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Super Console X vs Super Console X Pro – Review and Comparison

Here we are again with another neck-to-neck comparison and product review topic. Not too long ago, we discussed the Top 10 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest, and the topic captured the interest of our readers, especially those long-hour sitters who seek better and more comfortable seating.

This time, it’s the retro gaming consoles: Super Console X vs. Super Console X Pro. But just to mention, we also created a comparison guide for the upgraded version of these consoles, see Super Console X King VS Super Console X Cube: Review and Comparison.

Nostalgia plays a big part in the rise of retro gaming, and we’re about to see which emulator is the best for you or if the upgrade is worth the extra bucks.

Super Console X vs Super Console X Pro- Clash of Generations

Let’s see how the Super Console X competes against its pro version. We have looked at multiple categories in which the two consoles can go head to head. Then we select the winner for each category, run the numbers, and you’ll find out who comes out on top in our final verdict.

We wrote this article in order to help you figure out the best retro gaming console to buy for yourself and determine which one fits your needs and budget best. We’re confident that we’ve covered enough ground to help you make the right choice.

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Everyone has different preferences, and a lot of factors have to be considered before purchasing. Will the Super Console X Pro leave its little brother in the dust, or will the underdog exceed all expectations and come out on top with better value for money? Read on to find out!

Super Console X vs Super Console X Pro

Super Console X vs Super Console X Pro Specs

SpecsSuper Console XSuper Console X Pro
PRICE (USD)98.99121.99
ChipS905MS905 X
Storage128 GB256 GB
Controllers2.4 G Wireless Controllers2.4 G Wireless Controllers
No. of Games41000+ games, 52 Emulators117000+ games, 70 Emulators
Display Output4K and HD output4K and HD output

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About Super Console X

The Super Console X is Kinhank’s retro video game emulator with over 41,000 built-in retro games. It is equipped with the upgraded S905M chip, an open-source Linux system, and 128GB of storage. It can easily run 64bit games perfectly and is compatible with PSP, PS1, DC, MAME, and a lot more.

It also comes with dual 2.4G controllers and supports LAN and Wifi connectivity. All you have to do to play your favorite old-school games is plug the Super Console X into your TV, and you’re good to go.

About Super Console X Pro

The Super Console X Pro is basically an upgrade of the Super Console X. It has better specs and comes with more games. It packs an upgraded S905X chip, 1.5GHz 4 core 64-bit CPU, and MaliTM-450. When it comes to power and capabilities, this one definitely surpasses its normal version.

It also comes with more than twice the amount of games with 117,000+ built-in retro titles. They’re pretty much the same, but the pro version has extra power and games to it.


When it comes to their physical appearance, you won’t notice anything different between the two consoles, even if you compare them side by side. They have the same ports and slots located in the same position.

Even the box looks pretty much identical. So it’s pretty much a draw here.

Winner: Tie


The winner in this category is clearly the Pro version. It comes with a more powerful processor, an upgraded chipset, and offers bigger storage space. Both systems come with 1GB of RAM, but the Pro version comes out on top.

Winner: Super Console X Pro


Both consoles offer a wide array of supported gaming systems and titles. They can emulate pretty much every retro gaming device. But the Pro version comes with more pre-installed games.

Winner: Super Console X Pro


The normal and Pro versions are both suitable for 4K Ultra High Definition TV/monitors/projectors. They also support HD connections, and both have HDMI and AV output. So we have another tie on display.

Winner: Tie

Number of Players Supported

It’s usually the more the merrier when it comes to gaming, especially retro. Both consoles allow up to 5 players to play together, provided they have controllers.


Both consoles look identical with the same number of ports and slots. It has a number of inputs and outputs, including the following:

  • 2 USB ports
  • TF card slot
  • HDMI, Ethernet
  • DCIN
  • AV.

Winner: Tie


If you’re looking for the cheaper console, then the Super Console X wins this one. The normal version only costs $98.99, while the Pro version costs $121.99. If you have more, then it’s definitely worth getting the Pro version.

In the end, it all comes down to how much you’re willing to spend.

Final Verdict

The Super Console X Vs. Super Console X Pro came down pretty much as expected. The Pro version clearly beats the normal one when it comes to performance and games. But surprisingly, not by a very big margin.

The normal Super Console X is best for those who want to play their favorite retro games while only buying a single piece of hardware. If you are on a budget and retro gaming is not your main thing, the normal version will suit you perfectly.

Meanwhile, if you are willing to spend more for a more powerful console with more games readily available, the Super Console X Pro would definitely be a great purchase.

In the end, both consoles are super worth it, and it all comes down to your budget and needs.

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