How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg? – 10 Best Tips for Making Great Structures

Do you want to learn how to become a better builder in Bloxburg? Here are the crucial things you should know!

Creativity and construction make up the essence of Build Mode in Bloxburg. The only limits are your imagination and your building skills.

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg

Just like any skill, building can be learned and improved. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner to building or striving to improve your skills, this guide is your shortcut to mastering Bloxburg architecture.

This will help you go from building boring one-story square-shaped houses to more intricate and inviting designs.

We’ll be providing you with tips to take your building game to the next level, advanced hacks that will breathe life into your creations, and guidelines that you can use every time you build.

Tips to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg

1. Look for Inspiration

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Look for Inspiration

Before you even place a single material on your plot, the first and most important thing to have is inspiration.

It may sound cliche, but it is crucial in coming up with awesome ideas. Building without inspiration is like painting without a reference.

The best places to go and look for inspiration for your builds are Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, and the Bloxburg section of GameGrinds.

Save pictures and videos that light a fire in you and ideas that ignite your creativity.

2. Smart Space Utilization

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Smart Space Utilization

Proper use of your space helps in both the functionality and aesthetics of a build.

It all starts with a good floor plan, and you can find awesome premade plans at

A good floor plan flows nicely. For example, the kitchen and dining room should always be near each other.

The living room should be easily accessible and near the entrance. 

Avoid making spaces too big. This includes both room sizes and hallways. 4×4-6×6 squares are the sweet spot for most rooms.

Applying these tips will make your build more realistic and practical.

3. Buy Gamepasses

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Buy Gamepasses

Beginner Bloxburg players tend to avoid gamepasses as they cost real money. But the truth is, without gamepasses, you cannot unlock your full building potential or enjoy Bloxburg to its fullest.

The best gamepasses for building are Advanced Placing, Multiple Floors, and Basements. This trinity of gamepasses will take your building game to the next level.

Advanced Placing will allow you to bypass the default rules of placing and using build items, making it a must-have for serious builders.

If you want to know what the best gamepasses in the game are before spending your hard-earned Robux, make sure you check out our Bloxburg Gamepass Tier List.

4. Attention to Detail

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Attention to Detail

Anyone can buy and place items in Bloxburg. The difference between mediocre builders and great ones is their attention to detail and how they customize basically everything in their builds.

Instead of simply adding furniture and being content with its default look or a minor tweak, make sure you play around with colors and textures that will add depth and go well with your overall theme.

Another pro tip to make your floors more realistic is by layering multiple floors on top of each other.

Press T on your keyboard to place another floor on top of an existing one. Make sure they have the same color and material and watch how your floor changes.

Pillars, wall trims, and other structural items are your best friends. These details will make your house more alive and enhance its overall aesthetics.

You can even use structural items to customize and elevate furniture.

5. Use Decals

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Use Decals

Have you seen Bloxburg houses from YouTubers and wondered why they look so different and unique? Perhaps you even thought it was from a different game.

That’s because they use decals instead of the default paint and textures in the game.

Decals give you the option to add images and put them on walls or other objects in Build Mode.

They can be used as wallpapers, plants, mirrors, artwork, and tons more. This tip alone can completely transform your builds.

So check out GameGrinds, Pinterest, and TikTok for decals you can use to set your builds apart.

6. Lighting Changes Everything

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Lighting

Lighting has a massive impact on how a room looks, and it can make or break your build. It can change the mood, add or decrease visibility, highlight certain areas, and more.

You can come up with the most magnificent design for your house, but without proper lighting, it all fails.

Consider placing lights near important focal points, such as furniture, artwork, or architectural features, to draw attention to these elements.

Integrate windows into your builds to allow natural light to filter in during the day. This not only adds realism but also complements artificial lighting.

Light color decides the brightness and intensity of lighting. Choose lighting that suits your theme and provides the best mood for your space.

Choose warm tones for cozy and inviting spaces, while cooler tones work well in modern or futuristic designs.

7.  Distance From Sidewalk

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Sidewalk Distance

Most new builders make the mistake of building too close to the sidewalk. This leaves them with no room for their front yard and garden.

It will also leave the back too wide and is not an efficient way of utilizing space.

Building near the center of your plot also helps in symmetry and gives you space both in the front and back.

Use Plain Markings to draw an X on your plot, and the middle of the X is your plot’s center.

Build nearer this spot to leave more room for landscaping and gardening.

8. Be Consistent and Cohesive

How To Become A Better Builder in Bloxburg - Be Cohesive

Another common mistake newbies make is using unrelated furniture or parts in their house.

For example, one can be building a modern-themed home known for its sleek and minimalist features but end up using traditional or rustic furniture, doors, and windows.

A good builder knows the importance of cohesiveness and consistency in building. Don’t be afraid to play around with different items, colors, and textures.

But make sure that everything harmonizes well and complements each other.

9. Think Outside the Box

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Think Outside The Box

To stand out as a builder, you have to think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to what Bloxburg offers on the surface.

Let your imagination and creativity flow, and you will see things differently.

Look closely at real-life items, furniture, and details and see how you can recreate them using resources available in Bloxburg.

For example, a candle can be used as a light fixture, a bookend can be turned into a fancy detail, and more.

With this mindset, you can turn the most basic of shapes and items into something magical.

10. Watch More Speed Builds

How to Become a Better Builder in Bloxburg - Speedbuilds

Lastly, the best tip we can give you is to watch more speed builds. There’s nothing that will boost your learning progress more than practicing what you learn from the experts.

There are tons of speedbuilds and tutorials available on GameGrinds and YouTube.

All of the building experience, knowledge, and ideas are passed on to you in an actual building demonstration that you can imitate right after you watch it.

Watching speedbuilds is one thing; recreating them is another.

Make sure you don’t just spend your time getting entertained but actually learn from these videos.

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Now you know how to become a better builder in Bloxburg. Anyone can improve their building skills.

With practice, patience, and by applying all these tips and tricks, you can become a skilled and intricate builder. 

So put in the work and see your creations evolve and unfold before your very eyes.

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So make sure you bookmark and take a look at our Roblox section.

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