How to Get All Bloxburg Trophies – A Complete Roblox Guide

Want to expand your priced trophy collection? Learn how to get all Bloxburg trophies with our guide now!

The reason why a simple game like Bloxburg is still adored and loved by many even after almost a decade is the amount of fun things you can do in the game.

how to get all Bloxburg trophies

There is always more to build, something new to try, and another achievement to unlock.

Trophies are special awards given to players who reach a certain skill level, purchase a gamepass, have a long login streak, and reach many other benchmarks in the game.

These trophies are very valuable and earn you lots of bragging rights.

In this article, we’ll be teaching you how to get all Bloxburg trophies and provide you with tips and tricks to get them as fast as possible.

So, let’s dive right in.

How to Get All Bloxburg Trophies 

The following sections will provide you the ways to acquire each trophy available in Bloxburg:

How to Get Skill Trophies in Bloxburg

1. Athletic Trophy

Athletic Trophy Bloxburg

The Athletic Trophy can be obtained by maxing out your Athletic Skill. You can unlock this skill by going to the Bloxburg Gym and lifting weights for free.

Once you reach Levels 7 and 10, you can unlock the Punching Bag and Treadmill and level this up from home.

You can just start punching or running and AFK, and the skill will level up.

It will take a good amount of hours to max out the skill, but make sure you don’t go AFK for over 20 minutes so you don’t get disconnected.

2. Cooking Trophy

Cooking Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy can be obtained by maxing out your Cooking Skill.

It requires a lot of dishes to achieve, but you can do it more quickly by checking out our article on how to max out your cooking skill in Bloxburg.

You can do this through various methods, so pick which one is best for you. First, you can cook the most expensive items at your level as they give you more EXP.

You can also go with Chili, Vegetable Soup, and Beef Stew, as they give tons of cooking exp.

Multitask by filling your ovens while you cook other dishes to make the most of your time and level up this skill quickly.

3. Gaming Trophy

Gaming Trophy Bloxburg

The Gaming Trophy can be obtained by maxing out the Gaming Skill. This one is pretty easy and straightforward and will only take AFK grinding.

You can easily max out your gaming skill by purchasing a computer and playing games on it.

Make sure you don’t pick Watch YouBlock or Watch News, as these won’t level up the skill.

Also, don’t forget to check on the game before 20 minutes pass.

4. Gardening Trophy

Gardening Trophy Bloxburg

The Gardening Trophy is one of the longest-to-obtain skill trophies. You can get it by maxing out your Gardening Skills.

Unfortunately, you can’t AFK with this skill. But on the bright side, leveling it up will give you access to more plants and decorations.

To max it out, fill all available space on your plot with planters and plant the most expensive plants available.

Wait for it to be mature and harvest it for money and plating exp. You can also invest in Fertilizer and Sprinklers using Bloxbucks to make things quicker.

Make sure you check out our article on how to level up Gardening Skill fast in Bloxburg.

5. Intelligence Trophy

Intelligence Trophy Bloxburg

You can get the Intelligence Trophy by maxing out your Intelligence. This can be done by reading books.

We have a super useful trick you can use to max out your Intelligence and Gaming skill at the same time.

Simply place books right next to your computer. Then start playing games on it, and while you’re doing that, click on the books and read.

Your avatar will start doing both at the same time, leveling up both skills simultaneously.

6. Music Trophy

Music Trophy Bloxburg

To obtain the Music Trophy, you need to max out the Music Skill. Simply purchase a Guitar or Piano and play it.

This skill can be leveled up AFK, but make sure you don’t forget about the 20-minute rule.

As you level up your music skill, you also unlock new songs to play.

7. Painting Trophy

Painting Trophy Bloxburg

Max out your Painting Skill level to get this trophy. You can do this by spawning a Painting Stand through Decorations in Build Mode and painting on it.

You can do this AFK, so it’s pretty easy to obtain and only needs your patience.

8. Writing Trophy

Writing Trophy Bloxburg

This is the last skill trophy and can be obtained by maxing out the Writing Skill.

To level up writing, you just need to do the same thing as for gaming but choose to Write a Book instead. Again, this can be done AFK and simultaneously with Intelligence.

How to Get Login Streak and Total Visits Trophies in Bloxburg

1. 7-Day Streak Trophy

7-Day Streak Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy is pretty self-explanatory. To get it, you need to log in for 7 days straight without missing a single day.

A visit is counted when you claim your Daily Rewards. This trophy also comes with $10,000 of in-game cash for free. 

2. 14-Day Streak Trophy

14-Day Streak Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy can be obtained by logging in for 14 days straight and claiming your daily rewards without failing for a single day.

You can get this trophy by logging in for another 7 days straight after the 7-Day Streak Trophy trophy. It will also give you $30,000 in-game money.

3. 30-Day Streak Trophy

30-Day Streak Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy is awarded to players who can log in for 30 days in a row and collect their daily rewards without missing a single day.

Getting this trophy will also give you $75,000 of in-game money. That’s a total of $115,000 for free by just logging in to the game.

4. 30 Visits Trophy

30 Visits Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy can be obtained by logging in for a total of 30 times. This means collecting your Daily Rewards 30 times, and it doesn’t have to be a streak.

