Toughest Raid Bosses in Blox Fruits Ranked

Just who is the strongest among raid bosses in Blox Fruits? Find out in this raid boss guide!

Another day of grinding in Blox Fruits as you rush to your next quest when suddenly, you see a giant green health bar on top of your screen. 

Raid Bosses in Blox Fruits

Ah yes, my first raid boss encounter. I knew Greybeard was really strong, but he pales in comparison to other raid bosses on this list.

Raid bosses are the most formidable opponents in Blox Fruits, but they also give bountiful rewards when you manage to take them down. 

So, if you’re planning to hunt them, this article will surely be of great value to you.

In this Blox Frutis guide, I’ll introduce you to the toughest foes you’ll meet in the game and ultimately decide who is the strongest raid boss once and for all.

Raid Bosses in Blox Fruits Ranked

10. Greybeard

greybeard blox fruits

“Loud tremors are being heard from across the sea…”

Greybeard is probably everyone’s first raid boss encounter. He spawns in the First Sea at the Marine Fortress every 6 hours and despawns after only 15 minutes. 

He is level 750 with 303,750 HP, and he has the unawakened version of the Quake Fruit. 

Greybeard is the weakest raid boss in the game, and the only tricky thing about him is not letting him fall in the water, as he will regain all his health when you make that mistake. 

Upon killing him, you will get 3 levels and if you have the Bisento V1, it will be upgraded to its V2 version.

9. Darkbeard

darkbeard blox fruits

“The power of Darkness has been unleashed.”

Darkbeard is spawned in the Second Sea by placing a Fist of Darkness on the altar of Dark Arena.

He is level 1000, uses the unawakened version of Dark Fruit, and has 305,000 health.

I recommend you bring five people if you are all Second Sea players. But if you’re high level already and have a Buddha build, you might be able to solo this boss.

By beating Darkbeard, you will gain 3 levels, 50,000 Beli, 1,500 Fragments, and a small chance to acquire the Dark Coat accessory. 

8. Order

order blox fruits

Order is another raid boss in the Second Sea. He spawns in his castle in Ice and Cold if you use a Microchip bought from the Arlthmetic NPC for 1,000 Fragments. 

The order raid basically works like a normal fruit raid and up to 4 people can go simultaneously.

Order is the only raid boss with a player limit and he also doesn’t have a system message. He uses a combination of the Control Fruit and the Koko Katana. 

He is a very agile opponent and utilizes teleportation for quick attacks. Use fruits with lots of stuns to keep him in check.

7. Cursed Captain

cursed captain blox fruits

“A shiver runs down your spine…”

The Cursed Captain has a 1/3 chance to spawn every night in the Cursed Ship (Second Sea). He wields the Midnight Blade and uses its old moves. 

He is level 1325 and has 231,625 HP, but he’s quite easy to beat with the trick I always use.

Try attacking him with any long-range attack and lure him into a wall. Then, you can attack him on the other side.

After killing him, you will get 10 Ectoplasm and a small chance to obtain a Blue Spikey Coat, Red Spikey Coat, or Hellfire Torch, which is used to get the Ghoul Race.

6. Terrorshark


Terrorsharks are level 2000 raid bosses that can spawn in the Third Sea at Danger level 2-6.

When you encounter one, it’s eat or be eaten. 

The Terrorshark, along with its smaller sharklings, will keep attacking the player(s) on the boat until one side gets wiped out.

Terrorsharks might sound and look scary, but a Magma Fruit or a Buddha fruit user with the Shark race can easily take them down. 

Upon beating this raid boss, you will get 1 level, 300 Fragments, and 20,000 – 25,000 Beli.

5. Soul Reaper

soul reaper blox fruits

“An unknown being has entered this world…”

The Soul Reaper raid boss is level 2100 and he spawns by using the Hallow Essence on the altar with blue flames right beside the Graveyard. 

He has short cooldowns and usually spams Soul Execution which can be lethal in close range.

The trick to beat him easier is by keeping your distance and using high-damage fruits with long-ranged attacks like Venom, Spirit, Blizzard, etc.

Beating him will reward you with a Holy Crown and some bones. There’s also a chance you’ll get the Hallow Scythe he uses.

4. Cake Prince

cake prince blox fruits

“A dimension has spawned.”

The Cake Prince can be summoned by talking to drp_mama in Cake Land and completing the quest to defeat 500 enemies in the area. 

He is a level 2300 raid boss that uses the unawakened version of Dough. It takes at least 3 people to beat him because he has high HP and spammable moves. 

I always get freaked out when he suddenly closes the gap with his dash. But defeating him will grant you 50,000 Beli, 1000 Fragments, three levels, and the Pale Scarf, which gives you more Blox Fruits and Sword Damage.

It also enhances your Instinct by a ton.

3. Leviathan

leviathan blox fruits

The Leviathan is one of the late-game raid bosses.  

To find him, you need to be in a sea exploration group of five or more people and bring a Beast Hunter boat. Then, go to the Frozen Dimension at Sea Danger level 6 and talk to the Frozen Watcher.

The Leviathan is the biggest raid boss in Blox Fruits with 4 segments adding up to a total of 1,000,000 HP. 

Magma Fruit and Shark Anchor is a must if you want to beat this boss. He drops a Leviathan Heart (use Harpoon) and Leviathan Scales, which are essential for obtaining Sanguine Art. 

2. Dough King

dough king blox fruits

“A dimension worthy of a God has spawned.”

The Dough King is the buffed and stronger version of the Cake Prince and you can summon him the same way but with more difficult steps, like getting the Cake’s Chalice. 

Just summoning him will require a huge amount of grinding and effort, which can be wasted in an instant if exploiters get to drip_mama before you. 

Check out our Dough King guide for a successful raid.

Don’t even bother trying to take him down alone or you’ll waste hours or even days of effort. He has the biggest HP in the game with 1,111,500. 

Beating him will give you the Red Key which grants you access to the awakened raids. You can also get 6 levels, a Mirror Fractal, and a Pale Scarf.

1. rip_indra

rip indra blox fruits

And the GOAT of all raid bosses is rip_indra, named after the developer of the game himself.

He’s a whopping level 5000 raid boss that can only be summoned using a God’s Chalice in the Castle on the Sea. 

He wields the Dark Blade V2 and when he gets summoned, the entire sea is enveloped with fog.

Rip_indra gives the highest bounty amongst all raid bosses in Blox Fruits with 125,000.

You also get 3 levels, around 50,000 Belis, 1500 Fragments, and most important of all, the ability to use portals all throughout the map.

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Beat the Raid Bosses in Blox Fruits

So, which one of the raid bosses in Blox Fruits are you planning to take down first? 

They are some of the toughest opponents you’ll ever face, so make sure to rally a trusted team and gear up.

Just remember, the fiercer the battle, the sweeter the rewards.

Did you find this article useful? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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