How to Turn On Roblox Voice Chat in-game

When it comes to free-to-play games, Roblox is among the video games in this category. However, if there’s one thing that is holding this game back, it’s the lack of a Roblox voice chat feature.

Fortunately for us, users all over the globe will finally have a chance to use this feature — as long as you’re qualified to use it. 

Roblox Corporation has been looking for more ways to improve. What sets it apart from other online platforms is its desire to keep improving the game.

Thanks to the upcoming Spatial Voice chat feature, active users will soon have the option to chat inside the game session without the need of using external apps.

Is Roblox Voice Chat available in 2023?

When it comes to Roblox’s in-game voice chat, there is no official news on when it will be available globally.

The developers instead are encouraging eligible users to maximize the game chat feature while they are working on a great voice chat experience for everyone.

The methods that Roblox is making to ensure a safe voice chat environment are quite impressive.

First, users are required to submit proof of age by uploading a government-issued ID. This way, the chat platform is safer for eligible users. 

Stay tuned for more news about future voice plans.

How to enable Roblox Voice Chat (Spatial Voice)

The game developers promised voice plans, and they surely delivered! Although it’s still in beta, some lucky users that have access to Spatial Voice.

If you have signed up for it, try this new feature out by following the steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Go to Account Settings and search for the Privacy Tab
  • Step 2: Look for the Spatial Voice selector and switch the toggle from OFF to ON. The toggle will turn from grey to green.
  • Step 3: You should be able to see a microphone icon next to the user name. To mute a certain player, click on the microphone icon over their avatar’s head. 

Pro-tip: Looking for a server that has enabled voice chat? Simply search “chat voice” in the Experiences tab.

TIP: Because of a very large player base, it’s expected to encounter rude gamers. Never tolerate online harassment and abuse as it’s against the community standards. We encourage you to block users by following Roblox’s official guide here.

For Xbox One Users

Xbox Live Party Chat

Xbox One users are in for a treat as Roblox on Xbox comes with its very own voice chat platform that allows you to communicate with friends and team members.

If you are using a Kinect or a headset, your account will automatically be placed into voice chat along with other players in your session.

Tip: Be sure to enable Voice communication in Xbox Settings. To switch to game chat, go to the “Your party” panel in Xbox and search for the “Switch to game chat” option. If followed correctly, you should be able to enjoy Xbox Live party chat with no issues.

Alternative to Roblox Voice Chat

While the integrated voice chat system for Roblox isn’t available worldwide, the good news is that there are third-party communication tools and apps to use while in-game One particular app that has been taking the world by storm is Discord.

Discord offers a broader voice chat app that’s very easy to use.



When it comes to free voice chat, Discord is arguably the most popular app today. The beauty of using this app is the option to just chat with friends or to join public servers — no need to worry about speaking privileges in-game, at all.

Another bonus is exchanging chat messages to users via text, voice, as well as video.

Using Discord as your Roblox voice chat option is very easy. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Step 1: Download Discord and create a free account. 
  • Step 2: Create a group or join an existing one.
  • To Create A New Group

On the home page, search for the + Icon (Add a Server): Follow on-screen instructions

add a server discord
create a server
  • To Join an Existing Group

Users can either search for the group in Discord or they can join a group by using an invitation link. Opening the link should give you access to the server.

invite link

Advanced Discord Tips for Roblox Voice Chat

While using an external app for voice chat can be quite a hassle, configuring it properly can give you the best communication experience.

Setting up everything on Discord is straightforward. But if you need a helping hand, here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

On the Discord homepage, look for your username on the lower left and click on User Settings.

user settings

Step 2

Search for Voice & Video and click on it

voice and video

Step 3

Configure your audio settings. We encourage trial and error until you get your desired result. Feel free to choose between using noise-canceling tools for better results. 

configure audio settings

Disclaimer: Discord’s chat function is not recommended to be used by kids. Chat for children is not recommended, especially without parental supervision. 


There you have it! Congratulations, you can now use Roblox voice chat whether officially, or via third-party apps.

We hope that you’ve learned a thing or two about improving your gaming experience.

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