20 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas in 2023

What comes in handy when you want unlimited food in Minecraft? Barns!

If you are wandering around to find the best Minecraft barn ideas to complete your farming experience, we got you covered!

Farming is a vital part of survival in the Minecraft world. And a well-built barn is necessary for storing and keeping your animals.

But well-built doesn’t always need to be plain or overly complicated. There are plenty of simple ways you can take to make a beautiful barn.

If you are ready, grab your tools and check out this compilation of 20 ultimate barn designs we prepared for you!

Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

20 Best Minecraft Barn Ideas

1. Quaint Minecraft Barn Idea

Cryptozoology, the creator, designed a rustic barn that can hold at least six animal types.

This amazing barn is easy to build and can also be used as stables. The barn’s interior has a central aisle with a raised ceiling and two wings spread outside.

A workspace with smokers and furnaces is attached at the back of the barn.

For this barn, the creator used bricks to build the brick walls, stripped spruce log beams, and dark oak trim of the roof.

2. Storage Barn

If you are into a barn with customizable storage, BlueNerd has your back!

The purpose of this barn is not only to keep your animals in place but also to provide plenty of safe space for your items.

The barn is made from various types of wooden blocks in the major parts of the house and bricks for the roof.

Due to its materials, the barn provides a cozy atmosphere when you are inside, ensuring a stress-free environment for your animals.

Moreover, this barn is easy to build, so you, like your animals, are in the same stress-free moment!

3. Western Style Barn Base

This one of the best Minecraft barn ideas features an incredibly large space for your animals which looks like a castle straight from fairytales.

Looking so majestic at first sight, this barn is only made of common materials, so be sure to include this one on your next builds.

This design is made by TheMythicalSausage, replicating a wild-west theme that fits perfectly to any hot biomes in Minecraft.

4. Circular Barn

This barn is made simple yet effective when separating your farm animals.

ItsMarloe‘s design includes a small main compartment, an upstairs storage with four separate animal pens for keeping your baby animals apart, and an outside area.

Surrounded by fences, the barn’s exterior surroundings give plenty of space for your animals to roam around.

This design may look like a typical barn, but it comes in handy in keeping your herds inside.

5. Medieval Stone Barn

This design is inspired by the Middle-Age-style countryside by again, TheMythicalSausage.

The barn is mostly made of dark oak wood, stone bricks, and cobblestones to replicate the medieval builds.

With its high-arched ceiling, this barn provides plenty of space for storage, while the ground floor provides an area for stables.

6. Japanese Style Barn

With the influence of Japanese culture, this Minecraft barn utilizes the angular roofing of Japanese architecture.

The exterior of this design uses standard wood blocks, blackstones, and deepslate for roofing.

This unique barn by A1MOSTADDITED MINECRAFT offers large storage, plenty of animal pens, small compartments to grow your crops, and underground areas.

Its size is exceptionally large that you can almost turn it into your own farmhouse!

7. Aesthetic Barn

Minecraft is a place for creativity and talent, and if you are an inventive stylist, check out this aesthetic barn concept.

If survival mode restricts your ability to be a lot more creative, then creative mode is always at your service.

This aesthetic barn is composed of an oak passageway, campfire bricks, and spruce stairs as the barn’s opening.

Everyone can design their own aesthetic barn but with Zaypixel‘s idea, you can build a barn that is aesthetic and functional at the same time.

8. Red Barn

Turning your barn into a classic red and white structure has never been easy with this one. All you need to do is collect lots of accessible materials, and you are ready to go.

The idea of creating an elegant red barn is made by Fresh Joy using red concrete blocks and red stained clay blocks.

This barn provides multiple sections to separate your animals, while the second floor is used for storage.

9. Spruce Barn

Another design by Zaypixel, this barn requires a lot of spruce wood and spruce trap doors.

This is convenient to build if you are in a spruce forest where you will not run out of the necessary materials.

Like the typical wood barns, its backyard is enclosed by fences for your crops and animals to have wider space.

10. Simple Barn

SheepGG created a design that may be simple yet provides all the functions needed from a usual barn.

Aside from its easy-to-build feature, this barn has stables to keep your animals, beds, and storage.

The barn is entirely made of wooden blocks. Therefore, this idea serves perfectly for Minecraft starters.

Don’t get us wrong when we say this barn is just simple. To build a simple barn with a pleasing appearance, you have to be skilled in utilizing different wood types.

Because this barn is not too big, you can decorate your interiors all you want using items like lanterns and trap doors for aesthetic effect.

11. Medieval Barn With Horse Stables

We’re finally halfway through with our list of the best Minecraft barn ideas!