Every time you log in counts toward obtaining this trophy. Once you obtain it, you’ll also get 200 Bloxbucks.

5. 100 Visits Trophy

100 Visits Trophy Bloxburg

Obtain this trophy by logging in and collecting your Daily Rewards for a total of 100 times. Doing this will also reward you with 500 Blockbux.

Just like the previous trophy, you don’t need to have 100 visits count as a streak.

6. 365 Visits Trophy

365 Visits Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy is given as an award and commemoration of playing Bloxburg for 365 days or at least 1 year.

This can be obtained by logging in to the game for a total of 365 times, and you don’t need to do it consecutively. It comes with a whopping 2000 Blockbux!

How to Get Other Trophies in Bloxburg

1. Premium Trophy

Premium Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy is given to players who buy the Premium Gamepass.

Premium can be purchased in the Bloxburg Gamepass store for 400 Blockbux, and the trophy is worth $10,000.

If you want to know what Premium does, what benefits it provides, and how to get it, you can check out our article What Does Premium Do in Bloxburg?

2. Giant Seashell Trophy

Giant Seashell Trophy Bloxburg

The Shell Trophy is one of the most iconic trophies because it was such an easter egg the first time it was added to the game.

You can obtain it by going to the beach area around the Bloxburg Cave and finding a seashell.

Simply jump into the water, zoom in to the first-person point of view, and start searching the seafloor for a Seashell.

You’ll usually find it by the Observatory in the water during the night. Once you obtain it, you will get the Giant Seashell Trophy.

3.  Lightning Strike Trophy

Lightning Strike Trophy Bloxburg

The Lightning Strike Trophy is one of the rarest trophies in the game and is even considered a myth by some.

You can only obtain it if you get hit by lighting, which has a very slim chance of happening.

But you can boost your odds by server hopping or changing servers and looking for one that currently has a thunderstorm.

Once you find one, zoom out and look for the places where lighting is hitting frequently. Bring a car with you and rush to any lightning hits you see and get hit on purpose.

This task is no joke, and many people fail to obtain it.

Limited-Time Trophies in Bloxburg

1. 1B Trophy

1B Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy was handed out to all players in commemoration of 1 Billion total game visits. It was given to all players during Version 0.7.7.

Bloxburg was the first Roblox game with paid access to reach 1 Billion visits.

If you bought access to the game after this timeframe, then you won’t be able to get the 1 Billion Visits Trophy anymore.

2. 5B Trophy

5B Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy could only be obtained way back in Version 0.9.9a. It was given as a free award to all players in remembrance of 5 billion total visits.

The 5 Billion Visits Trophy came with 100 free Blockbux. If you haven’t purchased the game on Roblox before the update, then you cannot get this trophy anymore.

3. Bloxburg School Trophy

Bloxburg School Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy has been unobtainable since April 6, 2022. It was only given to players who had successfully finished the test in the limited-time school event.

During the event, the Town Hall was turned into a school where players could go in to take the test.

Once you have successfully completed the test, a notification will appear saying  “New Item Found: Bloxburg School Trophy”.

4. Trophy of Cookie Completion (2020, 2021, 2022)

Trophy of Cookie Completion (2020, 2021, 2022) Bloxburg
Youtube: Saicroya

This set of trophies is given during the annual Bloxburg Elf Hunt held in December.

During this event, players need to look for 16 elves all across Bloxburg and give them a cookie. Doing this will earn them rewards like money and Blockbux.

If a player successfully finds all 16 elves, they will be awarded the Trophy of Cookie Completion.

There are 3 different trophies each year including a silver, gold, and platinum trophy.

The more elves you find on time (on the day they were spawned), the higher the quality of the trophy given to you. These trophies can only be obtained during the Elf Hunt events.

For the locations of the elves this year, check out our article “Bloxburg All Elves Locations In Order”.

5. RB Battles Trophy

RB Battles Trophy Bloxburg

This is a limited edition trophy that was released in Bloxburg in Version 0.11.2a. It was given to players who completed the 2022 RB Battles Maze.

In 2022, its third season was held near the campsite where players need to navigate through a giant town-like maze to win the trophy and some prizes.

RB Battles are held every year. So there’s a chance that you can get a trophy this year.

6. Santa’s Sleigh Trophy

Santa's Sleigh Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy was obtainable during the Christmas season in 2022.

Players are required to find a golden sack from Santa that spawns every few nights in random locations across Bloxburg.

Only the first player who finds it gets a trophy making the Santa’s Sleigh Trophy quite rare.

7. Halloween Haunting Quest Trophy

Halloween Haunting Quest Trophy Bloxburg

This trophy was given to players who completed the Bloxburg Halloween Haunting Quest way back in Version 0.12.0.

The quest included multiple spooky tasks from Sabrina that took players on a scary ride through a haunted house, a graveyard, a Ferris wheel, and lots of potions.

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To sum it all up, getting all available trophies in Bloxburg is a pretty hard task and getting them all is impossible.

But with hard work, patience, and the tricks you learned here, you can get your hands on every trophy that the game currently has to offer.

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