Your Guide to Common Roblox Slang Meanings

So you’ve finally decided to join your friends in Roblox, but then you realize that the public chat was alien to you. Don’t worry, and you’re not the only one who went through all that. Roblox slang is a very complex and interesting language. 

Since it’s a game for everyone around the globe, the use of the English Language isn’t really practiced very well. The good news is there are plenty of words that we have gotten to know by heart. So if you’re new to the game, don’t sweat it. We’ll get you up and ready in no time!

Let’s learn more about the language of Roblox, shall we?

Roblox Slang and the Internet

Most of what you see in Roblox has something to do with the combination of social media, meme culture, and massive multiplayer online games (MMO). If you belong in any of those groups, then it’s safe to say that you know a word or two in our list. 

However, there’s an elephant in the room that a lot of people can’t bypass — the Roblox safe chat filter. If you are interacting with user accounts under 12, then expect very limited interactions in chat. Fortunately, a way to get through it is understanding the Roblox slang. Don’t worry; there are only a few edits here and there.

Roblox Slang Glossary

Since the internet and Roblox are regularly expanding, it’s safe to expect that the common lingo is going to expand alongside it. Fortunately for you, we’re very dedicated to keeping ourselves updated with internet talk, so if you’re suddenly feeling old and you need help understanding some of the new words/phrases, we got your back!

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Expect this page to be updated over time as we keep updating our glossary to better help new and existing Roblox gamers. At the end of the day, Roblox slang is what will help us communicate better, so let us help you stay on track with little to no effort.


What does 13 mean?

Reference gamers use to indicate the account type. There are two account types — 13+ and 12 and below.

Usage: “You must be new here. Is your account 13 or under 12?”

What does 1v1 mean?

A common multiplayer term when you want to battle someone one-on-one. It can be used as a form of a joke or to prove yourself in battle. 

Usage: “LOL. If you really think you could beat me, let’s 1v1


What does AA mean?

This Roblox slang is known as admin abuse. It’s a term used to voice out unfair administrators that bully the players. 

Usage: “Wow, nice kill.  AA much?”

What does ABC mean?

Yet another common multiplayer game term. ABC is the equivalent of raising one’s hand to partake in a certain scenario. This term is commonly used in roleplaying games when someone responds to a roleplay request.

Usage: “Need someone to play as my Queen, who’s in? ABC” – if a player agrees, they would have to respond with ‘ABC’.

What does AFK mean?

Away from the keyboard. This term has been around ever since the internet had become mainstream. In Roblox slang, the term is basically the same.

Usage: “I’ll be AFK for 10 minutes. Just need to do something real quick”

What does AOS mean?

This popular roleplaying term means to Arrest on Site. Most commonly seen in RPGs where cops and criminals play significant roles in the game itself.

Usage: “Remember to only use violence as the last option. AOS is our top priority”

What does A/C mean?

In the online gaming community, the Roblox slang A/C doesn’t make your room cooler, it’s a term used to either Accept or Counter the trade proposal. 

Usage: “Trading 4-Star weapon for xx cash or item. Send me a message to A/C trade”

What does A/D mean?

Another popular trading term that means Accept or Decline. Popularly used when trading with another player straight-up. In other words: take it or leave it.

Usage: “This is my final offer, A/D


What does B) mean?

Back when emojis weren’t a thing, ‘emoticons’ were used to add more emotions to the text. B) used to be the symbol of a person wearing sunglasses with a smile on his face. Usually used after saying something ‘cool’.

Usage: “Oh nice, you finally finished it! Welcome to the club B)

What does BB mean?

The term “BB” has two meanings: It could indicate a game mode called Brick Battles, or in other times, to refer to someone as ‘baby’.

Usage (game mode): “Yo, wanna play BB? We just need a few more players to start”

Usage (baby): “You’re my silly BB

What does BBG mean?

Commonly used as an insult over weak gaming skills. The term BBG means baby girl.

Usage: “Don’t cry BBG, you can always try again LOL”

What does BRB mean?

If you know AFK, then you also know the shortcut of “be right back.” This term is also commonly used in Roblox slang. 

