Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform In 2023?

Take the classic franchise to a whole new level with this monopoly game. Is Monopoly Plus cross-platform?

Ever since the early 20th century, when the internet was just a fantasy, Monopoly has been a game that was a blast to play with friends. The board game wasn’t eradicated by the rise of online games. Instead, it just made playing monopoly even more fun. Is Monopoly Plus cross-platform?

A classic game combined with the internet’s reach results in the masterpiece Monopoly Plus. Does this game have cross-play support? Cross-platform features have been game-changing, so if you haven’t been doing your research about it, now is the time.

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A Quick Intro to Monopoly Plus

Monopoly Plus takes the classic board game to a whole new level and presents you with an entirely new and customizable experience. Play the monopoly you love on a beautiful 3D.

In the middle of the board is a fully 3D city that grows and changes as the game progresses. You are the proud owner of a miniature planet, complete with diverse neighborhoods, each with its own personality.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform

Its welcoming locals will respond to your actions and successes in-game, enhancing the overall experience. Think of yourself as the proud owner of a unique asset and watch your empire expand before your very eyes.

Developed by Ubisoft Pune, Monopoly Plus was released on November 25, 2014. You can play this game on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 3
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Xbox 360
  • Amazon Luna

So who can you play this 3D board game with?

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform

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Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform in 2023?

No. It’s a big shame that in 2023, Monopoly Plus still isn’t cross-platform. To play Monopoly Plus with others, both players must use the same system. In conclusion, if more than one person is interested in playing Monopoly Plus, they should all use the same device.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform Nintendo Switch and PC?

No. Monopoly Plus is not cross-platform on the Switch and the PC. This means you can’t play the game with your friend if you are on different devices.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform PS4 and Xbox?

Unfortunately, Monopoly Plus is not yet compatible with the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. This implies that the players of Xbox One and PS4 will not be able to play Monopoly Plus with each other.

Unfortunately, there is no way for you and a friend to play Monopoly Plus together if you’re both using different consoles.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform PC and PS4?

Unfortunately, the cross-platform function between PS4/PS5 and PC is not available in Monopoly Plus. It’s impossible to play against another player in Monopoly Plus if one of you is using a PlayStation 4 and the other is using a PC, or vice versa.

Is Monopoly Plus Cross-platform Google Stadia and PC?

No. Monopoly Plus is not cross-platform between Stadia and PC. So you’ll have to get the same device as your friend in order to play Monopoly Plus together.


Monopoly is always fun with friends. But this game has opened tons of new doors and possibilities because of everything it offers. That’s why they call it Monopoly Plus. It’s really disappointing that such a fun game doesn’t have cross-platform.

Developers released no news regarding the addition of this feature to the game. But rest assured that we will update this article once they do. All we can do now is wait and pray that Monopoly Plus will receive such an update.

Cross-platform is definitely in demand by gamers. What about your favorite game? Is it cross-platform yet? Do you want a specific game to be featured? You can comment below, and we’ll look at your requests. Or you can visit our cross-platform section.

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