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Murder Mystery 2 Codes (January 2023)- Free Knives and Pets

Murder Mystery 2, also referred to as MM2, is a Roblox game where you solve mysteries as Sheriff, run away and hide as an Innocent, or become the Murderer itself, who eliminates players along its path. These Murder Mystery 2 Codes can make your Knife stand out whenever you are assigned as a Murderer as it gives you exclusive Knife skins that you can flex to everyone.

The game is made by Nikilis and is based on a Garry’s Mod game called Murder. A single match holds up to twelve players, with ten innocents, 1 Sheriff, and a Murderer, and only the Murderer can use a Knife can be used as both melee and range.

Though Knife Skins are for aesthetics purposes only and don’t really do anything in the game, it will still make you look cool compared to those who only have plain knives. So use these Murder Mystery 2 codes and hunt your enemies with style.

Latest MM2/Murder Mystery 2 Codes

There are no working Murder Mystery 2 Codes at the moment. We will update this article once new codes arrive.

How to Activate Murder Mystery 2 Codes

Murder Mystery 2 Codes

You can redeem the rewards from the codes even if you’re in the lobby or in the game. Just click Inventory on the left side of the screen and location the textbox for the code. Enter the code and click Redeem to get rewards.

Video Walkthrough

Murder Mystery 2 Codes That Are Currently Not Working

  • INF3CT3D
  • G003Y
  • R3PT1L3
  • SK00L
  • 2015
  • G1FT3D
  • TH3N3XTL3V3L
  • N30N
  • HW2017
  • COMB4T2 
  • PR1SM
  • AL3X
  • C0RL
  • D3NIS
  • SK3TCH
  • SUB0


If you love to solve mysteries for the greater good or just run amok and cause trouble, then Murder Mystery 2 is just the game for you.

Some might look at the game as inappropriate, but some kids may look at it as a complicated tag version. Having said that, parent supervision while playing is still advised.

We know most of you want to be the villain in this game, and we also know that you want to defeat opponents in style.

That is why Knife cosmetics are essential. So make sure you are continuously updated when a new MM2 Code arrives.


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