Where is Fajita in Blox Fruits: Green Boss Location

Are you having a hard time locating this boss and find yourself asking: “Where is Fajita in Blox Fruits?” 

This guide will tell you everything you need to find and kill this boss.

Blox Fruits, a One Piece-inspired game from Roblox, offers some of the most intense boss battles on the platform. These boss fights require skill, grinding, and strategy. 

Where is Fajita in Blox Fruits

However, the struggle already begins way before you even encounter the boss. Bosses in Blox Fruits can be quite hard to find, especially if they are not on your compass. 

If you’re struggling to locate Fajita in Blox Fruits, then you’re not alone. 

In this guide, you’ll learn how to find Fajita in Blox Fruits, how to beat him, and what rewards you can obtain. Let’s get started.

Where Is Fajita in Blox Fruits?

Where Does Fajita Spawn in Blox Fruits?

Fajita spawns at Green Zone, located in the Second Sea and he spawns every 15 minutes. 

To find him, you need to go to the Green Zone Quest Giver and accept the Fajita Quest. After that, go to the path in front of the quest giver and follow it.

At the end of the path, you’ll see a wide dark brown area with some stones. This is Fajita’s territory or domain, and this is where you’ll find him.

Fajita’s outfit features the Marine version of the White Coat. He has brown, bushy hair and a beard.

He also wears a green robe inside his coat. His face has a horizontal scar sitting on his nose, just like Iruka from Naruto.

Based on his appearance, we know that Fajita is inspired by Issho, better known by his alias Fujitora, from One Piece.

Fajita Spawn Time

Fajita Spawn Time

Fajita has a spawn time of 15 minutes. This means he respawns every 15 minutes after being killed in a server. 

If he’s not in his typical location, it means that someone has already killed him, and it would take at most 15 minutes for him to reappear. 

You can consider server hopping and checking the same location again to find him faster.

Tips for Beating Fajita in Blox Fruits

Tips for Beating Fajita in Blox Fruits

Fajita is a Level 925 boss and you need to be at least the same level to take his quest. He has a total HP of 40,625 and an ATK per hit of 100-1100, so he can be quite tanky and hit pretty hard if you’re on the same levels.  

Fajita uses the Gravity Fruit and holds the Gravity Cane. He mainly uses two moves which are Gravity Push and Meteors Rain.

Gravity Push creates a gravitational force in front of him that will deal damage and knock you back. Meteors Rain is what it is, a hailstorm of fiery meteors. 

And because Fajita doesn’t have an attack pattern, dodging his attacks could prove quite difficult.

But don’t worry, I know some tricks to beat this boss easily:

First off, if you’re using any Blox Fruits with ranged ability, all you have to do is hit Fajita once. After that, get out of the brown area or his domain. 

Fajita can’t get out of this area and will go back to his spawn point. This means that if you stay outside the brown zone, he’ll simply walk right into your attacks and won’t be able to hit you. 

You just need to spam long-range attacks to bring him down. However, stay on guard for his Meteors Rain as it has a wide range.

If you’re using a fighting style or the Buddha fruit, make sure you turn on Instinct and Aura for extra dodges and damage. 

Do your best to dodge his attacks as they can still hurt even if you have high defensive stats. Having a few or more levels over him would be best.

If you want to grind for levels, you need to use the server hop strategy we mentioned. 

However, it would be way easier and more efficient to just take the Marine Captain quest from the same Quest Giver until you reach Level 950. 

These NPCs are easier to take out and require less effort than trying to kill Fajita multiple times while server hopping.

What Does Fajita Drop in Blox Fruits?

What Does Fajita Drop in Blox Fruits?

Fajita can drop two possible items in Blox Fruits. They are Meteorite and Gravity Cane.

Meteorite is a Legendary Material that is used in making the Gravity Cane and the Serpent Bow.

On the other hand, Gravity Cane is a sought-after weapon because of its great combo potential, high damage, and multi-target attacks.

Dimensional Grasp has a wide range and can pull enemies to you, then you can stun them with Lunar Blitz. Then you can unleash your full combo on the enemy.

You can randomly get one of these two items every time you beat Fajita.

Fajita Blox Fruits Location: Conclusion

Fajita is not that hard to find in Blox Fruits. His location is pretty close to the quest giver and even has a path that leads you to him. 

Beating him shouldn’t be very challenging as long as you follow our tips on how to defeat him easily.

But what players hate most about him is his Meteors Shower. It’s difficult to dodge and deals a ton of damage. His unpredictable attack pattern can also throw you off guard. But with preparation and well-timed Instinct dodges, you can handle this foe.

We hope you find this guide helpful! So get out there, find Fajita, and slay this boss. 

Tell us your experience in the comments section below. You can also check out more helpful tutorials and guides like this one from GameGrinds.

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