspiration.

After all, a dream without a plan is just a dream.

2. Pick a Location for Your Pool

Bloxburg Pool Ideas - Location

Considering the area for your swimming pool firsthand will allow you to maximize your ideas or create alterations to your previous plans.

Usually, players are building pools on the ground following Bloxburg’s classic feature, but do not be deceived.

With proper utilization of items and gamepasses, you can build a swimming pool even on your rooftop!

So consider your needs and choose whether you want an outdoor pool, indoor, backyard, front yard, or even an entire pool resort in your plot.

If you’re planning on making a pool, it’s best to consider it while making a floor plan for your Bloxburg house.

3. Layout Your Pool

Bloxburg Pool Ideas - Layout

It is important to start your construction with a base so you will not get lost during the process or end up with an irreversible error and have to redo your build from the beginning.

Start off by using Plain Markings as your guidelines

This will help you determine the right dimensions and outline for your pool floors and walls, and allow you to leave space for additional decorations to make your pool more appealing.

Now you can start constructing your pool. Choose a depth that works for your needs.

You can use the Short Fence to make your pool’s edges more detailed and pronounced. 

4. Decorate Your Pool

Bloxburg Pool Ideas - Decoration

Without decorations, your pool would be just a puddle of water. So make sure you boost its aesthetics by designing the surroundings as well.

You can add lights and stairs, outdoor chairs, tables, and a patio for moments of unwinding.

You can also add slip and fall prevention measures just like in real life to complete your pool’s realistic appeal.

Steps around the pool can be pretty to look at as well.

You can add sunlounges and sunbathing areas. Of course, you can’t forget about plants and trees as they will make your pool as refreshing as it can be.

If you want to add a touch of realism, you can put a few drinks or food on the table.

Bloxburg Pool Ideas

Obtaining a game pass gives you exclusive features that you can utilize to build brilliant and unique pool designs

For example, the Basements gamepass is a nice purchase as it allows you to create customizable walls for your swimming pool.

Advanced Placement will allow you to place objects more freely and even create entirely new custom items.

This is the part that will truly make your pool your own, so make sure you spend an ample amount of time here.

5 Best Bloxburg Pool Ideas

We understand your need for inspiration, that’s why we compiled excellent Bloxburg pool ideas to spark your motivation.

Check them out below!

1. Melendezz’s Backyard Pool

This pool backyard is an attempt to provide an elegant atmosphere for your pool by simply utilizing a combination of colors: gray, black, and white.

The swimming pool is built on the edge of the backyard leaving a spacious area for sun loungers, lamp posts, and chairs and tables for your tea party.

2. Robuilds’ Rock Pool Slide With Hot tub

The pool area is composed of a waterfall and slide using a rock formation attached to the edge of the pool.

The structures use different sizes and shapes of rocks, an ultimate example of proper item utilization.

3. FroggyHopz’s Tropical Oasis Backyard

This tropical oasis features a customized curved pool with other outdoor components such as a bar area, fire pit, hot tub, waterfall, and waterslide.

You can go all out in decorating and placing plants in the area to make the place alive.

4. Mikandra’s No Game Pass Backyard Pool

Even without the advantage of a game pass, you can still create a pool that no one can overlook. Mikandra’s indoor pool idea is a combination of simplicity and creativity.

The monochromatic feature of the pool brings out the elegance of the place paired with indoor plants to keep the liveliness of the area.

5. BullBlox’s Sunken Pool Bar

This design is originally a backyard aesthetic with an elegant-looking pool bar.

The sunken pool bar in the center of the pool has two sofas facing each other and a pair of center tables.

The combination of colors and structure of the design creates an island-like visual.

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Are you ready to host your Bloxburg pool party?

With these excellent Bloxburg pool ideas as inspiration and these tips to guide you, we are certain that you can create your very own pool design that will make anybody jump right in.

If you’re looking for more design ideas, layouts, builds, and everything in between, check out our Bloxburg section.

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