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Tower Heroes Codes (October 2022) – Free Coins, Skins, and Stickers

Tower Heroes is a Roblox tower defense game where you use Unique Heroes to battle against waves of enemies across a variety of maps, and each of those has unique bosses. These Tower Heroes Codes can be used to get free coins, skins, and stickers that you can use to have a better experience in the game.

Besides the usual tower defense, you also need to level up your account, and by doing this, you will be able to unlock unique bosses on certain maps while beating each difficulty of the boss will give you special rewards that can help you big time in the game. You can also fight with other players in PVP to test your skills. Tower Heroes has a lot of unique features and content, so you won’t find any reason to stop playing.

There are also quests that you can do weekly to win some coins. These challenges are single-player and can also drop some unique rewards. But if you don’t have time for doing these quests, then you can just use these latest Tower Heroes Codes that we’ve listed so you can get rewards.

Latest Tower Heroes Codes

  • RDC2022SPIN – free stickers
  • KARTKIDPLUSH – free Kart Kid plush sticker
  • pizzatime – skin and sticker
  • FRANKBDAY – Frank bday skin
  • Easter2022 – maoi sticker
  • TEAMUP – team up sticker
  • Encore – stickers and characters
  • crispytyph – free typh hazel stickers
  • SPOOKTACULAR – free bat boy skin and smiley face sticker
  • ENEMYPETS – free spider stickers
  • PVPUPDATE – free modifier
  • ODDPORT – free skin and stickers
  • THSTICKER – free stickers
  • 2020VISION – free streamer skin
  • CubeCavern – free Wiz SCC skin
  • HEROESXBOX – free Xbox skin
  • PixelBit – 20 coins

How to Activate Tower Heroes Codes

Tower Heroes Codes

To redeem Tower Heroes Odes, you need to open the game and click the Roblox icon on the left side of the screen. Copy and Paste the code that you wanted in the text box and press redeem.

Tower Heroes Codes That Are Currently NOT Working

  • Valentine2022
  • 4JULY2021
  • lunar2021
  • happy2021
  • xmas2020
  • 100MIL
  • TreeBranch
  • PoisonShroom
  • halloween2020
  • thxgiving
  • CartoonyWizard
  • FastFood
  • Karts&Chaos
  • July42020
  • DevHiloh
  • 1MIL


What’s good about Tower Heroes is that it has two different game modes that you can choose from so it will not feel repetitive. You can play Challenge Mode wherein it has maps that have unique enemies and bosses and you earn special rewards while you beat them. Then there’s the casual mode that has the same features as Challenge but has no special rewards.

While there is a lot of ways for you to get rewards in the game, you can’t deny the fact that these latest Tower Heroes Codes are a big help especially to those newcomers in the game. By using these codes, you can easily get those sought-out rewards without having to waste a lot of time.


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