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Slayers Unleashed Codes – Roblox Free Rerolls

Slayers Unleashed is a Roblox Game inspired by the popular anime series Demon Slayer (Kimetsu No Yaiba). With the help of these Slayers Unleashed Codes, you’ll get multiple rolls so you’ll have the chance to get your desired clan, stat, breathing, and demon art.

The game includes a lot of quests that you can complete to level up your character. You can also customize it by choosing the weapon to use, clan, stats, and a lot more before you go out exploring the dangerous world and battling powerful enemies.

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The game is all about having the best breathing and demon art so it is imperative that you have a lot of rerolls as possible. Fortunately, the developers have been releasing Slayers Unleashed Codes that give free rerolls from time to time and we compiled it all here for your convenience.

Latest Slayers Unleashed Codes That Works

;code LovinBreath1 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath2 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath3 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath4 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath5 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath6 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath7 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath8 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath9 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath10 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath11 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath12 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath13 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath14 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath15 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath16 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath17 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath18 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath19 Breathing Roll
;code LovinBreath20 Breathing Roll
;code LovinDemon1 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon2 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon3 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon4 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon5 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon6 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon7 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon8 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon9 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon10 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon11 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon12 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon13 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon14 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon15 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon16 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon17 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon18 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon19 Demon Art Roll
;code LovinDemon20 Demon Art Roll
;code McLovinRace1 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace2 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace3 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace4 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace5 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace6 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace7 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace8 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace9 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace10 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace11 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace12 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace13 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace14 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace15 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace16 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace17 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace18 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace19 Race Roll
;code McLovinRace20 Race Roll
;code iluvclan1 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan2 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan3 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan4 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan5 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan6 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan7 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan8 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan9 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan10 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan11 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan12 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan13 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan14 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan15 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan16 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan17 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan18 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan19 Clan Roll
;code iluvclan20 Clan Roll
;code heartP0intz1 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz2 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz3 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz4 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz5 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz6 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz7 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz8 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz9 Stat Reset
;code heartP0intz10 Stat Reset
;code NICHIRINLOVE1 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE2 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE3 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE4 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE5 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE6 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE7 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE8 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE9 Nichirin color roll
;code NICHIRINLOVE10 Nichirin color roll
;code BREATHER01 Breathing Roll
;code BREATHER02 Breathing Roll
;code BREATHER03 Breathing Roll
;code BREATHER04 Breathing Roll
;code BREATHER05 Breathing Roll
;code DEMONMAN01 Demon Roll
;code DEMONMAN02 Demon Roll
;code DEMONMAN03 Demon Roll
;code DEMONMAN04 Demon Roll
;code DEMONMAN05 Demon Roll
;code clanner01 Clan Roll
;code clanner02 Clan Roll
;code clanner03 Clan Roll
;code clanner04 Clan Roll
;code clanner05 Clan Roll
;code RACESS01 Race Roll
;code RACESS02 Race Roll
;code RACESS03 Race Roll
;code RACESS04 Race Roll
;code RACESS05 Race Roll
;code bigboiclan1 Clan Roll
;code bigboiclan2 Clan Roll
;code bigboiclan3 Clan Roll
;code bigboiclan4 Clan Roll
;code bigboiclan5 Clan Roll
;code susRace1 Race Roll
;code susRace2 Race Roll
;code susRace3 Race Roll
;code susRace4 Race Roll
;code susRace5 Race Roll
;code ZenoisBreathing1 Breathing Roll
;code ZenoisBreathing2 Breathing Roll
;code ZenoisBreathing3 Breathing Roll
;code ZenoisBreathing4 Breathing Roll
;code ZenoisBreathing5 Breathing Roll
;code storyArtBreathing1 Breathing Roll
;code storyArtBreathing2 Breathing Roll
;code storyArtBreathing3 Breathing Roll
;code storyArtBreathing4 Breathing Roll
;code storyArtBreathing5 Breathing Roll
;code zenothedemon1 Demon Art Roll
;code zenothedemon2 Demon Art Roll
;code zenothedemon3 Demon Art Roll
;code zenothedemon4 Demon Art Roll
;code zenothedemon5 Demon Art Roll
;code storyArtDemon1 Demon Art Roll
;code storyArtDemon2 Demon Art Roll
;code storyArtDemon3 Demon Art Roll
;code storyArtDemon4 Demon Art Roll
;code storyArtDemon5 Demon Art Roll
;code m00nbreath1 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath2 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath3 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath4 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath5 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath6 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath7 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath8 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath9 Breathing Roll
;code m00nbreath10 Breathing Roll
;code m00ndemon1 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon2 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon3 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon4 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon5 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon6 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon7 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon8 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon9 Demon Art Roll
;code m00ndemon10 Demon Art Roll
;code m00nclan1 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan2 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan3 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan4 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan5 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan6 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan7 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan8 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan9 Clan Roll
;code m00nclan10 Clan Roll
;code m00nRACE1 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE2 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE3 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE4 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE5 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE6 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE7 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE8 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE9 Race Roll
;code m00nRACE10 Race Roll
;code lunarPoints1 Stat Reset
;code lunarPoints2 Stat Reset
;code lunarPoints3 Stat Reset
;code lunarPoints4 Stat Reset
;code lunarPoints5 Stat Reset
g4mbitDemon1!Demon Art
g4mbitDemon1!Demon Art
sp00kyStory1Demon Art
sp00kyStory2Demon Art
n3wmark1Slayer Mark
n3wmark2Slayer Mark

