Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes (October 2023) – Free Boosts

Get your hands on the finest weapons in the game with free boosts from our Weapon Fighting Simulator codes!

Fighting has existed for as long as humans, even way before they knew how to do it properly. But years and centuries of developing this skill have led to modern martial arts.

Weapon Fighting Simulator codes

However, you’re fists and limbs alone could only get you so far. That’s why weapons were invented to surpass human limitations and make the impossible possible.

But his Roblox game takes fighting to a whole new level with a vast addition of different weapons and deadly spells. Start from a humble dojo and aim to become the world’s greatest martial artist.

Of course, honing your skills, weapons, and spells would take a lot of time and grind in this game too. That’s where our Weapon Fighting Simulator codes will come in handy. Using these codes, you can get free boosts that will help you grow leaps and bounds as a martial artist.

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Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are redeemable:

  • monkeyking – all boosts (New)
  • flying – all boosts (New)
  • qixi – all boosts (New)
  • freeugc – all boosts (New)
  • sharkie – all boosts (New)
  • jet – all boosts
  • tv – all boosts
  • qinglong – twenty minutes of damage boost and ten minutes of luck boost
  • ugc – all boosts
  • Skibi – all boosts
  • peach – all boosts
  • scorpion – all boosts
  • mechwheel – 20 minutes of 1.5x damage and ten minutes of double lucky boost
  • transformers – 20 minutes of two times spirit stones and double qi
  • ring – 20 minutes of two times spirit stones and double qi
  • carnation – 20 minutes of two times spirit stone and ten minutes of lucky boost
  • holo – 20 minutes of 1.5 times damage and double Qi
  • mayday – 20 minutes of two times spirit stones and spell drop boost
  • gearpacks – all boosts
  • map35 – twenty minutes of two times spirit stones and double Qi
  • likemore – twenty minutes of two times spirit stones and double Qi
  • ascend – all boosts
  • map 34 – all boosts
  • necklace – all boosts
  • spell – all boosts
  • map33 – all boosts
  • fastmode – all boosts
  • arena – all boosts
  • map32 – boosts
  • reforge – boosts
  • geartrading – all boosts
  • like375 – all boosts
  • map31 – all boosts
  • oneyear – 20 minutes of two times spirit stone and qi
  • gear – ten minutes of lucky boost, 20 minutes of two times spirit stones
  • map30 – 20 minutes of 1.5 damage and two times QI
  • sonic – free boosts
  • clever  – free boosts
  • serverboss2 – free boosts
  • map27 – free boosts
  • serverboss – free boosts
  • map26 – free boosts
  • candy3 – free boosts
  • candy2 – free boosts
  • jack – free boosts
  • candy – free boosts
  • Halloween – free boosts
  • map25 – period of all boosts
  • newpet – free pet egg
  • like350 – free boosts
  • map24 – 30 minutes of all boosts
  • town – one hour of boosts
  • map23 – free boosts
  • hardtrail – free boosts
  • map22 – free boosts
  • visits250m – free boosts
  • newbuff – boss key and free boosts
  • map21 – free boosts
  • l325k – luck boost
  • popsicle – damage boost
  • map20 – free boosts
  • timetrial – free boosts
  • map19 – free spirit stones and qi x2
  • skin – free boosts
  • lk300k – free boosts
  • map18 – free boosts
  • batoidea  – free boosts
  • map17  – free boosts
  • likes275k – free boosts
  • fighting – free boosts
  • map15 – free boosts
  • Kingkade – free boosts
  • CodeNex – free boosts
  • RAMPHobbies – free boosts
  • Worrybear – free boosts
  • Sub2RoboSlothGaming – free boosts
  • Carbon – free boosts
  • Sisterguard – free boosts
  • Skull – free boosts
  • Funrix – free boosts
  • JazonGaming – free boosts
  • WFS – free boosts
  • hardmode – free boosts

Expired Codes

These codes are no longer working:

  • likes_225k
  • Spellroll
  • tradespar
  • sword
  • map14
  • map13
  • map16
  • banshies
  • map12
  • LIKES200K
  • compensation
  • defense
  • easter
  • likes180k
  • map11
  • jade
  • lk160k
  • map10
  • wheel
  • likes_140k
  • map9
  • likes120k
  • tower
  • map8
  • likes100k
  • trade
  • enchant
  • likes75k
  • world6
  • likes50000
  • mount
  • likes30K
  • bugfixed
  • achievement
  • lunarnewyear
  • likes20K
  • bounty
  • like10000
  • likes5k
  • likes1500
  • WFS
  • welcome
  • happyday
  • weaponfighting
  • goodluck

How to redeem Weapon Fighting Simulator codes?

Weapon Fighting Simulator codes

Getting your weapons and boosts has never been easier. Simply follow these steps to redeem your Weapon Fighting Simulator codes.

  • Step 1: Open Roblox and Launch Weapon Fighting Simulator
  • Step 2: Select a weapon and click on the cog icon to open the settings
  • Step 3: Look for the text box below the audio options and enter one of the codes from here
  • Step 4: Hit Redeem/Enter
  • Step 5: Enjoy your rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

When will new Weapon Fighting Simulator codes come out?

These codes can only be produced by the creator of the game and no one else. Weapon Fighting Simulator codes are often changed.

New codes will come out once the game reaches a certain amount of likes, as per announced on the game’s page.

What are Weapon Fighting Simulator codes?

Weapon Fighting Simulator codes are redeemable codes for the Roblox game Weapon Fighting Simulator.

These codes will give you free boosts that will help you be stronger in the game and basically gain an advantage over your competition.

These codes can only be removed and added by the game’s developer.

What is Weapon Fighting Simulator all about?

Weapon Fighting Simulator is a Roblox game that lets you become a master of your own martial art, weapon, or spell.

Start in a small dojo and fulfill your destiny of becoming the greatest fighting master.

How to play Weapon Fighting Simulator?

If you want to take the path of a martial art master, then you can join the fun by going to the Roblox website and looking for Weapon Fighting Simulator in the game directory.

Or skip searching through millions of games by going straight to Weapon Fighting simulator’s page.


That covers everything you need to know in order to start redeeming your Weapon Fighting Simulator codes and getting free boosts.

You should hurry because these codes won’t be here forever. So make sure you bookmark and visit this site often because we will update the list as soon as new codes come out.

In the meantime, you can check out other codes like Sorcerer Fighting Simulator Codes, Super Power Fighting Simulator Codes, Anime Fighting Simulator Codes, and a lot more in our  ROBLOX GAME CODES section. Or you can also comment down below your favorite Roblox game so that we can look for their secret codes as well.

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