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Texting Simulator Codes (November 2022)- Free Money and Diamonds

Score free money, diamonds, and bitnoeum with our Texting Simulator codes.

Texting Simulator Codes

Texting Simulator by Shark Fin Studios is a Roblox game that will let you go back to the experience of texting on good old keypad phones. Start from a brand new ancient Rokia phone and text your way up to the latest iPhone 13 PRO MAX!

Of course, texting and upgrading your devices will cost cash or in-game currency like money, diamonds, and bitnoeum. These currencies will allow you to buy items that will let you progress through the game faster.

This is where our Texting Simulator codes can help you out. If you want all of that for free, then simply redeem these codes. But you might want to hurry since they might be removed.

Texting Simulator Codes List

Active Codes:

Here are codes that are still working and redeemable

  • 100 Diamonds, 1,000 Money, 85 Bitoneum Code: APRILSURPRISE
  • 500 Diamonds Code: FREEEGG
  • 1,000 Money Code: ephonepro
  • 1,000 Money Code: Spookytime
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: HACKER
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: beatsheadphones
  • 100 Diamonds, 1,000 Money, 100 Bitoneum Code: 100K
  • 1,000 Money Code: gamingstation
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: rainbowpods
  • 1,000 Money Code: GrinningEmoji
  • 1,000 Money Code: TextingLord
  • 1,000 Money Code: Emoji
  • 1,000 Money Code: SoreThumbs
  • 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code: Wireless
  • 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code: Air
  • 10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneum Code: pods
  • 1,000 Money Code: Texter
  • 1,000 Money Code: SpecialSurprise
  • 25 Diamonds, 250 Money, 5 Bitoneum Code: GamePage
  • 10 Diamonds, 1,000 Money Code: RickyTheFishy
  • 50 Diamonds, 2,500 Money Code: LovelyHearts
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: OnTheGram
  • 500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneum Code: instagram

Expired Codes:

These codes have been removed and are no longer working

  • 1,000 Money, 100 Diamonds, 100 Bitoneum Code: ANTIMATTER

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How to Redeem Texting Simulator Codes?

Texting Simulator Codes

If you want to use these codes and get all of this stuff for free, then follow these steps:

  • Open Texting Simulator
  • Look for a white message icon with a heart inside and click on it
  • Once the popup window appears, enter your code
  • Hit Redeem
  • Enjoy Rewards

What are Texting Simulator Codes?

These are redeemable codes that can give you beneficial and pretty useful items for Texting Simulator. Texting Simulator codes can help you have a better experience and progress through the game faster.

When Will New Texting Simulator Codes Come Out?

These codes can only be added and removed by the maker of the game. GameGrinds cannot make new codes or disable the. But rest assured that we will update this article once new codes come out.


That’s about everything you need to get a kickstart for your Texting Simulator journey. Start redeeming as soon as possible so you won’t miss out on anything if they are removed. Make sure that you bookmark and visit this page often to be the first to use new codes when they come out.

Meanwhile, you can check out other game codes like Pet Simulator X Codes, Bee Swarm Simulator Codes, Power Simulator Codes, and more in our Roblox Game Codes section.


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