Where Is Diamond in Blox Fruits – The Diamond Boss Location

Are you wondering where is Diamond in Blox Fruits? Here’s where he spawns in the game.

The Kingdom of Rose is a wide landscape in the world of Blox Fruits.

Where Is Diamond in Blox Fruits

This island would be the first area you explore upon reaching the Second Sea. It is also home to strong opponents and bosses, including Diamond.

However, without a map, finding these different bosses and NPCs can be a challenging task.

In this guide, I’ll show you where Diamond is located in Blox Fruits, how often he spawns, and how you can defeat this flower-loving boss.

Where Is Diamond in Blox Fruits Second Sea?

Where Is Diamond in Blox Fruits Second Sea

The Diamond boss spawns in Flower Hill. It is an elevated area filled with flowers. 

From the Diamond Quest giver in Area 1, head towards the right side of the Colosseum. Outside the massive walls, you will see the Flower Hill. Diamond spawns under the giant tree on top of this hill. 

If he’s not there, it means he has already been slain by another player. If that’s the case, all you have to do is server-hop and keep checking this location until you find him.

Diamond is a tall man with a medium build that wears a green shirt and brown pants.

He has different kinds of flowers growing on his head, and he wields a Cutlass sword like the one typically used by pirates.

Fruits with flight abilities such as Light, Smoke, Venom, and Dragon will help you get to Diamond’s location faster.

You can also find Arowe in this spot if you want to upgrade your race later.

Diamond Blox Fruits Spawn Time

Where Is Diamond in Blox Fruits - diamond spawn time

Since Diamond is a Second Sea boss, he will have a longer spawn time than the ones in the First Sea.

Diamond has a 30-minute spawn time, which is also longer than other bosses in the area. Jeremy and Swan spawn after only 20 minutes.

So it will be quite a wait if you don’t server hop when hunting for Diamond. Choose servers that are near the bottom to make sure they are not full.

Additionally, ensure that your server is near your location for lower ping and less lag spikes. You don’t want to freeze while fighting Diamond.

How to Beat Diamond in Blox Fruits?

Where Is Diamond in Blox Fruits - how to beat diamond

Diamond is a level 750 boss with 43,750 HP. The easiest way to kill Diamond is to keep your distance and keep on spamming long-range attacks.

Fruits like Light, Ice, Magma, and Flame are great options for new players.

Avoid fighting him at close range unless you have Buddha equipped. His attacks can still hurt even if you are levels higher than him.

Even though he has a Cutlass Sword, he uses the moves of a Long Sword. He can use Annihilate which deals decent damage and has a short stun plus a knockback. 

He can also use Glorious Smash, which knocks you up in the air. But be careful, since he has an additional skill where he throws a projectile that deals around 700-800 damage. 

If you’re a gun main, simply keep your distance while spamming your long-range attacks and this boss should be easy for you.

Make sure you turn on Instinct and Aura for extra offense and defense.

Buddha’s Transformation with melee or sword is the best way to go as you’re basically a giant tank that deals massive damage from greater range.

All you have to do is anticipate his heavy hits and left-click him to death. 

Blox Fruits Diamond Boss Drop

So what can you get from Diamond Boss when you defeat him?

For starters, I got around 150,000-170,000 EXP by defeating this boss and 12,500,000 EXP plus 25,000 Beli in an active quest.

The Diamond Boss also has a 10% chance of dropping a Long Sword, which is weird because he uses a cutlass sword. But because of its low drop rate, it is categorized as a rare sword.

The Long Sword is a straight double-edged sword with a cross-section shaped like a hexagon. It’s a sword with high-combo potential and decent knockback.

Its Z ability can break Instinct, and its X skill is like a short-ranged Flash Step. 

Where Is Flower Hill in Blox Fruits Second Sea?

Where Is Diamond in Blox Fruits - sunflower hill location

Flower Hill is located near the Colosseum in the Second Sea.

If you are from the Area 1 Quest Giver, where you can get the Diamond quest, look for the Colosseum. Head there by going through the Mercenary’s camp, then through the wall on the Colosseum’s right side.

Flower Hill should be on the other side of the wall. This is where Diamond Boss is located in Blox Fruits. This area is a high plateau filled with sunflowers and a giant tree in the middle.

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Diamond Boss Location: Conclusion

Finding Diamond and fighting him is one of the first challenges you need to beat upon arriving in the Second Sea.

If you follow everything we taught you in this guide, you should be able to find Diamond’s location in Blox Fruits easily and beat him way more easily than just jumping into battle without a plan.

As soon as you reach Flower Hill, make sure you get ready for battle, as Diamond is no pushover. But as tough as he is, he’s still no match compared to other bosses in the Second Sea.

So brace yourself by checking out our Blox Fruits section at GameGrinds. They’re like literal cheat codes that help you find and beat bosses quickly.

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