6 Best Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft

Mining is the game’s name, so you should only use the best pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft.

Minecraft is filled with all kinds of resources waiting to be mined. Whether you’re just surviving your first night by digging a dirt house or in the depths of the Overworld looking for precious diamonds, mining will be one of your main tasks in the game.

Best Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft

Even a beginner wouldn’t take long to realize that fast and efficient mining is key to thriving in Minecraft’s rich and abundant yet challenging world.

That’s why for this article, we’re going to list the best pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft so that you can equip them to what would be your most used tool throughout your adventures.

Best Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft

Best Pickaxe Enchantments in Minecraft [2023]

1. Efficiency

Efficiency is one of the most essential enchantments for pickaxe because it significantly increases your mining speed.

It allows you to break blocks faster than an unenchanted pickaxe, which can be handy when doing tasks like digging tunnels, mining for resources, or clearing out large areas. 

1. Efficiency
Credits: YouTube/ZappyBoy

Tools can get up to Efficiency Level 5 using an enchanting table, except for Stone and Diamond tools. A Stone or Diamond Pickaxe can get Efficiency V by combining two Efficiency IV Pickaxes of the same kind on an Anvil.

If you don’t have this enchantment on your Pickaxe, you’ll likely waste a ton of time and energy.

2. Fortune

Fortune is an enchantment that lets you get more stuff with less work. It increases the drop rate of valuable resources, like diamonds, emeralds, and lapis lazuli, when you mine them from blocks.

2. Fortune
Credits: Sportskeeda

The higher the Fortune level on your pickaxe, the more of these valuable items you’ll get from a single block.

This can drastically increase your resource yield, making collecting rare and precious materials easier.

3. Silk Touch

Silk Touch is an enchantment for mining blocks without breaking them so you can collect them in their original form.

3. Silk Touch
Credits: Diamond Lobby

This is incredibly useful when you want to preserve ores like diamonds and emeralds in their block forms for later use. It can also help you save space on your Inventory while you are on a mining expedition.

You can use Silk Touch to collect grass blocks, obtaining ores that drop experience when smelted, like Redstone Ore, and more.

4. Mending

Mending is one of the most used enchantments in the game for any tool, but it is more essential for a Pickaxe since this tool is continuously used to mine harder objects.

Mending allows your pickaxe to repair itself using experience orbs that you collect while playing the game.

4. Mending
Credits: That Video Game Blog

This means that when you gain XP, it automatically replenishes the durability of the Mending-enchanted item.

Mending essentially gives your pickaxe nearly infinite durability as long as you continue gaining XP.

5. Unbreaking

When you obtain a Diamond or Netherite Pickaxe, it’s essential to preserve it since they are very hard to obtain.

With this enchantment, your pickaxe is less likely to take damage with each use.

5. Unbreaking
Credits: BeeBom

A pickaxe with Unbreaking lasts longer, which means fewer trips to mend or repair it or create a new one.

If you can obtain both, it’s best to pair it with Mending on your favorite Pickaxe.

6. Curse of Vanishing

This last enchantment is very situational as it is a double-edged sword.

Applying the Curse of Vanishing to your pickaxe means that the item will disappear when you die. This means that when you meet an unexpected death, your pickaxe won’t drop as loot for other players or mobs to pick up.

6. Curse of Vanishing
Credits: Gamepur

This can be helpful if you want to keep your valuable pickaxe from falling into the wrong hands. 

However, as a side effect you won’t be able to retrieve the vital tool as it is lost permanently upon death.

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Now you know the best pickaxe enchantments in Minecraft. It’s time to get those enchanting table and enchanted book ready.

Equip them to your favorite Pickaxe and see your mining speed increase manifold.

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