What Does Human V3 Do in Blox Fruits: Race Guide

Unleash the true power of the human race by learning the answer to the question; what does Human V3 do in Blox Fruits?

Your race in Blox Fruits can significantly affect your fighting prowess and your playstyle.

what does Human V3 do in Blox Fruits

Choosing what race to equip can be a pretty hard decision, especially with the fact that you have to roll for races and can’t simply purchase one. 

One of the most common races that players get is Human. What does Human V3 do in Blox Fruits and how can you obtain it? 

In this article, we’ll be going over the obtainment, moves, pros, and cons of the Human Race.

What Does Human V3 Do in Blox Fruits?

Human V3 unlocks the ability Last Resort, which makes the user deal more damage the lower their health gets.

It also retains the stat boosts from V2, which give you extra movement speed, a longer Flash Step and dash distance, and faster dodge regeneration for Instinct. 

Human V3 is the upgraded version of the race and gives the players well-balanced combat boosts that are PVP-oriented. 

How to Get Human V3 in Blox Fruits?

To get Human V3 in Blox Fruits, you need to have Human V2 equipped, at least Level 1000, and have at least 2,000,000 money. 

You also need to defeat Don Swan. Then you need to complete the Arrowe quest to be able to purchase the V3 of this race. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to obtain it:

Step 1: Reach Requirements for Human V3

What Does Human V3 Do in Blox Fruits: Human V3 requirements

Before even thinking about the quest for Human V3, you need to reach its requirements first.

Start by getting to the Second Sea and grinding to at least Level 1000. 

The bosses you need to beat later on are no pushovers and you can’t die along the way, so I recommend you to reach at least 1200 to be on the safe side. 

While you’re grinding for levels, you’ll also be collecting enough money for purchasing your race’s upgrade.

The next requirement is defeating Don Swan. Go to his mansion on the large walls of the Kingdom of Rose.

Then, talk to Trevor and give him any fruit worth at least 1 million Beli to gain access to Don Swan’s room and defeat him.

Step 2: Get Human V2 (Skip if You Already Have It)

What Does Human V3 Do in Blox Fruits: get human v2

Human V2 is the prerequisite of Human V3. As such, you need to obtain it first before you can upgrade it. 

First, make sure you have Human as your race. Open up Stats and look at the top-left corner to find out what race you have.

There’s a  62.5% chance that your current race is Human. If not, you can purchase a race re-roll from Tort for 3000 Fragments or 90 Robux from the Shop. 

Human V1 doesn’t have any benefits, so it’s just straight trash—that’s why you should change or upgrade it as soon as you can.

To get Human V2, you need to go to the Green Zone in the Second Sea and talk to the NPC, Alchemist. He will give you a quest to look for 3 different flowers. After completing it, he will let you upgrade your race to V2 for 500,000 Beli.

Step 3: Complete the Arowe Quest

What Does Human V3 Do in Blox Fruits: Arowe quest

Arrowe is located in a hidden room under Sunflower Hill or Diamond’s Hill. Talk to him to start the quest. 

It includes killing three bosses, namely Diamond, Jeremy, and Fajita. But the hard part is not dying or disconnecting during the entire quest. 

So be extra careful and stay away from PVP at all costs in the process. Also, you can’t server hop or you’ll have to start from scratch.

What Does Human V3 Do in Blox Fruits: Arowe location

Start by defeating Diamond who’s just right above the hill. 

Then, proceed to Jeremy, who spawns in the mountainous area right to the Kingdom of Rose, and defeat Fajita, who spawns in the Green Zone. 

After defeating all three, go back to Arrowe to complete the quest and he will sell you Human V3 for 2,000,000 Beli. If you want to enhance this race further, you can upgrade it to V4.

Human V3 Showcase

Human V3 unlocks the ability Last Resort. When activated, the user deals more damage the lower their health gets. 

Human V3 also shortens the cooldown of Flash Step while giving it double range. 

Previously, Human V3 also offered an extra dodge on Instinct, but it was removed. However, you still get a reduced dodged cooldown for Instinct with V3 on. 

Your normal dashes are also extended a bit, but hey, it’s still useful in the long run.

Advantages of Human V3

Human V3 is the most versatile V3 race that offers a nice balance between offense, defense, and mobility. 

The damage boost from Last Resort can be up to 50% more depending on your health, so that’s a nice offensive weapon that can even serve as an alternative to the Cyborg Race’s Energy Core for one-shot combos.

While it’s nowhere near as good as Shark Race, the faster Instinct dodge cooldown is a huge plus in your defenses.

The extended Flash Step with a lower cooldown also helps in dodging and mobility.

If you’re an aggressive player who loves going with builds that are focused on offense, Human V3 would be a great suit.


And that is what Human V3 does in Blox Fruits. It’s not really the go-to race for most people, but with the right build and the right hands, it can be a deadly race that hits harder as the battle drags on. 

Human V3 is also pretty easy to acquire with fewer requirements than other hard races.

If you’re searching for more tutorials, guides, tier lists, and codes to help you in your Blox Fruits adventure, make sure you take a look at our Blox Fruits section.

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