Bloxburg Blush Bedrooms – 5 Instagrammable Sample Rooms

Build an Instagrammable room with these pretty Bloxburg blush bedroom ideas!

The soft and subtle charm of blush designs often makes them one of the most popular themes for Bloxburg builds.

Despite leaning toward pinks and other muted colors, blush is very versatile and can be easily combined with other neutral colors and accents.

Bloxburg blush bedroom

If you want a pleasing and photogenic bedroom, a blush bedroom is one of the cutest choices, especially for girls. 

In this article, we’ll show you our list of the best Bloxburg blush bedroom ideas and provide you with tips that will help you create your own build and make it an attractive one.

Best Bloxburg Blush Bedroom Ideas

5. Aesthetic Teen Room

This bedroom highlights the color pink. As mentioned already, this color is extremely popular for teenage girls and is definitely something you can take pictures of and share online.

It combines the essence of modern teenage style with feminine charm.

The centerpiece of the bedroom is a blush bed with pillows ready for your next pajama party with the gals.

If you love doing makeup with your girls, then you’ll love the makeover station that comes with this room. 

4. Blush Color Schemes

This comes with 3 blush bedroom ideas, and the designs are nothing to scoff at.

But perhaps the major highlight of this video is the collection of blush color schemes you can use to build your own bedroom.

Flaunt a bold and sophisticated room with a scarlet color palette. If you want a blush room that’s not too bright, then go with the elegance of linen-inspired tones.

For those who want a dreamy room, pastel colors are the best for you.

3. Coquette Bedroom

Embrace natural lighting with this Coquette bedroom idea.

If you want to wake up like a princess and be able to see the birds chirping outside as the sun hits your face, this fusion of French and feminine charm is perfect.

The harmony of whites, cream, and soft pinks is made in heaven, creating a mild and soothing environment in your bedroom.

Of course, you can’t forget about the chic mirror for your skincare routine.

2. 10K Blush Bloxburg Bedroom

Who says you can’t make an eye-pleasing Bloxburg bedroom on a budget?

With only 10k in your virtual bank account and 30 minutes of build time, you can bring this blush bedroom to life.

Compared to other rooms in this list, this one is more compact. But it’s not lacking in design and functionality. And of course, aesthetics. 

1. Blush Modern Mansion

For those looking for a more gender-neutral approach, this blush mansion will give you many ideas.

With six bedrooms and even a guest room to explore, you have different designs to choose from.

What stands out about it is it’s not overpowered by pink and even guys can proudly own it.

It combines the elegance of blush design and modern architecture with some nice variety in texture and colors.

This tutorial will be really helpful to those who want to learn how to make different rooms blend well together and still harmonize as parts of the same house.

How to Make a Bloxburg Blush Bedroom Aesthetic

1. Choose the Blush Shade for You

Bloxburg blush bedroom - blush shade

Blush doesn’t necessarily mean pink. As you saw from the second video on our list, this theme can highlight different colors.

So, start by choosing which blush palette works best for your personality and the vibes you want your bedroom to give off.

If you’re a girl, then you can never go wrong with pinks. But for guys and a more gender-neutral room, you can go with mauves.

Mauves are pale bluish-purple hues that can be found between violet and pink in the color wheel.

2. Wallpapers and Decals

Bloxburg blush bedroom - decals

What makes a room more aesthetically pleasing is personalization. You can settle for vanilla Bloxburg paint and walls or level up your bedroom with decals.

Don’t be mistaken, the stock colors and textures are awesome, but if you want to add a bit of uniqueness and interest to your builds, decals can do wonders.

So grab a full wall painting and resize it, then change it to a custom wallpaper decal. You can learn how to create your own decals by reading our tutorial.

You can even use decals to make a realistic mirror or a custom wall decor that shows off your personality.

3. Matching Floor and Lighting

Bloxburg blush bedroom - lighting

Now that you’ve laid out the foundation for your blush bedroom, you need to choose the right floor design that will go with it.

Most of the time, pink isn’t a great color for your floor. The same goes for any other bright and playful colors, as they can be too dominant and visually distracting.

For the floor, you want something subtle and neutral. Wood planks always go well with blush color schemes.

Linen, greys, and browns are your go-to colors. It offers a nice contrast of texture and hues and also leaves you with a floor that can easily cater to different elements or furnishings in the room.

For the final touch, add lighting with blush colors to set the mood and make your ceiling blend well with your entire room.

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With a little creativity and a touch of charm, you can create your very own Bloxburg blush bedroom.

Let these magnificent bedroom ideas serve as inspiration and these tips as your foundation, and you are well on your way.

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