Aesthetic 2-Story Bloxburg House Layouts: Modern Design Ideas

Are you searching for 2-story Bloxburg house layouts to inspire your next house? Keep reading, and let’s create that aesthetic second floor!

2-story houses are rarer in Bloxburg than you think. After all, you need the Multiple Stories game pass to make one. That’s why learning how to build a home with a second floor is something that would help you stand out in this virtual city.

bloxburg house layout 2 story aesthetic

With a 2-story layout, you can efficiently use your plot space both in real life and in Bloxburg, where plots are pretty expensive and limited.

2-story houses also provide additional square footage compared to single-story options, allowing you to create more rooms and amenities.

This extra space gives you more freedom for greater creativity and customization.

In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable tips, tricks, and guidelines to help you design a beautiful and functional 2-story Bloxburg house with an aesthetic design.

How to Make an Aesthetic 2-Story Bloxburg House

Creating the perfect 2-story house in Bloxburg is building an abode that gives you satisfaction and happiness and makes you always want to come home.

Everyone has different visions and tastes, so it’s up to you to find the house design that warms your heart.

But sometimes, it can be hard to come up with your own design, let alone start building, especially if you are a new builder.

To help you in your building journey, here are a few guidelines to remember in designing your aesthetic 2-story Bloxburg house:

1. Buy Multiple Floors Game Pass

bloxburg house layout 2 story aesthetic - Buy Multiple Floors Game Pass

This is the reason why not all players can build their dream 2-story house in Bloxburg, as the game now requires players to purchase the Multiple Floors Game Pass to add more floors to their 1-story house.

This game pass costs Robux 2019 Logo Black 300 and can be purchased by going to the Bloxburg Store.

You’ll also need a significant amount of money to construct a 2-story house. With more rooms and a bigger space, naturally, it will require more resources and materials.

So get ready to grind and earn money through jobs and other in-game activities.

2. Layout and Design

bloxburg house layout 2 story aesthetic - Layout and Design

Making a 2-story house requires more planning than a simple 1-story cottage. You need to consider both floors and make sure that they are harmoniously designed and the layout makes sense.

The first floor should have the living room, kitchen, dining area, bathroom, and optional rooms. You can place a bedroom here if you desire as well.

For the second story of your home, you should focus more on comfort. This is the most ideal place for bedrooms. You can also place additional bathrooms on the second floor if needed.

It’s convenient to have a bathroom near the bedrooms.

bloxburg house layout 2 story aesthetic - bedrooms

For the rest of the space, it’s really up to your personality and needs and how you can make it aesthetic.

You can create a dedicated space for entertainment or gaming. This room can include a pool table, video game consoles, or other entertainment options.

You can also set up a study or office on the second floor. This can be a quiet workspace for studying or working.

Adding a walk-in closet to one of the bedrooms or as a separate space on the second floor is a luxurious option for storage and dressing that really elevates your house’s aesthetics.

Before building the house, it’s best to start with your floor plan.

3. Exterior

bloxburg house layout 2 story aesthetic - exterior

Your house’s exterior is the first thing that people see, so you must pay attention to its design.

Experienced builders and creative designers are well-versed in making unique shapes for their first and second stories. But as a beginner, you can start with the same wall shapes for both floors.

You can also experiment with various roof designs to match your house’s aesthetic. Gabled, flat, or even sloped roofs can add character. 

The colors and materials of your house’s exterior should also be complimentary to give your house an eye-pleasing appearance.

Try to use colors that are darker than the interior for the exterior of your house.

4. Interior Design and Decorations

bloxburg house layout 2 story aesthetic - Interior Design and Decorations

This is where you can really play around with things and let your personality shine.

The color scheme of your interior should reflect your vibes as a person. So play around with the materials and colors as much as you want, but make sure they’re still complimentary.

Use light and pastel colors for an aesthetic design. Avoid hues that are too bright or eye-straining.

Whether you want a modern, blush, or rustic look, your decor and furniture play a huge role.

Plants are essential for an aesthetic design. The greenery really makes your house more refreshing and alive.

Attention to detail is necessary when adding the final touches of decorations and furniture to your house.

Place your furniture thoughtfully and add paintings, posters, or framed photos to personalize your space.

5 Aesthetic 2-Story Bloxburg House Layouts

Let’s be honest; not all of us are top-tier designers, and it can be a struggle to come up with a design on your own.

That’s why inspiration is one of the main ingredients in making a beautiful 2-story house.

These are 5 intricately selected 2-story Bloxburg house layouts with aesthetic designs to inspire you to build your own abode.

1. 5×5 2-Story Aesthetic House

Let’s start off our list with a simple and very beginner-friendly build. This is also perfect for those who have a smaller budget or just want a tiny 2-story house.

It uses bricks and medium brown as the main color and material for an aesthetic contemporary style exterior.

It also has a pretty balcony and makes good use of its minimal space to provide the necessary amenities with room to spare.

2. 2-Story Modern House

This next 2-story  modern house idea is one of the most popular designs nowadays. This modern and stylish look can be achieved with only a 30k budget, plus you don’t need the Advanced Placement game pass.

It features dark and deep colors to achieve that rustic yet modern look. But what makes it really stand out is the garden on the balcony.

3. Traditional 2-Story Realistic Summer Farmhouse

If you’re looking for a bigger project, you’ll feel insurmountable satisfaction when you finish this amazing 2-story farmhouse.

This build is for the more serious Roblox builders, as it requires a few game passes to replicate.

It’s quite large with 3 bedrooms, perfect for roleplaying as a family. Curxed was also generous enough to provide us with the decal codes used in this build.

4. Mansion Modern Minimalist

If you’re looking for an aesthetic 2-story mansion, this minimalist home is perfect for you. Don’t be intimidated by its size because it doesn’t require a Large Plot.

The interior is super cozy and elegant, thanks to its aesthetic lighting. Imagine living in this luxurious mansion on a cold winter day while drinking hot coffee on the couch. 

5. Aesthetic Minimal Family Home

If you want a 2-story house that is created with utmost attention to detail, this aesthetic house is for you.

Though it has a minimal design, every nook and cranny of this wonderful abode is intricately crafted.

Besides the mesmerizing interior design, the exterior of this home is a dream. The garden is the exact definition of verdant.

Plus, it has its own pool and outdoor hangout area.

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Are you filled with inspiration yet? With these tips and aesthetic 2-story house ideas, your dream home is now within sight.

Feel free to imitate these designs, but remember to add your precious personal touches.

If you are still up for more ideas in creating your Bloxburg house or have any questions in mind, let us know in the comment section!

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