Is Madden 22 Cross Platform in 2023? CrossPlay Guide for PC and Console Players

Is Madden 22 Cross Platform? Let’s find out. Nothing is better than streaming the football game with all your friends and buddies. Well, except for playing Madden 2023 and immersing yourself in the thrill of the game.

With football having over 3.5 Billion fans worldwide, it’s no surprise that this video game would be infamous.

Madden 22 is an American Football video game that is based on NFL or the National Football League. It’s like the NBA 2K, but for football.

You can basically control “real NFL players” and play through the season or compete against other players online.

The game can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, and PC.

Madden NFL 22 Quick Introduction

On August 17th, 2021, the latest installment of the well-known American football video game series Madden NFL 22 was made available for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

There are three versions of it, including one that is free and only accessible by payment or digital download from the EA Games website.

Madden NFL 22 is the most recent game in a long series that dates back to 1988 and is still being played by gamers today across North America.

One of the most popular games to date, more than 90 million copies have already been sold globally!

The Standard Edition, which has every facet of gameplay fully unlocked from beginning to end, is always available for individuals who don’t want or need any extra content.

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Better To Play With Friends

Watching the game alone is good, but it’s always better with friends. The same goes for Madden 22.

Is Madden 22 Cross Platform

Being able to play as your favorite NFL superstar and clashing with your friends is best. Though Madden 22 has a great multiplayer system, does it support cross-platform play?

For instance, if you have a PS4, can you play with friends who are on the Xbox?

Is Madden 22 Cross Platform? Guide for PC and Console Players

Let’s find out if Madden 22 is cross-platform in 2023, read on.

Is Madden 22 Cross-Platform with PS4 and PS5?

Yes. PS4 players and PS5 players must celebrate because Madden 22 supports cross-platform in Sony’s top-of-the-line consoles. 

This Cross-platform support is clearly good news for all PS5 players. You may play Madden 22 with PS4 owners and vice versa.

This means that if your friend has one, you won’t lose any progress, so get ready to build some seriously remarkable stats or defeat other teams in multiplayer mode.

Is Madden 22 Cross-Platform with PS4 and Xbox?

No. Sadly, Madden 22 doesn’t support cross-platform between Xbox and PlayStation. So players with these devices can’t play with each other.

Sony has wanted to introduce this feature to more games, but there is no official for Madden 22 just yet. 

Is Madden 22 Cross-Platform with Xbox One and Series X?

Yes. You’ll be glad to know that EA decided to continue what they started with Madden 20, as Madden 22 supports cross-platform between Xbox One and Series X/S.

The game comes with the same features and gameplay as all the Xbox consoles, but the Series X/S offers better graphical fidelity and enhancements to improve immersion. 

Is Madden 22 Cross-Platform on PS4 and PC?

No. Madden 22 doesn’t support cross-platform with PS4 and PC. In this case, players can only play with others who are on the same platform as them.

Players on Microsoft Windows can only play with PC owners, and those on the Playstation console are limited to those on the PS4 and PS5.


Now, is Madden 22 Cross platform? Not at all. Madden 22 offers cross-platform play only on select consoles and devices.

It’s not clear whether cross-play will become commonplace in gaming in the future. Many developers choose to make their games playable only on one particular console.

EA Sports has traditionally lacked support for cross-platform and might limit the number of players from each console who sign up for MCS if they become available across different consoles.

Hopefully, EA Sports will find a way to answer their customer’s gaming requests.

Let’s hope, someday at least, we can enjoy playing against our friends no matter what system(s) we use!

Other than that, the competition still leaves players wanting more cross-platform support. Let’s hope to see more of that in the future.

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