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Piggy Codes (September 2023) – Free Piggy Tokens

Get your free Piggy Tokens with our Piggy codes. The horror-mystery game Piggy: Book 1’s sequel, Piggy: Book 2, is one of the hottest Roblox games.

The two games are categorized under the “Piggy” game series. MiniToon is the developer of these, and Piggy: Book 2’s official trailer debuted on August 22, 2020.

Piggy Book 2 codes

Piggy will take you on an adventure based on the cartoon character Peppa Pig. The sequel will revolve around Pony and the other survivors who were looking for something in particular, as Pony said in the trailer.

Pony and the rest of the survivors must have traveled far out in the mountains, and you’ll be witnessing their journey.

This Piggy codes list will give you free goodies that will aid in your adventure. Free skins and piggy coins are yours with just a few simple taps.

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Working Piggy Codes List

Active Codes

  • summerboost—Redeem for 100 Cosmic Coins (New)
  • ThankYouFor10K—Redeem for 100 Coins (New)
  • HaveABranchedNewYear—350 Chocolate Coins, 350 Cosmic Coins & 25 Orbs
  • 5MVISITSPART2—555 Cosmic Coins 
  • 1MVISITS—X100 free coins
  • PBR1ANNIVERSARY—Redeem for a Special Skin
  • HollyJollyRealities—Redeem for 350 Chocolate Coins, 350 Cosmic Coins, and 25 Orbs
  • 100KMEMBERS—Redeem for 100 Cosmic Coins and 10 Orbs
  • 5MVISIT—5 orbs
  • ch2delay—Redeem for 250 Cosmic Coins
Piggy Book 2 codes

Expired Codes

These codes have been removed and/or disabled and will no longer work.

  • PiggyPlayer50 – Receive 50 Piggy Tokens
  • FirstCode – Receive the exclusive MiniToon Skin
  • MiniToonTokens – Receive 5 Piggy Tokens
  • TestCode1 – Gave 100 Piggy Tokens.

How to redeem Piggy codes?

Here is how you can redeem your codes and claim your free rewards:

  • Step 1: Open Piggy
  • Step 2: Go to Item Shop on the left side of your screen
  • Step 3: Click on Packages
  • Step 4: The Redeem Area can be found on the bottom
  • Step 5: Type in your codes or copy and paste
  • Enjoy your rewards

What are Piggy Codes?

Piggy codes are redeemable codes for the Roblox game Piggy. You can use them to get free Piggy tokens or toys. Then tokens can be used to buy weapons and other goodies.

When will New Piggy Codes come out?

GameGrinds cannot make or delete Piggy codes. Only the game’s creator can do that. But rest assured that we will frequently update this list and keep new codes posted as soon as they come out.

How to play Piggy?

You can play Piggy by heading to the Roblox website and searching for Piggy in the game directory. Or head to Piggy web page address directly.


And that is how you score yourself free coins on Piggy 2. We are confident that you have everything you need to use these Piggy codes effectively.

Our lists are always updated. So be sure to check back frequently for new codes and be the first one to use them.

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