Heroes Legacy Codes (October 2023) – Free Spins and Cash

Are you tired of being the stereotypical hero in a game and being the villain that you always want to be for fun? In Heroes Legacy, you can either be a Superhero or a Villain, and you can even enjoy more both of those paths by using these exclusive Heroes Legacy Codes that provide free spins and cash.

The game requires grinding, as you will start at level 1, and you need to become stronger to defeat obstacles and levels along the way.

Heroes Legacy Codes

Having the best Quirks and weapons is very important if you want to defeat bosses and other players along the way.

Besides the obvious grinding, redeeming these Heroes Legacy Codes is one of the other convenient ways of getting those advantages.

Heroes Legacy Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are redeemable and working:

  • torchbros—Redeem for 8 Uncommon spins
  • MERRYCHRISTMAS—Redeem for 5 Rare spins
  • LEGACYFAMILY—Redeem for 8K Seconds of 2x XP

Expired Codes

These codes are no longer working:

  • Artist3.0—Earn 4 Rare spins
  • JovahnDad—Earn three Rare spins
  • ZenoBad—Earn 2 hours of x2 Experience
  • 80K!—Earn 2 hours of x2 money 
  • DessiLegacy—Earn 5,000 cash
  • thank_you!!—Earn cash
  • 750PLAYERS!—Earn cash
  • paradiser—Earn cash
  • goketsu—Earn cash
  • bangthefighter—Earn cash
  • 20KLIKES—Earn 2000,000 cash
  • 18KLikes—Earn 200,000 cash
  • Absolut3R!ghtful—Earn 100,000 cash
  • 16KLikes—Earn 100,000 cash
  • Boros—Earn 100,000 cash
  • Aliens—Earn 100,000 cash
  • LegendsNeverdie—Earn 10,000 cash
  • RIPKobe—Earn 10,000 cash
  • 13000LIKES—Earn 200,000 cash
  • Ty16M!—Earn2 Rare spins
  • NomuVsAllMight!—Earn5 Rare Spins
  • S0RRY!—Earn1800 seconds of 2x experience
  • NoclypsoDOFA—Earn2 Rare Spins
  • DessiAFO—Earn2 Spins
  • 15KTHANKS!—Earn 3600 seconds of 2x Experience
  • eXpBooStLoL—Earn 1800 seconds of 2x Experience
  • StatRefund—Earn Stat reset
  • Sub2Dessi—Earn 10 Common spins
  • 1KSUBS!—Earn 3 Uncommon spins
  • 100KFAVS!—Earn 3 Uncommon spins
  • 10THOUSANDLIKES—Earn spins
  • DEEPSEAKINGSEAWATER—Earn 100,000 cash
  • RIPSpins—Earn 200,000 cash
  • Zeke_y—Earn 200,000 cash
  • LeePungg—Earn 200,000 cash
  • BrokenClass—Earn 5 spins
  • 12000LIKES—Earn 5 spins
  • 10000LIKES—Earn 5 spins
  • 9000LIKES—Earn 5 spins

How to Activate Heroes Legacy Codes

Heroes Legacy Codes

Follow the steps to activate and redeem Heroes Legacy Codes;

  • Step 1: Open the game.
  • Step 2: Find the settings button on the left side of the screen.
  • Step 3: Copy the code on the textbox and press redeem to get your rewards.

Note: A notification will appear saying it is successful or if the code is now expired.

More codes to check:


Though the game is still under development, many Roblox players are giving an interest to it because of its huge potential.

It has a Battle and Class System and allows players to create their own characters and avatars giving them making the game flexible.

For more codes for your favorite Roblox games, see Roblox Game Codes Compilation section.

Heroes Legacy gives you so much freedom and regardless of what you choose, being a hero or a villain, it is imperative that you have the best abilities and moves, and these Hero Legacy Codes can help you big time with that.

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