How to Get Pole V1 and V2 in Blox Fruits

Wondering how to get Pole in Blox Fruits? Get your hands on this deadly item with the help of our guide.

The Pole is one of the hardest weapons to obtain in the First Sea. Due to its difficulty and drop chance, the pole is considered a Legendary weapon.

how to get Pole in Blox Fruits

It is inspired by the Golden Staff of Enel in One Piece, which he uses on opponents he considers unworthy of killing with his electric powers.

The Pole V1 can also be upgraded to Pole V2, a sword that’s considered one of the best weapons in the game.

So, if you want to learn how to get the Pole in Blox Fruits, you’re in the right place. 

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How to Get Pole V1 in Blox Fruits

How to Get Pole V1 in Blox Fruits

The first form or V1 of Pole can be obtained in the First Sea by defeating the NPC Boss Thunder God.

This boss is Level 575 and he spawns every 10-15 minutes. He can be found on the Upper Skylands in an Open Area beyond the large temple where the Royal Soldiers are.

If you are Level 700 or below, his attacks will hit like lighting and can even one-shot you. He uses Rumble V1, Tomoe Ring, and Pole (1st form).

He has a short charge before his abilities. So try to keep your distance and spam long-ranged attacks and time your dodges accordingly.

However, killing him won’t guarantee you the weapon, as Pole V1 only has a 5% drop chance, making it pretty hard to obtain.

If you’re lucky, you might get it on the first few tries. If not, you might need to kill Thunder God at least 20 times to get the Pole V1.

To make things quicker, you can just server hop and kill the boss as many times as needed.

How to Get Pole V2 in Blox Fruits?

How to Get Pole V2 in Blox Fruits?
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Pole V2 (Pole 2nd Form) is one of the most potent weapons in the entire game. It can stun your enemies, break through Instinct, and even work against Rubber Fruit users.

But acquiring it can be quite a challenge. Here are the steps you need to take to upgrade your Pole V1 to Pole V2. 

Step 1: Gain 150 Mastery on Pole V1

Step 1: Gain 150 Mastery on Pole V1

Now that you have obtained the Pole V1, it’s time to put it to use. To gain mastery levels on it, you need to last hit opponents with the Pole.

Check out these 3 methods that will help raise your mastery in Blox Fruits fast. Not only is this step a prerequisite for getting the  Pole V2, but you’ll also unlock the two skills of the V1 in the process.

Step 2: Get a Rumble Fruit

Step 2: Get a Rumble Fruit

This is the same fruit that the Thunder God NPC uses and he requires you to have mastered it before he will sell you the Pole V2.

You can get a Rumble Blox Fruit through various means. It can be bought for $2,100,000 or  2,100 Robux from the Blox Fruit Dealer if it’s in stock.

You can also trade for it in the Café in the Second Sea or the Mansion in the Third Sea, or attempt to get one through the Blox Fruit Gacha.

If you’re lucky, you might even have a friend or another player who can give it to you.

The Rumble Fruit is a Legendary fruit and can be hard to obtain, but it’s pretty doable. 

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Step 3: Awaken Your Rumble Fruit

Step 3: Awaken Your Rumble Fruit

To be able to purchase the Pole V2 from the Thunder God, you need to unlock and awaken all the Rumble Fruit’s moves. This requires you to grind up to Mastery Level 250.

Rumble is an elemental fruit that grants you immunity to weaker enemies’ attacks, so this shouldn’t be too hard. But you can also server-hop for bosses such as Cake Queen to gain mastery fast.

Unlocking all its awakened moves will cost you 14,500 Fragments. You also need to complete 5 Rumble Raids.

The raids get harder as you progress so make sure you rally a strong team to make this challenge easier.

Step 4: Talk to the Thunder God

Step 4: Talk to the Thunder God

Now that you have a fully awakened Rumble Fruit, you only have one last hindrance in getting the Pole V2.

But before you proceed, make sure you have 5000 Fragments to pay for the Pole V2.

After you complete your 6th Rumble Raid with the fully awakened Rumble Fruit equipped, you will be teleported to an island in the sky with the Thunder God waiting for you.

Talk to him and he will offer to sell you the Pole v2.

Pole V2 in Blox Fruits: FAQs

What is the drop rate of Pole V1?

The Pole V1 can be obtained by defeating the Thunder God NPC and it has a drop rate of 5%. This means you can expect to get the Pole V1 at around 20 times of fighting and slaying this boss.

Is the Pole V2 good?

Yes. The Pole V2 is the upgraded version of the Pole and it’s currently one of the best swords in the game. It offers decent damage and the stun is great.

You can pull opponents and start your combos with the Pole V2 and land your attacks more easily. 

You can break Instinct with it and also damage Rubber Fruit users. While it’s costly and hard to obtain, it is definitely worth it.

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Now you know how to get Pole V1 and V2 in Blox Fruits. Obtaining this Legendary sword can be a long and tiring grind.

But trust us, all of your efforts won’t go to waste once you get your hands on the power of the gods.

Thunder and lightning are a pretty cool power to have both in Blox Fruits and in One Piece, so you must be worthy if you want to wield it. So get out there and prove yourself, voyager!

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