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How to Setup Parental Controls on Chromebook and Android Easily

Setting up parental controls on Chromebook
how to setup parental controls on Chromebook

Have you ever wondered how to setup parental controls on Chromebook? This has been a very common question especially now that kids are dependent on the internet more than ever.

Fortunately for us, technology is getting smarter and Google Family Link for Parents is here!

Family Link for Parents is your all-in-one solution for blocking websites and apps, establishing screen time and usage time, plus a lot of helpful features that you will really appreciate.

Things You Need to Setup For Parental Controls

In order to get access to parental controls, you should have the following:

  • Established Wi-Fi Network with internet access
  • Google Account for parents and kids
  • Chromebook (OS 71 or higher) and/or Android Devices (OS 5.1 or higher)
  • Google Family Link for Parents App
parental controls requirements

How to Setup Parental Controls on Chromebook with The Family Link App


Now that we have listed everything you need to get started, it’s now time to dive into the heart of the subject. If you’re looking to restrict access or to block unwanted websites, we got you covered.

Here’s how to setup parental controls on Chromebook using your device:

  1. Log in via Family Link for Parents
  2. On your Chromebook, go to Settings>People then click your account, and hit +Add account. Follow on-screen instructions.
  3. Grab your kids’ Android device and/or Chromebook and follow on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

Here’s how to setup parental controls using your kids’ device if your kid is below 13 years of age:

  1. Login to your own account and go to settings
  2. Head over to People>Manage Other People. Choose Restrict Sign-In to the following users.
  3. Add/remove users on Chromebook. Be sure to turn off Guest Browsing before you close the window.
  4. Access supervision and management features on the Family Link App for children and teens to make changes.

Here’s how to setup parental controls using your kids’ device if your kid is over 13 years of age:

  1. Enroll your kids’ Google account into your Family Link App for children & teens
  2. Access supervision and management feature on the Family Link App for children & teens to make changes.
  3. Block specific apps and websites that are unproductive. Be sure to check here for more tips.
Parental controls

Other Features of Family Link App

Family link app

Now that we’ve learned how to set up parental controls on Chromebook, it’s now time to see what Google’s Family Link App has to offer. The app has tons of features that will make your supervision as seamless as possible. Here are the features we enjoy:

  • Browsing RestrictionsControl the webpages they can visit. Block gaming sites or adult websites with ease.
  • Supervise Google Account(s)View their app activity, manage their app usage, and see what they usually explore online.
  • Recommend and Guide kids to good and quality contentFeed your kids with the right amount of curiosity. Guide your kids with your recommended sites and videos to check out.
  • Manage by adding/removing apps that they can useManage the apps they have installed on their devices. Add and remove apps as you see fit.
  • Lock their devices (Chromebook and Android)Set time restrictions on their browsing and device usage habits.
  • Set screen timeAutomate screen time usage by setting up a schedule.
  • Track their device’s locationNever lose track of your young one as long as the device is connected to the internet.
  • Check out teacher-recommended appsFuel their learning and creativity by checking out teacher-recommended apps to explore
  • View App ActivityObserve and monitor their app-by-app usage. See a detailed list by checking daily, weekly and monthly statistics.


With the help of Family Link app, you didn’t just learn how to set up parental controls on Chromebook, you also learned how to manage their online presence and usage. We should never stop our kids from developing their curiosity. However, we should regulate it accordingly.

Parental controls are here for a reason. It is to help parents with little-to-no-experience with URL blocking and filtering. While it’s true that we can’t really shield our kids from everything, setting this up on their Chromebook will at least give you some peace of mind in terms of internet security.

Creativity and curiosity are among the most important skills a young mind should develop. Be sure to provide them the right platform to grow, learn and be curious about.

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