How to Activate Slayers Unleashed Codes

Slayers Unleashed Codes

To redeem Slayers Unleashed Codes, just open the game and click on the chat on the upper left of the screen. Type the code that you’ve chosen in the text box and press enter to redeem your rewards.

Slayers Unleashed Codes That Are Currently NOT Working

  • ;code d4rkBreathing1 – breathing roll
  • ;code d4rkBreathing2 – breathing roll
  • ;code d4rkBreathing3 – breathing roll
  • ;code d4rkBreathing4 – breathing roll
  • ;code d4rkBreathing5 – breathing roll
  • ;code d4rkDemon1 – demon art roll
  • ;code d4rkDemon2 – demon art roll
  • ;code d4rkDemon3 – demon art roll
  • ;code d4rkDemon4 – demon art roll
  • ;code d4rkDemon5 – demon art roll
  • ;code d4rkClan1 – clan roll
  • ;code d4rkClan2 – clan roll
  • ;code d4rkClan3 – clan roll
  • ;code d4rkClan4 – clan roll
  • ;code d4rkClan5 – clan roll
  • ;code d4rkRace1 – race roll
  • ;code d4rkRace2 – race roll
  • ;code d4rkRace3 – race roll
  • ;code d4rkRace4 – race roll
  • ;code d4rkRace5 – race roll
  • ;code darkpointer1 – point reset
  • ;code darkpointer2 – point reset
  • ;code darkpointer3 – point reset
  • ;code darkpointer4 – point reset
  • ;code darkpointer5 – point reset
  • ;code SkillIssue1 – nichirin roll
  • ;code SkillIssue2 – nichirin roll
  • ;code SkillIssue3 – nichirin roll
  • ;code dondaBreathing1 – breathing roll
  • ;code dondaBreathing2 – breathing roll
  • ;code dondaBreathing3 – breathing roll
  • ;code dondaBreathing4 – breathing roll
  • ;code dondaBreathing5 – breathing roll
  • ;code dondaDemon1 – demon art roll
  • ;code dondaDemon2 – demon art roll
  • ;code dondaDemon3 – demon art roll
  • ;code dondaDemon4 – demon art roll
  • ;code dondaDemon5 – demon art roll
  • ;code flwZenoRace1 – race roll
  • ;code flwZenoRace2 – race roll
  • ;code flwZenoRace3 – race roll
  • ;code flwZenoRace4 – race roll
  • ;code flwZenoRace5 – race roll
  • ;code followVaneClan1 – clan roll
  • ;code followVaneClan2 – clan roll
  • ;code followVaneClan3 – clan roll
  • ;code followVaneClan4 – clan roll
  • ;code followVaneClan5 – clan roll
  • ;code DONDAPOINTS1 – points reset
  • ;code DONDAPOINTS2 – points reset
  • ;code DONDAPOINTS3 – points reset
  • ;code DONDAPOINTS4 – points reset
  • ;code DONDAPOINTS5 – points reset
  • ;code OBAbreath1 – breathing reroll
  • ;code OBAbreath2 – breathing reroll
  • ;code OBAbreath3 – breathing reroll
  • ;code OBAbreath4 – breathing reroll
  • ;code OBAbreath5 – breathing reroll
  • ;code 150KBREATH1!! – breathing reroll
  • ;code 150KBREATH2!! – breathing reroll
  • ;code 150KBREATH3!! – breathing reroll
  • ;code 150KBREATH4!! – breathing reroll
  • ;code 150KBREATH5!! – breathing reroll
  • ;code OBAdemon1 – demon art reroll
  • ;code OBAdemon2 – demon art reroll
  • ;code OBAdemon3 – demon art reroll
  • ;code OBAdemon4 – demon art reroll
  • ;code OBAdemon5 – demon art reroll
  • ;code 150KDEMON1!! – demon art reroll
  • ;code 150KDEMON2!! – demon art reroll
  • ;code 150KDEMON3!! – demon art reroll
  • ;code 150KDEMON4!! – demon art reroll
  • ;code 150KDEMON5!! – demon art reroll
  • ;code OBAclan1 – clan reroll
  • ;code OBAclan2 – clan reroll
  • ;code OBAclan3 – clan reroll
  • ;code OBAclan4 – clan reroll
  • ;code OBAclan5 – clan reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN1!! – clan reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN2!! – clan reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN3!! – clan reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN4!! – clan reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN5!! – clan reroll
