Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform in 2023? Exploring Multiplayer Possibilities

Are you ready to set forth on a new dungeon adventure? Is Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform? Let’s find out.

Minecraft Dungeons retains the block environment of its predecessor, Minecraft. The unique thing is it’s packed with intense action and embedded with amazing plots.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-platform

Having an RPG atmosphere, it features a fast-paced battle against the hordes of enemies and, leveling up characters, skills, equipment, and exploring different map expansions.

The good thing is that this game puts emphasis on multiplayer mode. Hence, it brings us to a question: Is Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform?

Cross-platform play is a vital feature for online gamers. If you want to learn more about this feature, you can read our article, What Is Cross-Platform in Gaming?

Having said that, let’s delve into the world of Minecraft Dungeons.

A Quick Intro to Minecraft Dungeons

The next phase of Minecraft history is told in the action-RPG (ARPG) Minecraft Dungeons, which supports cooperative play for up to four players.

Minecraft Dungeons is the newest title from Mojang Studios, built on the peak of the Unreal Engine and created in collaboration with Double Eleven with a little more detail.

Minecraft Dungeons

In contrast to the very first Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons does feature a plot, although it is not at all the game’s main focus.

Instead, Minecraft Dungeons concentrates on the gameplay loop, wherein gamers replay randomly achieved stages to level up, find new equipment, uncover mysteries, and unlock harder difficulty tiers to repeat the process again.

The Arch-Illager, a former villager who was despised by his own kind until he was compelled to leave his dwelling and the villages, is the game’s primary antagonist.

Arch-Illager discovers the Orb of Dominance, which gives him incredible power while traveling. He starts to ransack communities and capture innocents, exploiting them as slaves using his powers.

In your quest to eventually engage Arch-Illager in combat and vanquish him, it is up to you, the hero, to methodically destroy the bad guy’s operations.

Because of this, each level has a distinct goal to achieve, and the missions’ well-done cinematic cutscenes help tie everything together.

It’s a really amazing, basic plot the first time around, but beyond the initial playthrough, you’ll definitely wind up disregarding the story entirely and skipping these cutscenes.

Can you stop Arch-Illager from his evil plans?

Playing Minecraft Dungeons With Friends

Minecraft Dungeons With Friends

Unlike Minecraft, whose focal point is single-player and creativity, Minecraft Dungeons is an online game that requires teamwork to brave the dungeons together.

Coordination and cooperation are ways to conquer adventures successfully.

The following platforms support Minecraft Dungeons:

  • PS4/5
  • Xbox
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch

Can’t wait to set out on a quest through the underground? But first, is Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform?

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-platform?

Yes. Minecraft Dungeons does have cross-platform play.

Simply put, you may play with your buddies on any platform, and a party can include Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC gamers. 

This means that you can enjoy online multiplayer and online co-op with your friends regardless of your platform of choice.

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Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform Between Xbox One and PS4?

Yes. Cross-platform multiplayer works well on both PS4 and Xbox One.

This shows that players on these consoles can collaborate to play Minecraft Dungeons.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform Between Xbox One and PC?

Yep, Minecraft Dungeons has cross-platform multiplayer between these two systems.

It implies that if you play this game on a PC, you can team up with someone who plays it on an Xbox One.

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Platform Between Xbox One and Nintendo Switch?

Yes. The game’s releases for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One feature cross-platform support.

The game itself is cross-platform, so you won’t feel left out even if you don’t use the same gaming platform as your friends.

How to Enable Crossplay in Minecraft Dungeons?

Enabling crossplay in Minecraft Dungeons is super easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch Minecraft Dungeons.
  2. Go to the Game Settings menu.
  3. Navigate to “Configure Online Play.”
  4. Enable the option.

Now you’re all set and ready to crossplay with friends!

Is Minecraft Dungeons Cross-Progression?

Yes, cross-progression is supported by Minecraft Dungeons.

Consequently, you won’t lose any progress if you switch between systems. An Xbox or PlayStation can be used to load a file that was stored on a PC, for example.


Just as expected from one of the best video game franchises on the planet.

Minecraft Dungeons’ cross-platform support allows gamers to be unbound to their device alone and delivers the same creative adventure the original Minecraft has to offer.

But you and your friends are in for a real quest this time!

What about your favorite game? Is it cross-platform just yet?

You can always check our cross-platform section to find out. Comment down below what game you would like us to cover next.

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