Usage: “Yo BRB, need to take care of something real quick”

What does BTW mean?

By the way” is also an internet term that has been adopted in the gaming community ever since online gaming became a thing.

Usage: “Can’t believe we’ve spent 3 hours finishing that game. BTW, need to tell you something”

What does Bruh mean?

A versatile word. The term ‘bruh’ can be used either to express disbelief, amazement or to dismiss something/someone. Originally came from memes, but soon found its way to Roblox slang.

Usage: “… bruh, I can’t believe you actually did that”

What does Beaned mean?

Since getting banned in Roblox has been a normal thing for mischievous gamers, the majority of users are using the term “beaned” to indicate someone just got banned.

Usage: “Yo, I heard **** just got beaned today. He won’t be able to play for the next 3 days LMAO”

What does Bypass mean?

A term commonly used by the Roblox community when a user would be able to bypass the game’s strict Terms of Service. This can be achieved by wearing something inappropriate, or being able to say something absurd via chat. These also include listings in the Avatar Shop. 

Usage: “How can he say those things? He’s probably a bypass

What does Bloxxed mean?

This is a term used to describe a Roblox character falling to the ground and being smashed into pieces — a typical scenario in a lot of game modes. Just replace the word killed or defeated with ‘Bloxxed’, and you’re all good.

Usage: “Boom! Bloxxed, bro. U mad?”


What does C7RN mean?

You might have seen people typing it in chat. What this truly means is Roblox slang for checking if you’re in safe chat mode.

Usage: Type C7RN in public chat. If you see your message, then you’re not using safe chat. If you do, then you’re not using a secure chat network.

What does Cord mean?

Since the word ‘Discord’ is not allowed on Roblox to deter gamers from using third-party communication tools, players get around it by using ‘cord’ instead.

Usage: “you can join our server on Cord

What does Comped mean?

The word came from compromised, which is a common thing in the world of Roblox. Because the greater majority of players in the community are children, they are usually prone to hacks and scams. 

Usage: “my friend’s account just got comped and I think I’m next”

What does Copypaste mean?

This Roblox slang is usually used to describe an unoriginal avatar on Roblox.

Usage: “Wow, are you a walking mirror? Your avatar is basically copypaste lol”


What does DD mean?

Commonly used in military-based roleplaying games where it’s a shortcut for Dishonorably Discharged.

Usage: “Some of our men were DD’d earlier today.”

What does DM mean?

Just like in social media, DM means direct message. Usually used in the public chat to take the conversation somewhere more private.

Usage: “Send me a DM and I can tell you more about it LMAO”

What does Disco mean?

Another Roblox slang used to invite people over on Discord. 

Usage: “You should join my Disco, lotta cool people to chat with!”

What does Discard mean?

Another Roblox slang used to invite people over on Discord. Just be mindful of the context to not get confused.

Usage: “Let’s talk on discard? DM me your details so I can add you”

What does Dog Water mean?

It’s an insult in the Roblox community to describe a player’s poor gaming performance.

Usage: “Wow, what a total dog water LOL”


What does EZ mean?

A shortcut for ‘easy’. Usually used to mock the other team for losing that badly.

Usage: “LOL EZ game!”


What does FFA mean?

It’s an online gaming term to describe a game mode called ‘Free-for-All’. Most commonly seen in shooters and strategy games.

Usage: “Is this FFA? This game is crazy!”

What do Fat Legs mean?

This derogatory Roblox slang is used to describe the Avatar’s body type especially when players opt out of customizing their torsos and lower bodies.

Usage: “bruh, check out fat legs over there LOL.”

What does Filterpass mean?

Another term used for people being able to bypass the chat filters.

Usage: “How can you say that? Talk about filterpass smh”


What does GG mean?

This online gaming term means good game. It is usually used as a sign of respect to the other team after a well-fought match. Can also be used as a form of respect for any game mode in general.

Usage: “What a match! GG guys!”

What does G2G/GTG mean?

A common acronym in early chatting indicating that the person’s ‘got to go’.

Usage: “Yo, gtg. Got an early day tomorrow. GG guys”

What does Git Gud mean?