This design combines a large barn with stables to keep your horses and a wide enclosed yard for the animals to wander around.

This idea is adapted from Mr Mirror‘s medieval barn. The perfect way to start this design is to establish a Minecraft base and a large collection of ultimate materials to build with.

Granite and brick blocks are used to build the barn, which aren’t easy to acquire.

However, most components are just cobblestones and wooden blocks, so you can start easily from that. You can also use oak planks and spruce logs and planks to highlight the roofs.

For some spice, include some spruce trap doors, leaves, and lanterns as decorations for the area.

12. Llama Barn and Stables

This barn is a perfect design if you prefer horses. Not only can it keep big animals, but it comes with storage to stock your materials and harvests.

Reimiho‘s aim is to create an animal barn that can keep a large number of animals without them getting stressed, and we think he nailed it with this one.

This double-story barn can hold 12 llamas/horses, providing plenty of space for these animals not to be crowded, including an enclosure outside the stable.

Above the stables are storages that can be used for your harvests and a wall of double chests.

13. Barn with Chicken Farm

A farm cannot be a farm without chickens on it!

This barn design by Gorillo is a combination of an animal barn and a functional egg farm. The structure features animal pens and chicken coops for egg farming.

The barn’s main blocks are cobblestone and stones, brick blocks, and walls.

Its overall functions also include a loft made of spruce trap doors to provide spaces for your chests and even beds.

Not only that, but you can also turn it into a lively barn by adding chains, lanterns, and grindstones to the barn’s frontal section.

14. Huge Rustic Barn

If you are interested in keeping a barn much larger than usual, this massive barn is something to look forward to.

Not only that it is wide, but it also comes with a second floor, large pens, and a copper roof — perfect for keeping hoards of sheep, cows, pigs, and horses.

Who says barns can be this elegant? TheMythicalSausage created this barn in great detail with balconies and ceilings which eventually made it impressively stand out.

15. Modern Minecraft Barn

A simple barn with a cozy interior is something we would want to build for our animal-filled farm.

With a touch of modernity, this medium-sized barn is perfect for average farming. It honors the classic red and white color which add to your cozy countryside atmosphere.

This idea is created by Goldrobin in quest of providing shelter for your farm animals.

Four animal pens and two outdoor stables will keep your animals in place. Moreover, the open loft behind the barn can store hay, chests, wool, leather, and other poultry products.

16. Dark Barn

This cool barn idea perfectly complements any kind of dark biome. Don’t be intimidated because this design is one of the simplest to build.

Melthie, the dark barn creator, only used stone bricks and spruce planks to build a barn specifically made for keeping animals.

This barn has large four-square stalls for different types of animals you want to keep. Due to its size, the stables provide plenty of space to avoid crowding.

17. Tudor Minecraft Barn Idea

Another TheMythicalSausage idea features a Tudor barn with a rounded roof and a side tower of stone bricks.

The barn includes a horse stable and animal pens, a cooking area, and storage. The major material of this barn is stone, perfectly representing a medieval castle.

Dark oak wood and bone blocks are needed, as well as refined stones in building the wall and source wood for your floors and roof.

18. Large Farmhouse

This idea is built using basic building materials. disruptive builds offers this exceptionally large barn design which, although it may take a lot of time to build, is definitely worth the sweat.

Its design is basically a three-floor farmhouse composed of brewing, storage, enchanting, and much more area.

Other features of this barn include a majestic-looking chimney and a horse stable on the side of the house for easy access to your horse.

19. Easy Barn

The layout for this barn is dedicated to all your animals, with extra space for your farming crops.

This barn is easy to plan and build using cobblestones and oak blocks, which can easily be obtained in the game.

If you want to level up this simple barn, IrieGenie provides easy steps on how you can decorate your interior for aesthetic improvement.

20. Authentic Chicken Coop

To add more edge to your base, a separate idea of a chicken coop by Gorillo is what you need

This authentic chicken coop uses a system of hoppers and item collection for you to collect the ultimate amount of chicken eggs.

With this farm in your place, you will no longer worry about running out of supplies for your cakes and pies.

Adding a furnace to your coop will also allow your eggs to hatch automatically and even cook your chickens too!


And those, our dear readers are the 20 best Minecraft barn ideas featuring exceptional designs you can add to your properties in the game.

We hope our list will enable you to conceptualize a design that will make your farm beautiful and capable of producing more resources!

All you need to do is find the best materials to start with, think outside the box, and embrace your limitless creativity. 

We do believe that with enough creativity, we can change our world — may it be virtual or reality, creativity is always the best tool in ensuring a boredom-free lifestyle!

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