How To Get Beeswax In Minecraft -Complete Guide for Beginners

Do you want to learn how to get Beeswax in Minecraft? This article is everything you need.

Minecraft has been around for quite some time, but they always manage to keep things fresh and exciting with every update containing new additions. One of them is bees which were added in version 1.14 and 1.15 in the bedrock edition.

One of the things that bees can offer players is Beeswax. It is a valuable material used in various crafting recipes. However, obtaining beeswax can be a bit tricky for those who are new to the game or unfamiliar with the mechanics of beekeeping.

In this article, we will explore how to get beeswax in Minecraft. So, grab your tools, and let’s get started on the journey to acquiring Beeswax.

What is Beeswax in Minecraft?

What is Beeswax in Minecraft

Beeswax is another term for Honeycomb. It is a material that can be obtained from a honey level 5 bee nest or bee hive. Beeswax, also known as Honeycomb, is different from Honeycomb Block.

Beeswax or Honeycomb is used to craft Beehives, Candles, and Honeycomb Blocks. It can also be used to wax copper blocks and stop their oxidation. This is great for players who want a specific color of copper for their buildings.

Its uses make Beeswax a great find for any player. It can be harvested from both naturally-spawned and manmade beehives. You can harvest honeycomb directly from bee nests, but it will cause agitate the bees, and they will attack you.

Beeswax can be hard to find, hard to harvest, and complex to farm. That’s why a lot of players are asking how to get beeswax in Minecraft. 

How to Get Beeswax in Minecraft

How To Get Beeswax In Minecraft

Step 1: Find a Bee Hive

First, you have to look for bee nests. They are quite rare, but they usually grow in grassy areas with a lot of trees.

  • Plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)
  • Sunflower plains (5% chance in both Java and Bedrock editions)
  • Flower forest (2% chance in Java, 3% in Bedrock)
  • Forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Wooded hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Tall birch forest (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Birch forest hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)
  • Tall birch hills (.2% in Java, .035% in Bedrock)

Make sure you keep an eye out for bees because seeing one means that there is a natural bee nest nearby. It’s hard to miss them since they are abnormally bigger than real-life bees.

Once you find one,  check if there’s honey inside.

Step 2: Light a Campfire 

Light a Campfire 

This step is very important if you don’t want to be riddled with bee stingers. Lighting a campfire directly below bee nests will pacify the bees and will stop them from attacking you.

A Campfire can be made by combining sticks and charcoal on a crafting table.

Step 3: Harvest the Beeswax

Take out your shears and use them on the Beehive, and it will drop 3 honeycombs. Now you have your Beeswax! 

To make shears in Minecraft, simply open your crafting table and place an iron ingot in the middle box of the first row. Then, place another iron ingot in the top box of the second row. Drag the shears into your inventory, and there you have it.

FAQs on How to Get Beeswax in Minecraft

How to move Beehives in Minecraft?

But it can be tiring to have to go back and forth to the natural bee nest every time you need honey. That’s why you can start a Beeswax/Honeycomb farm by bringing the entire nest with you.

You can do this by using a silk touch enchanted tool, and the hive will drop as an item. Otherwise, without the enchantment it will only break the bee’s home, and they will attack.

How to know if a Beehive has Honey?

It can easily be determined if you see honey oozing out of the nest. Honey drips like lava, and it can be seen by having a gap below the hive. Using shears on a Beehive with honey will drop 3 honeycombs/beeswax.

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Now you know how to get beeswax in Minecraft. They are indeed rare to find and require a lot of searching and preparation. But that’s what makes it so much sweeter when you finally find it.

Do you want to see more Minecraft guides, tutorials, tips, and tricks? If so, comment down below, and we’ll do our best to answer your queries. Make sure you check out our Minecraft section as well.

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