Ninja Legends 2 Codes (October 2023) – Free Coins, Shards, and Boosts

Ninja Legends 2 is a sequel to Scriptbloxian Studios’ Ninja Legends that comes with upgrades in the game. With the use of these Ninja Legends 2 Codes, you can get rewards in the game that give you coins, shards, and boosts that lessen the need for players to grind.

This game is an improved version of the original as it has different game mechanics as well as new features. One significant difference is that you will train elements instead of ninjutsus. The higher your element is, the stronger you are.

Ninja Legends 2 Codes

The other change that you would notice is that you would explore planets instead of islands to buy better items and equipment.

Though it has some differences compared to the original, it still has the same objective where you train elements and buy blades that can make you stronger.

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Ninja Legends 2 Codes List

Active Codes

These codes are redeemable:

  • powers500 — Redeem code for 500 Shards
  • bossbattle300 — Redeem code for 300 Shards
  • Firstplanet250 — Redeem code for 250 Shards
  • epictower350 — Redeem code for 350 Coins
  • treeninja400 — Redeem code for 400 Coins
  • shurikencity500 — Redeem code for 750 Coins
  • epicturrets450 — Redeem code for 300 Shards
  • waterfall500 — Redeem code for 500 Shards
  • newgame500 — Redeem code for 500 Shards

Expired Codes

These codes are no longer working:

  • zenmaster15K—chi boost

How to Activate Ninja Legends 2 Codes

Ninja Legends 2 Codes

To redeem Ninja Legends 2 Codes, just open the game and click the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen.

Copy and paste the code that you’ve chosen in the text box and click ‘ENTER’ to get your free rewards.

See video:


If you’re looking to beat every enemy in Ninja Legends 2 and become the strongest player, you’ll need to have the best element, pets, and blades.

This requires a lot of time and dedication, but luckily there are Ninja Legends 2 Codes that can help you along the way.

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These codes can provide you with rewards, freebies, and in-game currency that can be used to purchase items and skills, making it easier to dominate other players without tedious grinding.

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