How To Get A Trident In Minecraft [Complete Beginner’s Guide]

Are you wondering how to get a trident in Minecraft? This article will answer all your questions.

Minecraft is filled with all kinds of mobs and sometimes other players. Some of them are passive, friendly, and peaceful, while others can make you run for your life. That’s why weapons are essential for survival in this game.

There are all sorts of powerful weapons to choose from, both melee and long-ranged. If you want something as cool and unique as it is powerful in underwater battles, then chances are you fancy the great Trident.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to get a Trident in Minecraft, the best enchantments for it, and everything you need to know about this godlike weapon.

What is a Trident in Minecraft?

What is a Trident in Minecraft

A Trident is a unique and rare weapon in Minecraft that has been added in the Aquatic Update, which focused on adding new features and content related to water, including new mobs, items, and structures.

The trident was first introduced to Minecraft in Java Edition version 1.13, which was released on July 18, 2018. It was also added to the Bedrock Edition in the 1.4.0 update, which was released on November 6, 2018.

The Trident was one of the most highly anticipated additions to the game, as it is a powerful new weapon that could be used both on land and in water. Though the trident is known for having low attack speed,  it is still a good melee weapon and in long-range attacks.

A non-enchanted Trident can deal more damage than a regular Diamond sword, plus you can throw it as a ranged weapon up to 80 blocks away. Its damage, range, and versatility make up for its lower attack speed. 

Since the Trident is the weapon of the god of the sea, it is also the best weapon when it comes to underwater battles and fighting aquatic creatures in Minecraft. 

Combine it with the best trident enchantments, and you have a real godlike weapon on your hands. However, a Trident cannot be crafted or made, which leads players to wonder how to get a trident in Minecraft.

How to Get a Trident in Minecraft

What is a Trident in Minecraft

Tridents are not craftable in Vanilla Minecraft. You can obtain them from Drowned as mob drops. Drowned mobs are underwater zombie-like creatures that can be found in bodies of water such as rivers, swamps, and ocean biomes.

Here’s how to increase your chances of finding a drowned with a trident:

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  1. Look for bodies of water: As mentioned, drowned mobs spawn in bodies of water. The larger the body of water, the more likely you are to find a drowned.
  2. Look when it’s dark: Drowned will only spawn in light level 0. So look for them during the night or deep underwater where it’s darker.
  3. Increase the difficulty: The chance of a drowned mob spawning with a trident increases with the difficulty level of the game. Set the difficulty to “hard” to increase your chances.
  4. Use a fishing rod: You can increase your chances of getting a trident by using a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment. This enchantment increases your chances of getting rare drops from fishing, including tridents.
  5. Wear a Looting sword: Using a sword with the Looting enchantment can increase your chances of getting a trident as a drop when you defeat a drowned.

Once you find a drowned holding a trident, defeat it to get the trident as a drop. Be aware that the chance of a drowned dropping a trident is relatively low (especially in Java Edition), so it may take some time and effort to find one. 

Best Trident Enchantments

Best Trident Enchantments

These Enchantments will take your already powerful Trident and take it to the next level.

  1. Loyalty: This enchantment makes the trident return to the player after being thrown, like a boomerang. It’s a useful enchantment for players who like to use the trident for ranged attacks.
  2. Impaling: This enchantment deals extra damage dealt to aquatic mobs, including fish, dolphins, guardians, and elder guardians. It’s a useful enchantment for players who spend a lot of time in or around water.
  3. Riptide: A riptide-enchanted trident allows the player to launch themselves forward in a burst of speed when they throw the trident while in water or during rain. It’s a great enchantment for players who like to move quickly and efficiently through the water.
  4. Unbreaking: This enchantment increases the durability of the trident, reducing the rate at which it loses durability and allowing it to be used for longer periods of time.

With these enchantments, you’ll fight in the sea like a fish swims in water.

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In conclusion, if you want to get a trident in Minecraft, increase the difficulty level, use a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment, and wear a Looting sword. Additionally, you can enhance your trident further by enchanting it with Loyalty, Impaling, and Riptide to make it even more powerful.

Now you know how to get a Trident in Minecraft. It is easily one of the best weapons in the game, and it’s definitely worth picking up one. You can try it out in creative mode and practice using it to be more deadly and precise with your weapon.

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