Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes (October 2023) – Free Cash and Rewards

Get your hands on free cash and upgrades with our Oil Warfare Tycoon codes! War games Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, and other shooters have always been popular in the industry.

That’s why it’s no surprise that the likes of Oil Warfare Tycoon are popular in Roblox. But unlike the classic FPS, where everything you need for the battle is provided to you, Oil Warfarer Tycoon needs you to be a master of allocating your resources for war.

Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

Beginner players may struggle at first, and that’s where we’ll come in handy. Our Oil Warfare Tycoon codes will help keep your War Chest full and keep your upgrade options versatile.

All for free! However, these won’t last forever, so let’s hop into the codes and use them already.

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Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are currently redeemable and working:

  • Hooray50k—Redeem for 150k Cash (New)
  • 200K—Redeem for a 20 minute 2x Cash boost, 200k Cash, and a 1 life Barrett M82 Gamepass Gun
  • 50M—Redeem for 50 minutes of 2x Cash
  • BlueBird—Redeem for free rewards
  • Weekend—Redeem for 250k in-game cash, 30 minutes of 2x Cash, and a FAL Heavy
  • TweetUp—Redeem for free Cash
  • GoinUp—Redeem for free Cash
  • BigBucks—Redeem for $100,000 Cash
  • Stonks—Redeem for 2x Cash for 10 min

Expired Codes

These codes have been disabled and are no longer working:

  • MoneyPrinter
  • TrickOrTreat

How to redeem Oil Warfare Tycoon codes?

How to Redeem Oil Warfare Tycoon Codes

Getting these freebies is as easy as following these steps:

  • Open Roblox and Launch Oil Warfare Tycoon
  • Look for the Twitter icon on the right-hand side of your screen
  • Click on it and enter one of the codes
  • Hit redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards

When will new Oil Warfare Tycoon codes come out?

Only the developer of the game can produce new codes and according to the game’s Roblox page, they will release new codes once the game reaches 250k likes.

That would be pretty soon since it already has 249k likes so go ahead and smash that like button so we can see those codes sooner.

You also have to bookmark this page and visit often if you want to be the first one to use these codes. We always keep the page updated and are on the lookout for new codes.

What are Oil Warfare Tycoon codes?

Oil Warfare Tycoon codes are redeemable codes for the Roblox game Oil Warfare Tycoon. You can use these codes to get lots of awesome freebies like cash and upgrades that will help you gain an advantage in the game.

What is Oil Warfare Tycoon all about?

Oil Warfare Tycoon is a war-based game that is set in the blocky world of Roblox. War is among us and you have to set up your tycoon to win with an armada of weapons and vehicles. What’s at stake? Oil

How to play Oil Warfare Tycoon?

If you want to join in the Tycoon warfare action, you can easily play the game by heading to Roblox and searching for Oil Warfare Tycoon in the game directory.

Or make things easier by going to Oil Warfare Tycoon’s page directly.


There you have it, everything you need to start redeeming our Oil Warfare Tycoon codes and enjoying your freebies. You better start redeeming though, these codes won’t be active forever.

Also, make sure you bookmark this page and visit frequently because new codes will be out soon.

While you’re waiting, you can check out other game codes like Counter Blox Codes, Arsenal Codes, Noob Army Tycoon Codes, and more in our ROBLOX GAME CODES section.

You can also comment down below your favorite Roblox game so that we can look for their secret codes as well.

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