  • ;code obanaiRACE1 – race reroll
  • ;code obanaiRACE2 – race reroll
  • ;code obanaiRACE3 – race reroll
  • ;code obanaiRACE4 – race reroll
  • ;code obanaiRACE5 – race reroll
  • ;code 150KRACE1!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KRACE2!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KRACE3!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KRACE4!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KRACE5!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN2!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN3!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN4!! – race reroll
  • ;code 150KCLAN5!! – race reroll
  • ;code snakeynichirin1 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code snakeynichirin2 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code snakeynichirin3 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code snakeynichirin4 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code snakeynichirin5 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code Snakebreath1 – breathing reroll
  • ;code Snakebreath2 – breathing reroll
  • ;code Snakebreath3 – breathing reroll
  • ;code Snakebreath4 – breathing reroll
  • ;code snakebreath5 – breathing reroll
  • ;code Snakedemon1 – demon art reroll
  • ;code Snakedemon2 – demon art reroll
  • ;code Snakedemon3 – demon art reroll
  • ;code Snakedemon4 – demon art reroll
  • ;code Snakedemon5 – demon art reroll
  • ;code Snakeclan1 – clan reroll
  • ;code Snakeclan2 – clan reroll
  • ;code Snakeclan3 – clan reroll
  • ;code Snakeclan4 – clan reroll
  • ;code Snakeclan5 – clan reroll
  • ;code SSsSRACE1 – race reroll
  • ;code SSsSRACE2 – race reroll
  • ;code SSsSRACE3 – race reroll
  • ;code SSsSRACE4 – race reroll
  • ;code SSsSRACE5 – race reroll
  • ;code icybreath1 – breathing reroll
  • ;code icybreath2 – breathing reroll
  • ;code icybreath3 – breathing reroll
  • ;code icybreath4 – breathing reroll
  • ;code icybreath5 – breathing reroll
  • ;code icydemon1 – demon art reroll
  • ;code icydemon2 – demon art reroll
  • ;code icydemon3 – demon art reroll
  • ;code icydemon4 – demon art reroll
  • ;code icydemon5 – demon art reroll
  • ;code icyclan1 – clan reroll
  • ;code icyclan2 – clan reroll
  • ;code icyclan3 – clan reroll
  • ;code icyclan4 – clan reroll
  • ;code icyclan5 – clan reroll
  • ;code FROZENRACE1 – race reroll
  • ;code FROZENRACE2 – race reroll
  • ;code FROZENRACE3 – race reroll
  • ;code FROZENRACE4 – race reroll
  • ;code FROZENRACE5 – race reroll
  • ;code icynichirin1 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code icynichirin2 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code icynichirin3 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code icynichirin4 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code icynichirin5 – nichirin reroll
  • ;code pointsgobrr1 – stat reset
  • ;code pointsgobrr2 – stat reset
  • ;code pointsgobrr3 – stat reset


If you’ve been hooked on Demon Slayer RPG 2, then you’ll surely love Slayers Unleashed. It has a good battle system that is very fitting for a game where you slay demons. You’ll also feel the anime vibe as it also features your favorite Breathing, Demon Arts, Race, and Clan.

Getting the Demon Art and Breathing that you like would require a lot of rolls especially when you’re aiming for rare ones that are usually hard to get. With the right combination of skills and stats combined with Slayers Unleashed Codes then you will surely crush the competition.


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