An insult that can be used for the opposing teams or even among teammates. It pretty much means to get good at the game.

Usage: “Instead of complaining, just git gud?”

What does Get Noobed mean?

The opposite of saying GG. Can also be used after EZ. This is to insult the opposing team for a horrible mismatch.

Usage: “LOL EZ! Get noobed hahaha”

What does Go Commit Die mean?

An old meme reference that’s used as a form of insult. It’s another term for suggesting the player just commit suicide for playing atrociously. 

Usage: “Srsly, just go commit die already”


What does h4x/hax mean?

The term means ‘hacks’ is a double-edged sword. Players who know you may use this as a form of compliment for doing something great. Players on the receiving end may think of you as cheating to get ahead in the game. Context matters when being used.

Usage (suspicion): “Wow how did you kill me? Nice hax 

Usage (compliment): “Yoooo, that was sick! Nice h4x, bro”


What does IRL mean?

A chat lingo that made its way as a Roblox slang, means in real life.

Usage: “I’m sure you don’t act like that IRL, right?

What does ISTG mean?

Also a common chat lingo, it means I swear to God. Commonly used to show frustration especially to another Roblox avatar.


What does JK mean?

It means just kidding. A common chat phrase that was also popularized in Roblox.

Usage: “LOL I was jk, chill.” 

What does JS mean?

It means just saying. Commonly used when a person said something brutally honest that may rub people the wrong way.

Usage: “I’m sorry for saying it, I’m js it’s not appropriate to play with them.”


What does KO mean?

This sports term was also been popularized in Roblox. It means knocked out. 

Usage: “LOL you just got KO’d. GG tho”

What does KS mean?

There are two uses for KS. In general chat, it means kiss since Roblox chat filters blocked the word. In other game modes, it is referred to as kill-steal, which is considered to be frowned upon in the gaming community.

Usage (kiss): “Aww sweet. KS for you <3”

Usage (game): “Nice, that was obviously mine. Nice KS

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What does LV mean?

Since the word love is filtered by Roblox, the online community considered ‘lv’ as a Roblox slang for it.

Usage: “I lv this game mode!”

What does LVL mean?

A shortcut for level. This has been used since the very beginning of online gaming.

Usage:  “what lvl are you in? Wanna party?”

What does LMAD mean?

It’s an acronym for let’s make a deal. When it comes to trading items on Roblox, it’s quite common for gamers to shorten words to make things simpler.

Usage: “I got some new stuff you might be interested in. LMAD?”


What does MK mean?

This Roblox slang simply means mmm, okay. Commonly used as a smug way to end a conversation or disagreement.

Usage: “Right. MK

What does MWA mean?

The term ‘mwa’ came from the sound of kissing(muah) since the Roblox team found it inappropriate for children to use it with teens or adults in-game.

Usage: “You’re the best! Mwa!”

What does Mic-Up mean?

Voice communications are very important for team-based games and fellow gamers encourage others to use 3rd-party apps like Discord to use while playing competitive Roblox game modes.

Usage: “Yo, wanna mic-up for this game? Higher chance of winning”


What does NFT mean?

While in other terms it would mean non-fungible tokens, for Roblox slang, it means not-for-trade. 

Usage: “Sorry, the item’s NFT

What does NGF mean?

A trading acronym for gamers indicating that they’re not going first. This is common when dealing with first-timers in Roblox trading.

Usage: “Are we doing this? Because NGF

What does Noob/n00b/Newb mean?

The term Noob came from way back. It is usually a way to initiate newbies in the game. Today, it can be used to joke around or insult someone’s level of knowledge in-game.

Usage: “Don’t be such a noob


What does OP mean?

Commonly used in multiplayer games, it means someone or something is overpowered that which causes game imbalance.

Usage: “That is so OP. RIP game” 

What does OOC mean?

It means someone is out of character in roleplaying game modes. Playing your role and staying in character is very crucial in Roblox RP servers.

Usage: “Mr. police officer, that is so OOC

What does Oof mean?

Oof came from meme culture and was popularized by a similar-sounding sound bite. Often used to indicate something painful to watch, whether an awkward conversation or a failed attempt of doing something epic.

