Pet Swarm Simulator Codes (October 2023) – Free Coins and Food Boosts

Pet Swarm Simulator is a Roblox game where you raise pets to defeat enemies and collect eggs so you can hatch them to get rare and stronger pets. You’ll travel the world to find rare pets, and these Pet Swarm Simulator codes can help you with that.

Aside from finding strong and rare pets, you also need to collect food to feed your eggs so that they can hatch.

Pet Swarm Simulator Codes

Upgrading your bag is also necessary so you can collect a lot of food in one run. You can also trade pets with other players if you wish to.

There are also a lot of quests that you can do in the game to get rewards. But besides that, the developers also provide Pet Swarm Simulator Codes from time to time to aid players in progressing in the game. We’ll keep this post updated once new codes arrive.

Pet Swarm Simulator Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are working and redeemable:

  • ItzVortex – 3,500 Coins
  • discordmember – Discord Role
  • 45klikes – 15 minutes of 10x Food
  • XBOX – Free Pet
  • megaupdate – 2x Food Boost
  • 35klikes – 3x Rare Eggs
  • HUGEUPDATE – 15 minutes of 2x Food & Coins Boost
  • sorryaboutthat – 15 minutes of 2x Coins Boost
  • 25kLikes – Food multiplier
  • 15kLikes – Food multiplier
  • gcntv – 30 minutes of 2x Coins Boost
  • 10KTHANKS – 15 minutes of Mythic Multiplier
  • 3kLIKES – 30 minutes of 2x Coins Boost

Expired Codes

  • There are no expired Pet Swarm Simulator codes at the moment.

How to Activate Pet Swarm Simulator Codes

Pet Swarm Simulator Codes

To redeem Pet Swarm Simulator Codes, open the game and press the Twitter Icon on the right side of the screen.

A window will appear, and you need to enter the code chosen in the textbox. After that, press ‘Enter’ to receive your rewards.

See video:

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Raising pets in Pet Swarm Simulator is not easy, and it can set you back hours and days to even complete your dream lineup.

But if you don’t like the tedious grinding it requires, you might want to accept the lending hand these codes provide.

The key to winning in this game is to have strong pets, and you can’t do that without having extra coins, food, and extra boost that these Pet Swarm Simulator Codes can provide.

With the help of these codes, you’ll soon have powerful pets that you can use the fight Evil Dark Wizard. For more codes like this, see Roblox Game Codes Compilation section.

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