10 Best Armor Enchantments in Minecraft: Block and Defend

Looking for the best armor enchantments in Minecraft? Here are the defensive buffs that should be in your arsenal.

Minecraft is a vast open world that offers players a wide array of tools, equipment, and enchantments they can use in order to survive. One of the most crucial enchantments that a player must have is armor.

Not only does it protect you and reduce the damage you take in general, but some enchantments also help you be more resistant to specific damage types depending on what the situation requires.

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There are tons of enchantments in Minecraft, and each of them has its own uses. But which of them are considered the most useful or the best in general? Here are the best armor enchantments in Minecraft and their uses.

The Best Armor Enchantments in Minecraft

best armor enchantments in Minecraft
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1. Protection

This enchantment boosts the protection of your basic armor, and it reduces the amount of damage you take from attacks.

It is especially useful against players and mobs with high attack damage. Making it a no-brainer that Protection is one of the most useful enchantments in general.

2. Unbreaking

One of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft that exponentially increases the durability of your equipment and leads to a longer-lasting defense that can withstand a lot of hits.

You can also use this enchantment on your other items besides your armor to make them more durable. There are different ways to obtain unbreaking, and the popular way is using the Enchanting table.

3. Protection IV

It’s highly recommended to use protection IV as this can greatly decrease the amount of damage you receive by about 16%. Protection IV is believed to be the most amazing enchantment in Minecraft. 

4. Mending

Using this enchantment allows you to fix or repair your equipment using XP orbs. . So if you find an XP farm, you can easily repair all your gear and make them good as new.

5. Feather Falling

Putting one of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft, Feather Falling, on your boots will reduce fall damage by 48%.

Combine this with Protection, and you can lessen fall damage by up to 80%. Minecraft is a game where you will be falling a lot of times, so Feather Falling will definitely come in handy.

6. Fire Protection

As the name suggests, this enchantment protects you from fire damage. It is especially useful in survival mode, where players may come across lava or other sources of fire.

7. Blast Protection

Similar to fire protection, this enchantment protects you from explosion damage. This is especially useful for players who enjoy using TNT or who may come across unexpected explosions in their travels.

8. Aqua Affinity

Putting aqua affinity enchantment on your helmet will give you a huge advantage underwater. This enchantment increases the speed at which players can mine blocks underwater, making the experience almost similar to mining on land.

It is especially useful for players who enjoy exploring the ocean and want to mine its resources more efficiently. A player can obtain aqua affinity using enchanting table.

9. Thorns

If you want to make your crazy strong defense more useful and turn it into some kind of offensive power, then the Thorns enchantment is the way to go.

This enchantment can be equipped on any armor and will deal damage to anyone who attacks the wearer.

10. Respiration

Last but not least, we have one of the best armor enchantments in Minecraft that is extremely useful underwater.

Respiration, when equipped on your helmet, will allow you to breathe longer underwater. Pair this with Aqua affinity, and you can become the king of the seas.

How to get the best armor enchantments in Minecraft?

best armor enchantments in Minecraft
Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m0qJ0-B5So

You can get these enchantments using a variety of methods. But the most convenient way of obtaining them is through Villager Trading. By manipulating villager trades, you can easily select the best enchantments for you.

What is the coolest armor in Minecraft?

It depends on your tastes and needs. Some players may say that the Diamond Armor, which offers the highest level of protection and durability in the game, is the coolest. Others may prefer the appearance of gold or iron armor or the special abilities provided by Netherite armor.

However, we all know that when you pair your favorite armor with the best armor enchantments in Minecraft, that would be the best armor for you.

What is the rarest armor in Minecraft?

The rarest armor in Minecraft would be the “Dragon” armor. This armor set can only be obtained by defeating the Ender Dragon, which is the final boss of the game. When the Ender Dragon is defeated, it will drop a Dragon Egg, which can be used to obtain dragon armor and dragon heads.

What is the oldest armor in Minecraft?

The oldest armor in Minecraft is Leather armor. Leather armor has been present in Minecraft since the game’s first release in 2011. Leather armor was the first type of armor to be introduced in the game

It is the least durable armor but also one of the easiest to obtain. You can get this armor from cows and horses and craft it with little resources.


As you can see, many of the listed armor enchantments above can be applied using the Enchanting table. You can choose and pick which enhancements to put on a piece of armor in the game.

Going into a journey unprepared is a sure way to fail. But with the best armor enchantments in Minecraft, your chances of success are increased manifold.

Make sure you get them and use them properly so that you’ll be more confident that you can return to your base alive and progress through your journey while being almost unkillable.

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