Where Is the Master of Auras in Blox Fruits – All Spawn Locations

Do you want to get all Haki Colors? Here is a guide about where is the Master of Auras in Blox Fruits.

One of the abilities you can obtain in Blox Fruits is Aura or Haki. It’s a cool ability that coats the user’s body parts with black armor and improves both offense and defense.

Where Is the Master of Auras in Blox Fruits

Aura also allows you to bypass the logia immunity of elemental fruit users and gives you awesome aesthetics.

You can even change your Aura’s default color by talking to a certain NPC.

In this guide, we’ll show you all the spawn locations of the Master of Aura in Blox Fruits from Second to Third Sea and show you the most efficient rotations for finding him quickly.

Where is the Master of Auras in Blox Fruits?

Where Is the Master of Auras in Blox Fruits
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The Master of Auras spawns in the Second Sea and Third Sea. Here are all of its spawn locations:

Second Sea Aura Master Spawn Locations

  • Forgotten Island, on one of the hills to the left of the skull.
  • Hot and Cold, on top of the “house” where the Smoke Admiral spawns.
  • Snow Mountain, close to the Ship Dealers.
  • Green Zone, near the Ship Dealers.
  • Ice Castle, on the left of the wall to the Castle itself.
  • Cursed Ship, under the right staircase inside of the main room.

Third Sea Aura Master Spawn Locations

  • Port Town, between some houses near the Pistol Billionaire NPCs.
  • Floating Turtle, on the foot of a mountain located close to the Musketeer Pirates.
  • Floating Turtle, on top of a mountain located next to the Musketeer Pirates.
  • Castle on the Sea, on the staircase inside of the small house to the left of the main castle.
  • Floating Turtle, on top of the columns in front of the Beautiful Pirate Domain.
  • Great Tree, behind the mountain where the Marine Commodore spawns and also where Kilo Admiral spawns.
  • Hydra Island, on top/inside of the house where the Island Empress spawns.

How Often Does Master of Auras Spawn?

The Master of Auras spawns every 5 minutes in public servers and will stay in its place for 20 minutes..

Meanwhile, on private servers, it takes 25 minutes for him to spawn again. This makes finding him without our guide very difficult.

How to Find Master of Auras in Second Sea – Best Rotation

How to Find Master of Auras in Second Sea

This method can be done by anyone in the Second Sea. It also requires less time and traveling to be able to check all the Aura Master’s spawn locations and find him using this rotation.

  1. First, make sure your home point is set to the Green Zone before following this method.
  2. Start by checking the Green Zone. If the Aura Master isn’t there, teleport back and try again.
  3. Next, head to Forgotten Island. If you don’t find him there, return to your starting point.
  4. Move on to Hot and Cold, and then to the Cursed Ship. If you strike out again, it’s time to teleport back to home point.
  5. Finally, venture to Snow Mountain, and then make your way to Ice Castle. If your luck still hasn’t turned, consider switching to a different server for a fresh start.

The second method involves server hopping but is based on luck. Start by setting your home point to one of the spawn locations of Aura Master in the Second Sea. Then server hop until he spawns.

How to Find Master of Auras in Third Sea – Best Rotation

How to Find Master of Auras in Third Sea

It’s way easier to find the Master of Auras in the Second Sea using the previous method. But if you want to search for him in the Third Sea, here’s how you can do it fast.

  1. Before you proceed, make sure that you’ve unlocked the portals. Then set your home point at the Castle on the Sea.
  2. Start by checking the Castle on the Sea. Then go to Hydra Island. If he’s not there, teleport back to your home point.
  3.  Make use of the portals to teleport to Floating Turtle. Once you’re there, check his two spawn points near the Musketeer Pirates.
  4. Lastly, don’t forget to inspect the spawn near the door to the Beautiful Pirate area.

You can also server hop, and if you have Portal fruit, you can use it to teleport around, making things even faster.

How to Get Aura Color in Blox Fruits?

Aura color Blox Fruits
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You can get different Aura Colors in Blox Fruits by purchasing them from the Master of Auras.

There are currently 16 Aura colors with different rarities including Regular, Legendary, Secret, and Limited. You can purchase regular colors from Aura Master for 1500 Fragments and 7500 for legendary colors.

However, Limited and Secret colors can’t be bought from this NPC.

Here is a list of all available Aura colors:

  • Orange Soda – Regular
  • Bright Yellow – Regular
  • Yellow Sunshine – Regular
  • Slimy Green – Regular
  • Green Lizard – Regular
  • Blue Jeans – Regular
  • Plump Purple – Regular
  • Fiery Rose – Regular
  • Heat Wave – Regular
  • Absolute Zero – Regular
  • Snow White – Legendary
  • Pure Red – Legendary
  • Winter Sky – Legendary
  • Rainbow Saviour – Secret
  • Aquamarine – Limited
  • Light Pink – Limited
  • Kitsune – Secret


The Master of Auras is not the easiest NPC to find. But with our guide, you can reduce the time and effort required to locate him in the game.

Make sure that you follow the rotations and methods we reached you as they are tested and proven to be the best.

Aura will look godly when you have full body haki. Check out our guide on How to Get Full Body Haki in Blox Fruits

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