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Notoriety Codes (September 2023) – Free Cash and Contracts

Become the most notorious Robloxian criminal with our Notoriety codes.

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrills of breaking the rules or even the law? Do you want to enjoy the highs of being a criminal but without the actual risks and consequences? With Notoriety by @Brick_man, you can become a criminal in Roblox in the comfort of your home.

Notoriety Codes

You can get whatever you want, but you’ll be surprised that being a criminal is actually pretty expensive. You can improve the chances of your heist’s success with our Notoriety codes.

Using our codes, you can obtain pretty awesome stuff and cash that you can use to buy equipment, valuable contracts for heists, and better gear for your criminal activities.

Notoriety Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are active and currently working:

  • hotsauce—Earn the Top Secret badge
  • next—Earn $100,000 cash
  • d4rkn1njarx—Earn $500,000 cash
  • whatadeal—Earn $600,000 cash
  • medic—Earn one Extreme difficulty Blood Money contract
  • ninja—Earn one Nightmare difficulty Shadow Raid contract
  • favorite—Earn one Extreme difficulty Golden Mask Casino contract
  • bigbank—Earn one Extreme difficulty Brick Bank contract
  • banksy—Earn one Nightmare difficulty Downtown Bank contract
  • test—Earn one Cardboard Safe
  • 100m—Earn three Ruby Safes
  • shinysafe—Earn one Diamond Safe
  • hellodarkness—Earn one Normal difficulty Shadow Raid contract
  • downtown—Earn one Normal difficulty Downtown Bank contract
  • gunupdate—Earn two Diamond Safes
  • nighttime—Earn one Nightmare difficulty cook-off contract
  • onehundredk—Earn $100,000 cash

Expired Codes

These codes have been removed and no longer working:

  • 100kmembers [1]— Earn one hour 100% EXP Booster, one hour 100% Money Booster
  • moonstone— Earn 25 Infamous Safes
  • mutation— Earn two Mutation points
  • robber—Earn $5,000 cash
  • transport— Earn one Nightmare Transport Contract

How to Redeem Notoriety Codes?

Redeem Notoriety Codes

Redeeming your free stuff is as easy as following these steps:

  • Open Notoriety
  • Go to the in-game menu and press Store
  • Enter your codes in the text box
  • Hit Redeem
  • Enjoy your rewards

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What are Notoriety codes?

Notoriety codes are redeemable codes that will give you a sizable sum of money to spend on tools, worthwhile heist contracts, and better tools for your criminal schemes.

Utilize them to increase your chances of stealing the items and eluding law enforcement.

When will new Notoriety codes come out?

Codes are very rare in Notoriety. Only the game’s developer has the power to add and remove codes.

So, once new ones come out, you can be sure that we will update this article. All you have to do is make sure that you visit frequently to be the first one to use them.


That’s about everything you need to know to start redeeming Notoriety codes and enjoying your freebies.

If you want to be the most notorious criminal in all of Roblox, make sure that you bookmark this page and always visit to be posted when new codes come out.

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