Usage: “Yikes, that’s a big oof right there.”

What does Obby mean?

Obby is a shortcut used for Obstacle Course-type games on Roblox. In fact, it’s also considered to be a genre. 

Usage: “Let’s try obby games for fun!”

What does Owned mean?

As the name suggests, it means that in that particular incident, that player got the better of you and he basically owned you.

Usage: “Boom, ya just got owned!


What does PM mean?

Another word for DM, which means private message. Often used by much older users in the Roblox community.

Usage: “Send me a PM and I’ll let you know.”

What does P2W mean?

A very common acronym used by people who don’t want to pay for anything in-game. In Roblox slang, it means Play-to-Win, just like in every other game. 

Usage: “Wow, u lucky because u P2W player LOL”

What does Pwned mean?

See Owned

Usage: “Ha! Just got pwned… again! LOL”


What does QT mean?

It’s a shortcut of saying someone is a cutie. Usually used to talk about another person’s avatar.

Usage: “check out that qt over there”

What does Qder mean?

While this is generally frowned upon, the term Qder means online dater in roleplaying games. The reason Q is used instead of O (Oder), is because the word ‘Oder’ has been filtered by Roblox.

Usage: “Didn’t you know? He’s a Qder


What does RAP mean?

In trading, this Roblox slang means recent average price. This is to ensure that both parties are getting the most out of their trade.

Usage: “Let’s base the deal on RAP, cool?”

What does RDM mean?

It is in reference to one of the most popular game modes in Roblox — Random Death Match. A very common theme in fighting games.

Usage: “I’m bored, let’s try RDM games to kill time”

What does Reee mean?

This is an overexaggerated way of telling someone is acting like a child. ‘Reee’ indicates the sound that a child makes when they’re having a temper tantrum.

Usage: “Oh here he goes again. Reeeeeee

What does Rekt mean?

Read as wrecked, it’s another term that is similar to getting Owned. Commonly used when a player has been bested at a game or a match with ease.

Usage: “Get rekt, noob”


What does Slender mean?

A Roblox slang for avatars that are both tall and thin, while using alternate appearances.

Usage: “Check out that slender over there.”

What does Salad Heir mean?

An insult for users who are using holiday crown gears on their avatars.

Usage: “the server is filled with salad heirs LMAO”


What does TH mean?

TH is a shortcut of what the hell. It was cut short because Roblox chat filters wth, wtf, and more. Fortunately, Roblox slang is constantly adapting so now there’s a workaround for it.

Usage: th, that was mine!”

What does TDM mean?

Another common multiplayer term to talk about a popular game mode: team deathmatch. 

What does TTYL mean?

A common chat acronym in social media meaning to talk to you later. This has been incorporated with Roblox slang as well.

Usage: “gtg, ttyl okay?”


What does UUC mean?

UUC is a trade scam known as the UUC method. It works by sending you a trade request and once you accept it, you will lose your items.


What does Void mean?

In Roblox roleplay servers, when you are considered void, it simply means you’re not allowed to roleplay with them any longer.

Usage: “That’s it, you’re void. byeeee”


What does W8 mean?

A shortcut for saying wait. 

Usage: “yo w8 give me 5 mins”

What does WaaPP mean?

An acronym for a very popular game Work at a Pizza Place

Usage: “Wanna play WaaPP with us?


What does XD/xd mean?

XD/xd is a form of early-day emojis to depict a person smiling from ear to ear with their eyes crossed out to express excitement.

Usage: “LOL can’t w8 XD


What does YR mean?

A shortcut for saying you’re right. Usually, it’s used as the quickest way to acknowledge a person’s point, especially during a disagreement.

Usage: “You know what? YR, it was my bad.”


What does Zzzz mean?

A term gamers use when either the conversation or the game is getting stale. 

Usage: “This game mode. Zzzz

roblox slang bruh


There you have it! Here are the most common Roblox slang meanings that we could find. Don’t worry; the list will continue to grow as the game keeps growing. We’ll always keep you in the loop. Know any words that we might have missed? Please do tell us in the comment section down below! 

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